Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 5 HOH Results

We’ve had two back-to-back Heads of Household who choose to target allies instead of game enemies. This resulted in one of them being evicted the following week. We’ll have to see how the decision to take out Kyle Moore plays out for Steven “Gino” Giannopoulo this week and in future weeks. With the biggest target now out of the game, it’ll really depend on who wins HOH and where they decide to point their target this Big Brother Canada 10 week, because the board is now completely open.

No one should completely feel safe, especially with the BBCAN10 history so far. The players who should especially feel a little uneasy are the ones riding the middle, or the players who have been socially dominating the game. Jacey-Lynne Graham and Gino should also really not feel safe, with Kyle gone, they completely removed their shield. The episode ended with the houseguests getting ready to run through the house and open doors looking for scenes to study. Host Arisa Cox also announced that BBCAN legends would be behind the doors.

After finding open doors, they would have four minutes to study what was behind the doors and then answer questions about them.

So who won this Big Brother Canada 10 Head of Household Competition? Read below to find out who won this week’s Big Brother Canada 2022 Head of Household Competition

BBCAN10 Week 5 HOH

  • Jess won HOH!

Are you happy with who won Head of Household? Should be an interesting week with them in power. I suspect one of their nominees with Hermon for nominating them in the first week.

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