Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 12 Recap: Former BBCAN Players Make A Guest Appearance

Big Brother Canada 10 Week 5 HOH

Big Brother Canada 10 ended Thursday’s broadcast on a cliffhanger: who would win the Head of Household Competition? Host Arisa Cox also teased that five Big Brother Canada legends would be making a special visit solely for this week’s Head of Household Competition. They would be behind the mystery doors acting out scenes that the houseguests had to memorize and then answer true or false questions about them.

After we see who won the latest Head of Household Competition, we’ll see where the game heads with Kyle Moore out of the game–one of the house’s biggest targets. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode should be an exciting one with plenty of madness and action as a new HOH is crowned and nominations are made. So let’s dive into this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 recap to start the week.

BBCAN10 Week 4 Eviction Fall-Out

Kyle was evicted by a unanimous vote, so now who emerges as the player that causes the house the most stress. Gino says he’s a little sad about Kyle leaving but knows it’s time to move to next chapter. Summer takes credit for getting Kyle for her two days of campaigning.

Jess sees the vote as a vote against Kyle more than a vote for them to stay.

BBCAN10 Week 5 Head of Household Results

For this week’s Head of Household Competition, houseguests have four minutes to study a series of mystery doors where former Big Brother Canada 10 players will be acting out scenes. They must then answer a series of true or false questions about the scenes.

The BBCAN players are Jedson, Sindy, Victoria, Anthony, and Godfrey. They’re all posing with icon moments from their seasons.

Round #1- Everyone but Summer gets it right.

Round #2-Everyone earns a point but Betty and Summer.

Round #3-Everyone but Betty get it right.

Round #4-Everyone but Hermon is correct.

Round #5-Everyone but Kevin gets a point.

Round #6-Moose, Betty, and Haleena get it wrong.

Round #7-There is a five-way tie. Josh, Jess, and Jacey-Lynne are the only ones to get it right.

They go to a three-way tie and tie breaker question. Jess gets closest to actual answer and wins.

Jess is the new Head of Household!

Jess wants to use the week to build relationships and alliances. They want to work with Jacey-Lynne and Gino. Jess sets their initial target at Moose and Hermon, with potential Tynesha. Moose and Hermon go to work to try to fix some of the problems with Jess.

Summer says that she’s loosely working with Hermon, but doesn’t trust him. She says her true alliance is the Mandem. She says her plan is still to take out all men.

Moose admits that he kept saying Jess’s name. He throws Kevin and Betty out as potential nominees for Jess.

Hermon refuses to give Jess a name of who he might target. They take it as he means them. He says he doesn’t but he doesn’t have to give them a name. Moose apologizes to Kevin for saying his name to Jess and plans to talk to Betty, but Jess tells her before Moose gets a chance.

Betty then snaps at Moose about it.

BBCAN10 Week 5 Nominations

Who will find themselves on the block this week? Will the HOH play it safe or take a big swing?

Jess nominates Hermon and Moose for eviction.

Random Notes

  • The Paq brothers are Jess’s Wendy message. They take Summer on their Wendy’s date.
  • Arisa came on to say surprise two players will be going home on Thursday but not average double.

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