Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 15 Recap: Chain of Safety Fall Out

Big Brother Canada 10 (BBCAN10)-Marty

Thursday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode gave fans and houseguests a whirlwind of emotions as we witnessed two houseguests leave the game. The night started with Tynesha White’s eviction and ended with Jess Gowling following her out the door.

These players left the game one week short of making the jury. That means that all the remaining Big Brother Canada 10 houseguests will see finale night, but whether that means as a juror or finalist is yet to be determined. Jess’s eviction seemed inevitable by the way they handled their HOH reign, but it still came with some surprises.

A few of those surprises were that Martin “Marty” Frenette and Haleena Gill were the only two players to cast votes against Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos. For tonight’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode, we’ll see exactly how the decision to vote out Jess came to be. We’ll also see a new Head of Household crowned and who they decide to target.

Grab some snacks and sit back and relax as we recap another brand new episode of Big Brother Canada 10.

BBCAN10 Week 5 Double Eviction Fall-out

Let’s look back at this week’s double eviction and see what we missed. Haleena can’t stop crying over Tynesha’s eviction. Kevin, Betty, Josh, Haleena, and Marty discuss whether to try to evict Gino over Jess. Josh and Kevin seem on-board, but Marty and Betty don’t know if it’s the best idea.

Betty notices that Marty isn’t looking at them and wonders if doing this puts too much heat on them. Marty believes after the vote is read that it was Josh and Betty who set him. Marty then tries to cover himself by lying to Jacey-Lynne. He lets her know that Betty and Josh tried to flip the vote. Marty claims they will try to blame it on Kevin and him.

Gino suspects that Betty and Josh were the votes against him. He confronts her about it. Gino brings all five into a room to get them to talk it out. Haleena, Kevin, and Marty try to lie and put all blame on Betty and Josh.

BBCAN10 Week 6 Head of Household Competition 

Who will take this critical HOH win? Once the greenlight goes, the houseguests have until the lights turn red or everyone gets their hoop on a pole. The last one to get it on the pole at each round is eliminated.  It comes down to Gino, Josh, Marty, Hermon in the final four. Then it turns into Hermon, Marty, and Josh for the final three. Josh and Hermon are the final two. 

Marty wins Head of Household!

With power, Marty decides to tell Gino that he was one of the votes. He still, however, blames Josh and Betty for his decision to vote against him. Gino tells Jacey-Lynne about Marty being the vote, and that he no longer trusts Marty. Marty then tells the entire house that he voted against Gino.

BBCAN10 Week 6 Nominations

Which two players will find themselves on the block this BBCAN10 week? Let’s find out. No nomination ceremony on this week’s episode because they tried to end it on a cliffhanger with Marty getting angry while talking to Kevin.

Random Notes

  • Marty takes Jacey-Lynne to his Wendy date.
  • He also gets to see his favorite BBCAN player, Kevin Martin.
  • Summer can tell that Haleena was the other player to vote out Gino.


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