Big Brother Canada 10 Spoilers: Week 6 HOH Nominations

Big Brother Canada 10 had one of its craziest nights yet and we’re still trying to recover. It seems the house is as well. If you aren’t caught up on the latest Big Brother Canada 10 spoilers, you may want to stop reading now. Like right now because spoiler coming up in 1…2…3

So Martin “Marty” Frenette won this week’s Head of Household Competition. He kind of needed it especially after turning against Steven “Gino” Giannopulos once again. Marty has been all over the place today with who he might nominate, but his target seems clear: Josh Nash.

Marty was the initial reason why Josh went on the block during Kyle Moore’s Head of Household a few weeks ago. However, Marty voted to save Josh and the men seemed to have gotten past all that.

We aren’t sure what actually went down after Jess and Gino went on the block. Monday’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode should offer some sort of clarity but it seems that there was a conversation about voting out Gino over Jess. As we saw during the Chain of Safety Double Eviction, only Marty and Haleena Gill voted against Gino.

Marty blames Josh and Betty Yirsaw for him being on the wrong side of the vote. He wants to use this HOH to get revenge on what he feels was a trick to make him look bad and become a potential target. He’s also worried that Betty has a secret power (which she doesn’t), so there was debating on initial nominees.

He also wanted to backdoor Josh, so wasn’t sure if she should put him up prior to the Power of Veto Competition. Marty also made deals with Moose Bendago and Hermon Nizighi to not nominate them this week. However, Moose is still being considered as an option. 

After much debate, Marty seems to have settled on his nominees for this week.

BBCAN10 Week 6 HOH Nominations

  • Marty nominated Betty and Josh for eviction.

Josh is in a pretty good position in the house, especially with someone as influential as Kevin on his side. However, Josh should still try for that Veto, especially with how quickly the house has been flipping this year, at least for a few weeks. 

Make sure to join us tomorrow to see whether Betty or Josh can win the Veto and save themselves from the threat of eviction.

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