Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 6: A Kyl-haotic HOH Begins

Big Brother Canada 10 Kyle Moore

On Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 10 eviction episode, we saw Jay Northcott become the latest evictee. We also witnessed Kyle Moore slide his way into the Head of Household power. On tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 recap, we’ll explore how Kyle’s first couple of days as HOH went down. We’ll see who he nominates and how he comes to this conclusion. Those who have been following Kyle’s reign as HOH knows it’s been a wild one. 

We’re excited to see how the editors put it all together and get some more insight into the BBCAN10 houseguests’ inner thoughts with Diary Room confessionals. Let’s dive into this chaotic week 3 episode.

BBCAN10 Week 2 Head of Household Fall-out

Kyle is now the HOH. This should mean that the Savage Seven continue to stay safe and potentially dominate the game. However, will everyone stay true to the Savage Seven going into the third week?

Kyle confesses that he was the rogue vote for Jay. Everyone else suspects that Jess may have been the other vote, but she denies it. It was Hermon and that was his plan to keep the target on Jess.

Jess has a talk with Kyle about keeping a strong player on his side with them.

Betty makes sure that Jacey-Lynne doesn’t stay blind to a potential guy’s alliance with Gino and the boys.

A lot of people say Stephanie’s name. He first tells Jacey-Lynne that Stephanie will go on the block. Then he tells Stephanie who is quite angry about it.

Kyle admits that Moose is one of the people that said her name. She calls Moose to the HOH to discuss it.

While watching Moose and Stephanie talk, he starts to see how good of a liar that Moose is.

Kyle then works to get the Seven against Moose, so they will support his decision to nominate him.

BBCAN10 Week 3 Nominations

Currently, Kyle is in a good position with most of the houseguests. He should definitely go after those who aren’t on his side, right? We’ll also find out soon who Canada gave safety this week from eviction. Will one of Kyle’s potential nominees find themselves free from the threat of eviction?

Kyle nominates Stephanie and Moose for eviction.

Random Notes

  • Kyle gets a video from Jon Pardy from season 2 during his Wendy date with Kevin.
  • During the date, Kyle gives Kevin way too much game info.
  • Marty wins Canada’s vote and safety got the week.

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