Big Brother Canada 10: Is This Week A Fake Double Eviction?


Arisa Cox BB Canada 10
Credit: Arisa Cox’s Instagram

On Monday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode, host Arisa Cox teased viewers about Thursday being a surprise double eviction. She also warned that this is a “special” double eviction. Our minds immediately went to fake double eviction. In Big Brother Canada 9, there was a fake double eviction that sent Jedson Tavernier and  Tera Gillen-Petrozzi out of the house but not out of the game. They had to battle it out for their spot back in the game. Tera won the competition and came back to the game.

Last season, this happened later in the game when the jury section of the game had already begun. If this season is a nine-person jury, then this upcoming eviction should be the last one before the jury starts. This means whoever ends up going home misses out on jury by one week. This may be why BBCAN10 has decided to do a fake double eviction this week. It adds a bit more excitement going into the second half of the game. However, the fake double eviction hasn’t been confirmed yet, but that’s the only “special” double eviction we can guess.

If it was a triple eviction, Arisa would have probably just said tune in on Thursday for a triple eviction. For those who skipped last season, the way a fake double eviction works is it plays out like any other double eviction: A player leaves the game, then the remaining houseguests play the HOH, nominations, Veto Competition and Ceremony, and another eviction vote. What makes the double eviction different is that the two players eliminated that night go to a secret room. They then wait to play a competition. The winner of the competition goes back into the game and the loser goes home.

We likely won’t get to see who won it until Monday’s episode, and the feeds may be down all weekend to hide the results. There was a lot of excitement seeing who would go back into the house during BBCAN9, because Jedson and Tera had both been betrayed by the remaining players before reentering the game. We may not have that kind of level of excitement with this one, unless the second person to go really gets blindsided, either way, if tomorrow is a fake double eviction, we can’t wait.

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