Big Brother Canada: Week 8.5 Nominations Debate Continues

Jillian on Big Brother Canada

We’re getting down to the wire for Big Brother Canada and with that comes fewer and fewer options for nominations. This week’s Head of Household has had more time than usual to decide on the noms, but that doesn’t mean it’s any easier. Read on to find out what’s being discussed on the Feeds.

Jillian, the current HoH, is going to have to soon decide which two HGs are heading for a possible eviction and it is not an easy pick for the three-time HoH. With Emmett obviously off the list of options she can pick from Peter, Andrew, and Talla, but it’s quickly becoming more complicated than that.

Jillian and Emmett are waffling over who should be the real target this week. Considering their alliance with Andrew and Talla you’d think the obvious choice would be Peter. Not so fast.

Jimmett are starting to thinking Peter would be more likely to take them to the F3 over Andrew or Talla. So they’re talking with Peter about possibly backdooring Andrew (well, not really since he’ll compete for the Veto). The backup plan would be to send Talla home should Andrew win the Veto.

Shortly after that Jillian wavers on the plan and considers sticking to her agreement with Andrew before going back to the idea of getting him out this week.

Right now it looks like Andrew and Peter will go up on the block. Talla would be the renom should either win the Veto. If Andrew is on the block come Thursday then he could be in some real danger.

Considering all the back and forth we’ve heard from Jimmett in the past day it’s probably still too early to worry about who is going home. A lot can still happen with the Veto and this upcoming PowerShift twist with the returning player.

Who do you think Jillian should nominate for eviction?


  1. First, I think this kind of move by the producer this late in the game is just simply wrong. But who am I? With one exception, they were all evicted via legitimate BB process.
    Second, the timeline: Nominations will likely be taped today (Saturday) with the POV being taped on Monday as usual. Canada gets to vote on a returning jury member until Tuesday midnight. Given that, the return won’t actually occur until the nominations have been set in stone; unless that process is being modified as well, which would be a dead give away to the current guests that something is up. The returning guest shouldn’t have a vote as they’ve not participated during the current week at all. Therefore it makes sense that the jury member probably won’t walk into the house until after this weeks eviction; probably passing the outgoing player at the door; and will be playing next week.

    • I agree though like what last 5 people lets being someone back from weeks ago that now has a good chance of winning not fair. Do that when there like 7 people left and there been soo many twists already like I’m excited to see what happens when probably Gary going to come back but still not actually fair.

    • BB production bringing back an evictee this late in the game is Ludicruous ! Just how unfair can this be… is there a chance that the “returning” player (who has already been to the jury house) is only going to make an “appearance” back into the house but not be allowed to join back into the game… I hope so. This first season of BB canada is completely being fucked over by production…. it’s bordering on fraud the way they have manipulated the other houseguests chances at playing a legitimate game. This version of BB has kind of turned into a wild west type of atmosphere with no real rules… this is NO longer a game show or a reality show, as it is being totally scripted from the sidelines behind the scenes. I hope some sort of independant investigation takes place afterwards to determine if any criminal wrongdoing has taken place.

  2. Again, Jillian’s in another situation where she feels like she’s gonna have to break yet another agreement with 1 of her allies not named Emmett. This is going to bite her for sure.

    How would Peter, with no real power in the house and is basically by himself, be able to bring Jemmett to Final 3?

    • It’s not so much he can/could it’s they think milkmance is his only option to get to F3.
      RIP Andrew… pawns go home. E/J want to keep Lala so whose ever on the block after the veto ceremony is going home if Lala is a renom. I repeat if Peter comes off Andrew goes home not Lala by a vote of 2-0. Jillian cnvinces Lala to vote Andrew he’s 2-0 anyway. A tie and Jillbot breaks it. Win veto or be the next great idiot in a game where folks never learn.

      • Why do you call them idiots? It’s easy for us to sit here and criticize them when we know everything what’s happening in the house!!! Andrew thinking Lala and Jill emmet final 4 so be 2 on 2 and if Jill or emmet leave in final 4 well then there a good chance the remaining two players could take Andrew to finals.

