Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Where Are The Votes Leaning Going Into The Double Eviction?

Big Brother Canada 10-Moose

There’s been a lot of scrambling going on in the Big Brother Canada 10 house with the houseguests trying to savage their game with Jessica Gowling in the Head of Household seat. They started the week wanting Hermon Nizighi or Moose Bendago out of the game. Now it’s looking like neither may leave. Major Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers ahead about the upcoming eviction.

As viewers saw on Wednesday’s BBCAN10 episode, Kevin Jacobs is basically running the house this week. He got Jess to play right into his plans with nominations. He kept them from going after his ride-or-die final two partner Haleena Gill, even though it may have been a bad move for Jess’s own age. Now he may completely hijack their HOH by helping to ensure that Jess doesn’t even get any of their targets out this week.

Moose went to work this week to campaign for his spot in the game. Unfortunately, Tynesha White has not been doing nearly enough work to protect her game. Kevin has a lot of sway in the house, plus his Crash  Dummies alliance (Josh Nash, Haleena, and Kevin) are trying to play the middle but have a lot of sway with the week’s vote. 

Haleena already feels some guilt about potentially voting out Tynesha, but Kevin seems set on this move. Josh also seems pretty on board with it, but he also feels guilty about it. It’s looking like tonight’s votes (unless something drastic happens between tonight and the morning) will mean that Tynesha is the first houseguest evicted by a 5-4 split vote. 

Summer Sayless, Betty Yirsaw, Josh, and Hermon may be the ones voting out Moose. However, Josh and Hermon know that Tynesha is likely leaving. Hermon even tried to help campaign for her safety. His vote will likely be just to kind of cover his bases. Summer and Betty seem to suspect something may be up, but might not have caught on how in danger Tynesha is going into Thursday’s vote. 

There are still many hours before tomorrow’s eviction and a double could cause players to change their minds. As for who goes next in this special double, I have absolutely no clue because I am not even sure what it’ll entail. 

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