Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 8.5 Veto Competition Results

Big Brother Canada

The Big Brother Canada Feeds are finally back after a day away and that means we have the Power of Veto competition spoiler results

This week’s Veto competition included the two noms, Head of Household, and the two other HGs. Basically everyone since there are only five HGs left! Read on to find out which one of them won the PoV.

Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 8.5 Veto Competition Results:

Andrew Monaghan on Big Brother CanadaAndrew won the Veto in this week’s competition.

Wow, that was a clutch victory for Andrew and he probably doesn’t even realize it how close he was to being evicted this week by his alliance.

This win for Andrew means it’ll be Talla and Peter on the block as the final nominations for the week. Andrew and Emmett will be the only votes which means there could be a tie and Jillian would have to break it. So it’s still possible for Jimmett to keep Peter like they wanted, but it’d be an explicit act on their part to evict Talla.

Are you glad Andrew won the Veto for Big Brother Canada this week?


    • the returning player vote is a fraud, bb production will bring back whomever they chose regardless of the vote… I just hope the HG’s vote the returnee out at their first chance (ps, i’ve voted hundreds of times to bring back AJ, as he’s the only juror I think production doesn’t want back into the game (to vote many many many times, just clean out your computers cache and vote again and again and again) … the multiple voting that I have achieved only shows how fraudulent this process is… i’m sure a competent programmer could set up a mini loop to vote a million times before the deadline. It won’t matter though as production only uses these “twists” to steer the game in their desired direction.

      • Totally totally agree … doesn’t matter who we vote for, they’ll bring gray back for the glitter it sucks

      • You know, the same method you use may be used on other JH members SUCH as Gary? And I believe Topaz had it right when she said that the returnee would have some kind of immunity(since if they were to come back after the last HG was evicted without any protection they would be eliminated asap).

    • I said it weeks ago, I would enjoy watching Jillian and Emmett squirm but it looks unlikely at this point. Jillian has made some enemies and I think most left know this so she will most likely go to the final two with whoever. I would like to see Andrew win it, he’s done pretty well and is also entertaining to watch, can’t say the same for Jillian, Emmett, Peter and Talla. Go Andrew!!

  1. yess!!! great job andrew, im glad hes not getting betrayed this week because hes been a way better competitor than both talla and peter

    • I meant Andrew but Now that I’ve watched more live feeds and afterdark, Jill and Emmett bug me too and I wish all 3 would go. As for Talla she made it this far being “ditzy” maybe she’ll make it the end and win! I think she’s playing this game smarter then we know!

  2. they would be stupid to keep peter. they should be thinking bout the final comps.. be easier to beat talla.

    • I agree with this. I’d hate to be the person nominated against Talla and lose. It’s like losing to a baby. I think she should have just gone up as a pawn instead of just bitch, because she really does owe it to Jill, Emmet and Andrew who got her this far. Plus the fact that she hasn’t won ANYTHING(heck, even Peter won POV two times now!)

  3. Andrew has really grown on me since he entered the house. He really is a force to reckon, with, winning competitions when he had to (except the one where Alec handed HOH to him during the first double eviction). Hopefully he’ll make it through to the end. ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Same with me I didn’t really like him till mid game, a lot of people underestimate him, I hope he makes it to at least final 3.

  4. I aslo think that BB production will bring who they want and our votes doesnt count, I did vote and by reading your comments I do agree that we have no say in it at all. As for the voice of Moose could you use the voice of a nice women or of a man, presently the voice of that Moose when it talks sound very qacky and stupid.

    • That “qacky” and “stupid” voice of the moose belongs to famous Canadian Comedian and Writer Trevor Boris. I personally love the voice, since it gives the show something to laugh with.

  5. I like Andrew Jillian and Emmet to be at the end. As far as the twist adding someone from the jury, I voted for AJ dont really like him but glitter will be wild and noisy.

  6. Can’t stand Jillian and Emmett!!!!!!!!!!!! Hope they bring someone back who will at least get rid of one of them! They’re waaaaaay too cocky. Go Andrew!

  7. Since I posted this on a BB Can thread in a Philippine-based forum, just gonna repost it and post my translations right after (since it takes work to code-switch hehehe):

    Mapapanatag ako kung mapapatalsik ni Andrew si Emmett. He’s getting on my nerves now and the dairy farmer’s undermining his own F4 deal with his alliance.

    Hopefully ma-TOMGUTS siya with the return of maybe Gary and Topaz (which I’m hoping are eligible to play again) this Thursday.

    • English translation:

      I’ll be at ease if Andrew manages to kick Emmett out. He’s getting on my nerves now and the dairy farmer’s undermining his own F4 deal with his alliance.

      Hopefully, Emmett will be able to get TOMGUTS’ed (get his gameplay shaken by a twist) with the return of maybe Gary or Topaz (which I’m hoping are eligible to play again) this Thursday.

  8. The returning player will get an eviction vote, and will get to compete for HOH. Well rested, and well fed, they will stand a match better chance in the HOH comp than the other hgs.

  9. I use to really like Talla but now I find her to be a spoiled, self servicing, little brat. She is 26 yrs. and she acts like that?! COME ON TALLA!!! GROW THE HELL UP!!!!! She DOES NOT deserve the money…all she would do is drink it away any ways. I want Peter to win. He deserves it.

  10. If Peter had of been smart he could have saved Topaz during the double eviction and forced Emmit to place Andrew on the block… Not that it would have been a good move but it would have broke up that alliance and he would still have a concrete alli in the house. I was disappointed in his move not to use the Veto… Peter I thought you had brains!!!! As for a returning jury member, it will most likely turn out to be Gary, just a hunch on that one though…

  11. Jillian lets on that before the show she didn’t lie, well you can lie as well as she does without practice lol. I’m sure the lies didnt just start for her while in the house. Anyone who trusts her is crazy. I would like to see Gary back so that he can win some competitions and maybe get the jillett team broken up. Talla is so ditzy and her voice gets on my nerves, plus she has not done anything in the house to justify her being in the final 4, no pov’s no hoh’s – she has done nothing but whine. I feel that Andrew has a “better than thou” attitude so would like him gone too. If not Gary for the returning houseguest, I guess second choice would be Topaz. She at least has some guts, she just made a very stupid move by believing Jill. She should not have given her the hoh. As for Emmett, he is playing a pretty good game but he has to think of the game more and not Jillian, he can think of her after the show. He does need to stop getting disqualified from the challenges, that is not smart on his part. I do think he has a good heart about him though.

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