Big Brother Canada 10: What Is The Chain Of Safety? Our Theories.

Big Brother Canada managed to surprise us yet again by going against expectations with the upcoming double eviction. Instead of a fake double eviction, as we suspected, tonight’s double eviction is going to involve something called a Chain of Safety. We haven’t had this twist before in Big Brother Canada history, so we have no clue what it could involve. However, what’s more fun than a guessing game about what could happen during tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 double eviction? A lot of things but we’re going to give our best guesses on the latest BBCAN10 twist, the Chain of Safety. 

If you watched Celebrity Big Brother 3, then you know that there was a challenge where houseguests had to pass around a hat/purse. The last player who got it won safety. They also did this in reverse where whoever was the last to get it went on the block. I think the Chain of Safety could be something similar to this. Most likely whoever survives eviction, gets the chance to save one player by giving them an item. They keep giving it until whoever has not received it goes up on the block, or maybe the last two players to receive it go on the block. 

Then the Veto winner picks who will be their replacement. The Chain of Safety could also involve this same method but instead of whoever gets it last going on the block, they win HOH. This option for the twist makes the most sense and has the most potential for drama. Who players choose to make safe or keep from winning HOH says a lot about alliances and house positions–at least it could cause players to speculate about who is working together. 

Another option could be that the houseguests are chained together as teams, and the first team to unchain themselves compete against each other for the Head of Household.

An even better option could be that the houseguests compete in mini competitions to win safety. The players who lose all of the mini competitions go up on the block. 

I don’t know what the Chan of Safety will actually entail but I’m excited to watch it during tonight’s double eviction.  What do you think the Chain of Safety will be? 

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