Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 13 Recap: Power Of Veto Battle

Big Brother Canada 10-Jessica Gowling

Monday’s BBCAN10 episode ended with all eyes on Moose Bendago and Hermon Nizghi as Head of Household Jessica Gowling put them on the block. They saw them as two of the players most likely to come after them. They weren’t wrong. However, instead of begging for their game lives or revealing too much of their plans, Hermon and Moose just made more enemies and made Jess want them out even more.

Hermon also decided to have some fun with his nomination by dancing his way on the block. It’s an action that caused some laughs, but Jess thought this was not the time for games and jokes. If Big Brother Canada 10 has taught us anything, it’s that backdoors are likely the way to go if you’re really trying to get out your initial target.

Jess may once again see a nominee fight their way off the block during this week’s Power of Veto Competition. If so, Jess may have to get more blood on their hands.  Sit back and relax as we recap this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 Power of Veto Competition and Ceremony episode.

BBCAN10 Week 5 Nominations Fall-Out

Jess didn’t like Hermon’s dance, and Hermon and Moose didn’t like being placed on the block. No one is happy. Jess thinks the nomination ceremony theatrics were too much. They regret not waiting until the ceremony to tell Hermon about his nomination.

Josh and Summer both talk about working with a lot of players. Josh talks about how this makes his game complicated, and Summer says that her Siblings alliance is the most important of her alliances at the moment, but it’s not a tight alliance.

BBCAN10 Week 5 Power of Veto Competition

Can Moose or Hermon continue the streak and win their way off the block? Hermon spins the wheel and lands on Jacey-Lynne. Moose gets houseguest’s choice and picks Josh. Jess spins and lands on Marty. Josh has to navigate working with Hermon and Jess this week. He wants to win the Veto, not use it, but save Hermon from eviction.

The houseguests have to play multiple rounds of this Winners’ themed comp. The first round involves finding three items for an outfit. In the second round, they must match items to prices. They then have to balance nine items next to their matching prices. The houseguest to complete the final round, wins the Veto.

It comes down to Hermon and Josh, but then Josh takes the lead. He struggles to get his final item, which allows Hermon to catch back up.

Hermon wins the Power of Veto. 

Hermon also wins $5,000.

Summer and Tynesha suggest that Haleena or Kevin go on the block, but Haleena suggests Tynesha Jess decides to nominate Tynesha because they think she will be the best option to ensure Moose’s eviction. Then Tynesha talks to Jess and they are once again conflicted on who to evict. Kevin steps in to help sway Jess in his direction of not nominating Haleena.

BBCAN10 Week 5 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will someone come off the block? Will a new target emerge? Hermon uses the Veto on himself. He also dances his way off. Jess names Tynesha as the replacement nominee.

Random Notes

  • .The Ghost alliance (between Haleena and Kevin) gets spotlighted, because Kevin wants to protect his number one, Haleena.
  • The episode ended with a tease about “the first-ever chain of safety double eviction.” We’ll find out what that entails tomorrow, but I have some guesses (coming soon).

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