Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Where Are The Houseguests’ Votes Leaning?

Big Brother Canada 10-Josh Nash
Image screen captured by BBscreenshots

On the latest Big Brother Canada episode, we saw Kyle Moore make yet another enemy with his Head of Household decisions. He chose to put Josh Nash up as Moose Bendago’s replacement nominee. Kyle has been making some huge game flaws this week. One of them is leaving people in his so-called alliances out of important conversations and decisions, and another is not making sure that he has the votes to evict someone before putting them on the block. These decisions are likely coming back to haunt him this week. These Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers will reveal how the votes are leaning going into tomorrow’s Big Brother Canada 2022 live eviction.

Many of the houseguests had their eyes on evicting Stephanie Paterson the minute she went on the block. Josh going up as Moose’s replacement just made her an even more enticing player to evict this week. When the week first began, it seemed like the votes may have been close with a few votes playing a critical role in whether it be Stephanie or Moose. This carried on a little when Josh went on the block, but by Tuesday, the tide really shifted in Josh’s favor.

Martin “Marty” Frenette was one of the main reasons why Josh ended up on the block instead of Betty Yirsaw. However, Kevin Jacobs managed to sway Marty into wanting to vote out Stephanie instead of Josh. Now almost the entire BBCAN10 house is voting out Stephanie this week. Some players wanted to keep playing the middle by making the votes close to hide who voted against Stephanie and who voted against Josh–this was Herman Nizghi’s original idea–but now it’s looking like only a few players may vote out Josh.

There is still almost an entire day before the next Big Brother Canada 10 live eviction, so things can change, but it’s very likely that Josh is staying this week, Stephanie is leaving, and Kyle is starting to worry but he could be in for a major shock. Blindside, baby!

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