Big Brother Canada 10 Episode 15 Discussion Post

Marty on Big Brother Canada 10

Let’s talk about this week’s Big Brother Canada 10 episode. This week’s Monday Big Brother Canada 10 episode involved Martin “Marty” Frenette taking center stage. He found himself in an odd position as someone who once again betrayed an ally. He then had to navigate this tough situation. He first handled it by trying to take suspicion off himself and placing it on Betty Yirsaw and Josh Nash. Next, he knew he needed power to save himself from burying his own game.

Marty went into this week’s Head of Household desperate to win to try to repair a constantly fracturing relationship with Steven “Gino” Giannopoulos. He also wanted to use the HOH to seek revenge on Betty and Josh for what he believed was a calculated plan to set him up. In reality, Kevin Jacobs, Haleena Gill, Marty, Josh, and Betty didn’t have enough of a Big Brother Canada 10 game relationship to trust each other enough to flip the vote.

Marty tells Gino that he was one of the people who voted against him. He then tells the entire house. This episode focused a lot on Marty and his emotional gameplay. It did a fairly accurate job of showing how his emotions have been a bit all over the place this week. Since the episode ended with a “to be continued,” we suspect that a major part of Wednesday will involve his disagreement with Summer Sayles. Marty has been a fan favorite so far, so it’ll be interesting to see if these episodes change any opinions on him.

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