Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 7 Recap: Who Wins This Week’s POV?

Big Brother Canada 10-Moose

On Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode, Kyle Moore started his HOH reign. He immediately turned the tables on his own game by nominating one of his Savage Seven alliance members, Moose Bendago , and another alliance member (not in the Savage Seven) Stephanie Paterson. He nominated both Stephanie and Moose because he didn’t trust them. Making them his targets for the week, which ensures that he couldn’t trust them because now they can’t trust him. Tonight’s Big Brother Canada  10 Power of Veto episode will be a fight to stay in the house as Stephanie, Moose, and others selected by the wheel go head to head.

Both Stephanie and Moose need to win the Veto, but whether either of them has the ability to win is another matter.  If one of the current nominees wins the Veto, it’ll be interesting to see who Kyle decides to nominate in their place. Kyle is playing a dangerous game this week, so we’ll see where it leads him: getting a target out or placing a huge one on his own back.

BBCAN10 Week 3 Nominations Fall-out

Moose had no idea that he was going on the block, so how will he take this betrayal from an ally and someone he sort of knows outside the game.

Moose is surprised by Kyle nominating him, especially because Moose knows where Kyle’s bodies are buried. Hermon then checks in with Moose to see if what Kyle has been telling him is true. Moose is quite upset by Kyle’s betrayal because he saw him as a real game ally and wanted to take him to the end.

Kyle wants someone to use the Veto to save Stephanie so he can name Betty as a pawn to guarantee that Moose goes. Meanwhile, Moose asks Josh to use Veto on him if he picks him to play via Houseguest’s choice. The wheel spin results in Gino, Josh, and Betty playing in the Veto.

BBCAN10 Week 3 Power of Veto Competition

Will this become the third week in a row where a target wins the Veto and changes their fate and the direction of the game for the week? Both Moose and Stephanie need to win the Veto, so either of them winning could shake up the week.

This Bee-themed POV competition involved three parts. The first part involved putting a puzzle together, the second finding balls, and finally maneuvering those balls at key points in the puzzle. The first houseguests to get all their balls in place won the POV.

Moose solved his puzzle first, but Josh got an early lead on the final part. It became a battle between Josh and Moose, with others trailing behind. Betty performed the worst in the competition.

Moose wins the Power of Veto!

After Moose wins Veto, Kyle’s initial plan is to nominate Betty and take out a number on the other side. Marty suggests that Kyle nominate Josh, but he’s set on nominating Betty, so tells her that he plans to nominate her. Marty then gets in Kyle’s head about Josh being one of the best players and how taking out Betty isn’t a big enough move.

Kyle decides he must get out Josh. He then tells Hermon and Haleena that he wants to take out Josh this week. Hermon isn’t happy about the decision to nominate yet another alliance member.

BBCAN10 Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony

Will the Veto come into play this week or will things remain the same?

Moose uses the Veto to save himself. Kyle names Josh as his replacement. Tomorrow either Stephanie or Josh will be leaving the BBCAN10 game.

Random Notes

  • Kyle, Gino, and Hermon decide to tell Marty about the Savage Seven, because they want to work with him going forward.

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