Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 8 Recap: Who Went Home Tonight?

Kyle Moore Big Brother Canada 10 BBCAN10

Kyle Moore‘s Head of Household reign is coming to an end. Tonight will probably be a nightmare for Kyle, and he doesn’t even realize it. At the end of Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode, Kyle made the decision to try to get Josh Nash evicted this week. However, he forgot one golden Big Brother rule: Always make sure you have the votes.  Kyle has made some really questionable decisions this week, such as nominating three alliance members and failing to discuss plans with close allies. Now Kyle has to hope that the houseguests grant his request and evict Josh on tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 eviction episode. However, who goes home may not be who he expects.

Tonight’s BBCAN10 episode will give viewers more insight into what happened after this week’s Power of Veto Ceremony, and more of chaotic Kyle’s decisions. Let’s dig into tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 recap and see how everything played out.

BBCAN10 Week 3 Power Of Veto Ceremony Fallout

Kyle once again failed to warn so many players about his decisions. It’s really hard to play BBCAN without a team, but Kyle is making it hard for anyone to want to be on it. A lot of the houseguests are upset with Josh being put on the block. Summer goes to work to sway votes to keep Josh. Tynesha and her also reveal to Haleena about the Savage Seven. Kevin considers picking a side.

Kevin tells Marty that he thinks Canada may have saved him because they saw him in danger. Kevin gets in Marty’s head about him possibly not being able to trust his alliance. Marty decides to be honest with Josh about him being a reason why he went on the block. Josh and Marty talk about possibly working together, and Marty giving Josh his vote.

Marty decides to vote against Kyle’s wishes and vote Stephanie oout.

BBCAN10 Week 3 Eviction Vote

Will Kyle’s bad decisions come back to haunt him during the final vote?

Betty voted to evict Stephanie

Haleena voted to evict Stephanie

Hermon voted to evict Stephanie

Jacey-Lynne voted to evict Josh

Jessica voted to evict Stepanie

Kevin voted to evict Stephanie

Marty voted to evict Stephanie

Moose voted to evict Stephanie

Gino voted to evict Josh

Summer voted to evict Stephanie

Tynesha voted to evict Stephanie

Stepanie is evicted by a vote of 9-2

BBCAN10 Week 4 HOH

With things in the air, everyone needs to try to win this week’s Head of Household Competition but who will win it? For this week’s HOH, the houseguests had to guess whether the price of an item in the pantry was higher or lower than the price that Arisa says.

Round #1-Hermon is eliminated.

Round #2-Tynesha, Summer, Jess, Josh, Haleena, and Jacey-Lynne are eliminated

Round #3-Everyone is still in it.

Round #4-Everyone is still in it.

Round #5-Kevin is eliminated.

Round#6-Everyone is still in it.

It’s a tie between Gino, Moose, Betty, and Marty. They go to a tie-breaker question.

Gino is the new Head of Household!

Random Notes

  • Gino and Jacey-Lynne share their first kiss.

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