Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 8.5 Nominations

Big Brother Canada

Once again this week we’re coming to the Big Brother Canada nominations spoilers after the Veto spoilers. Sometime earlier today the nomination ceremony was held during the 12+ hour Feeds blackout.

Before we get to the noms you need to get caught up on who won the HoH during the cliffhanger competition on Thursday night. Once you’ve got that you’re ready to go.

Read on to find out who is on the chopping block this week.

Big Brother Canada Week 8.5 Nominations:

  • Andrew
  • Peter

We’re 95% sure these are the noms based on comments since the Feeds returned. If that changes and proves wrong then we’ll updated it here.

There was a lot of debate between Jillian and Emmett over who would be the nominees and the target this week. Talla was adamant that she didn’t want to go up on the block which left few options for the noms.

Ahead of the Veto competition the main target appeared to be Andrew. Jillian and Emmett were prepared to take a deal from Peter and betray their alliance with Peter. Check the Veto competition results to see if that can still help.


  1. how will all this play out when production throws an evictee back into the game (I’ve voted over 500 times to bring AJ back … just clean out your computer’s cache and vote again and again)

      • OMG YES!! I voted 200 times to bring back AJ. BRING BACK AJ!
        AJ was funny and entertaining, would create an alliance for talla and Andrew to go against Jemmet

        • thanks for the info,, i got my whole class to vote constantly for AJ too, so far our total number of votes is around 15,000 or so. , most of us didnt know you could vote over and over again (used CC Cleaner). it works good. Another friend’s dad is a programmer and he’s working on a hack to really jack up the numbers.

          • I did about 200 votes just with my points, I’m too lazy to hack and have mixed feelings about it. I want AJ to return, but I can accept any of the house guests back and realize Gary probably has the most devoted fan base. I’m sure it’s not Big Brother Canada’s intention for us to be cheating, obviously it’s going to happen anyway so..
            I’m trying to gage by fb comments and the poll on here..based on FB comments it’s actually a tough call.

    • Sad to hear people have gone the dishonest/illegal route of hacking & cache clearing to get more votes in…. but I do support either AJ or Alec going in the game. Sadly I think people will now use your little dishonest trick and do the same for Gary or Topaz.

  2. I agree,production should/will bring back a hg to shake things up. Alec or Topaz would ruffle some feathers.

  3. jillian is a total idiot if she thinks that peter would be more willing to take her and emmett farther in the game. peter is going to try to get them out for getting alec out

    • Last episode Peter said he actually wants to bring Jillian to the finals in the DR room. or the episode before that

  4. Lets be honest;game is too predictable currently! Nobody has attempted to put Jillian and Emmett up together. Bring someone in to nominate them, see how quickly they turn on eachother.

  5. I know feeds have been down;but whats up with pistol Pete? He looks pissed and Jillian commented on people fighting! I didn’t catch the exchange between Andrew and Emmett in the kitchen.

    • Maybe it’s because he’s on the block with Talla? They were civil when I was watching and said they won’t bad mouth each other and just want to enjoy the rest of the week. As I watched afterdark, it turns out Talla and Peter have alot in common – when it comes to tv shows they watch anyways. Lol.

  6. Leave it to Canada to ruin big brother, so after this elimination someone who has benn sitting in the jury house gets to come back win two comps and they could make it to the finale and no one will give them the money if they make it so that would ruin the finale.

    • well, BBUS screwed up when they let the coaches play like half way through the game. They did absolutely nothing to get there, and werent as deserving as the original houseguests.
      I probably would have gone insane if Dan won again. Ian was much more deserving of the half a mill.

  7. No one should enter the game now at this late date. Why let someone come in and win after doing nothing.Bad moveBib Brother.

  8. Umm did they screw up? In closing credit the show all the jury members including Talla. The announcers state who will they vote to bring back

  9. All you AJ fans are right …absolutely – vote back AJ. Bringing back Gary would be SO predictable! Besides, bringing back AJ
    would be the BEST scenario for Andrew. Would love to see Jilian & Emmett’s bubble burst ! Vote for AJ and GO Andrew LOL…

    • What are you talking about Aj is a loser he does not do anything. Didn’t you hear what Andrew said Gary was a big threat i truly believe gray should come back and Alec is a huge liar.

  10. No one should enter the game now at this late date. Why let someone come in and win after doing nothing

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