Big Brother Canada: Week 8.5 Nominations Debate Continues

Jillian on Big Brother Canada

We’re getting down to the wire for Big Brother Canada and with that comes fewer and fewer options for nominations. This week’s Head of Household has had more time than usual to decide on the noms, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier. Read on to find out what’s being discussed on the Feeds.

Jillian, the current HoH, is going to have to soon decide which two HGs are heading for a possible eviction and it is not an easy pick for the three-time HoH. With Emmett obviously off the list of options she can pick from Peter, Andrew, and Talla, but it’s quickly becoming more complicated than that.

Jillian and Emmett are waffling over who should be the real target this week. Considering their alliance with Andrew and Talla you’d think the obvious choice would be Peter. Not so fast.

Jimmett are starting to thinking Peter would be more likely to take them to the F3 over Andrew or Talla. So they’re talking with Peter about possibly backdooring Andrew (well, not really since he’ll compete for the Veto). The backup plan would be to send Talla home should Andrew win the Veto.

Shortly after that Jillian wavers on the plan and considers sticking to her agreement with Andrew before going back to the idea of getting him out this week.

Right now it looks like Andrew and Peter will go up on the block. Talla would be the renom should either win the Veto. If Andrew is on the block come Thursday then he could be in some real danger.

Considering all the back and forth we’ve heard from Jimmett in the past day it’s probably still too early to worry about who is going home. A lot can still happen with the Veto and this upcoming PowerShift twist with the returning player.

Who do you think Jillian should nominate for eviction?