Big Brother Canada Week 8: Nominations Episode 21 Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada is back tonight with more than just nominations as we’ll finally get to see the last Head of Household competition from Thursday play out.

Tonight’s show will reveal what happened in the HoH competition along with who was put up on the block. If you can’t wait that long then we’ve got all those spoilers here. Tune in tonight at 9PM ET/PT on Slice to watch the show.

We’ve even got the Veto competition results mixed in there too if you want to really get ahead for Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada.

Don’t forget to vote in our poll for who you want to see come back from the Jury House as part of the latest twist.

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  1. I am for sure looking forward to finding out what the reason was for putting up Talla instead of Peter and why Peter didn’t use the veto on topaz.

  2. I was really hoping whoever the final 3 were that they would be given the chance to take out one of the lovers…

    • They’ve been given the chance the entire game lol Imgaine if Peter would of used the veto on topaz, Andrew would be gone, and most likely Gary would come back that would of been insane.

    • Finally,someone else who wants the lovers to be de throned.They walk around like they are untouchable!

    • Oh for sure I’d like to see the lovers dethroned, not because of any particular reason apart from the fact that this game has been mostly in the bag for them. Whenever somebody has been a threat to them, they simply won the appropriate HoH or Veto (or broke their promise) and ”poof!” out the door with the threat! …In the same way I was glad to see Tom & Gary leave because they both had too much control on the game, I really hope one of the lovers doesn’t make it to the final 2 because they have far too much command on the game.

      • Well put! Its almost unbelievable how well their run in the house has been. BBC has become predictable and boring. I hope a HG is voted back in and puts them up on the block!

    • I agree, get rid of one of them or both. But it has crossed my mind if they end up in the final together and one of them wins – Are they gonna split the money? Ha ha, or will that be the end of “Jemmett”.

  3. Not excited about the return of Gary I know voting is still in progress but no competition. If I was in that house when i left i would burn my bag or else deal with glitter for the rest of your life lol. I am not a bigot or a homophobe but i just cant stand the guy. Hopefully he will exit as fast as he enters.

  4. I just wish that Jillian and Emmet will be voted out…their too much with their kissing.I want Topaz and Gary back…

  5. Peter could have made this season exciting had he used the veto on Topaz and possibly flip the house. Now I had to mute my TV every time he’s in DR.

  6. I hope Andrew wins HOH and makes a big move.Little does he know that Jill was going to vote him out. She is getting so winery thinks she has it won….

  7. Play fair Big Brother.Gary returning and drinking as a Have not Ridiculous. Andrew & Talla have been through Hell. If Gary wins I’m Done with BBCanada.

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