        • Idiots is simple just ask Dan. He plays way better than these 2. I was 1 of the few people on the forums during BB14 who consistantly said he was playing terrible game. He wasn’t counting jury votes, lost 6-1 as a result.
          I will grant this up front it is Jillian who has screwed herself to this point doing Emmits bidding. They have a F4/F3 deal that almost assures them top 2. I believe at F4 Andrew would honour his deal with E/J. If I’m wrong they have the same odds with any 2 random players versus E/J. If they get rid of Lala at F5 they almost garuntee F3. This isn’t a certainty of course but Peter and Andrew if HOH likely target the other one.
          The original beastcoast is just the plain best strategy for milkmances game. And remember as part of quatro Peter was a scheming Liar. Anyone think of a time Andrew went back on his word to E/J? I sure can’t and the basic deal was everyone for themselves F4 with the caveat Andrew takes them F3.

          • Okay Dan played the best game in the entire history of the show last season, and you can’t say well he didn’t win because it was impossible for him to win. The jury didn’t vote for him because he kicked all their asses (except Frank) they didn’t vote for him because he won big brother before and wanted someone else to win. Jenn said that in her interview after even britney said Dan played best game, but I like Ian and Dan won before. And thats not ffair at all. And no what makes me angry how someone back stabs someone and then doesnt win because of jury everyone jumps on that bandwagaon. If you watched all the big brother seasons, you never know how the jury is going to vote. They”ll either cry that they lost and hold a grudge or vote for best player.

          • BB2 Kirby told the entire jury to eff off basically and backstabed everyone he won.

            BB3 Lisa won Because Danielle backstab everyone jury was bitter.

            BB4 Jun won because Allison back stabed everyone jury was bitter.

            BB5 Drew won, and Diane still voted for him after him betrayed her winning vote.

            BB6 Janelle voted for Ivette in the end after all the harassment she took for her voted for better player.
            BB7 Boogie won after kicking and lying to the entore jury (just like Dan only difference, the jury actually voted on who owned them and wasn’t bitter.
            BB8 Dick won can I say anything else.
            the list goes on and on with Jury voting either way, you never know how the jury going to vote its always a toss up and just depends on the type of person they are

          • A few points your missing. 1st and foremost Dr. Will is the best ever. Dan couldn’t hold his jock strap. Second BB14 you had a vet versus newbies. You think that’s a fair comparisom? Get a BB life. If you honestly think the “funeral” wasn’t productions idea your niave to the game.
            If your not playing to win it can NEVER be the “best ever”. I’m so sick of weak people who think losing is winning, that’s pathetic and intellectually dishonest. By the way evil Dick way more game than Dan also.
            Sure the jury can vote based on anger or some other agenda. Fact is Dan had no other agenda to fall back on. When I claim I’m a christain but I swear on the bible to a lie that’s not “best ever” game!. Grow up you have no idea what makes good game play. I was a fan of Dan in his winning season. That’s the difference I’m objective and you clearly are not.

          • Really bud all you did was give your opinion and not back any of it up. It wasn’t newbiews vs vets pretty sure newbies kicked out Janelle, and Boogie. And Brit and Dan were in an newbiews alliance. And how is that Dan fault does not control who the cast is. Don’t get me wrong Kirby my favourite player but Dan hands down the best is the only one in the history of the game to never get evicted, made the most money from the show. It facts he the best. And “so sick people think losing is winning” part your thats ridiculious comment he won the frickin game before, the second time around is way harder everyone knows who you are, he made the finals, and nobody gave it to him because he won before! in my books he won nothing he could do about that is thats how they voted. And omg not that debate again K fool me once shame on me fool me twice shame on you. is it his fault they trusted after evicting literally the whole jury? your talking about weak gameplay how about all the jury who believed him. And obviously you didn’t watch the episode carefully, when he said I swear on the bible that everything im telling you correct!!! I’m sick and tired of people giving their opinion when they have nothing to back it and not even the right information. And Dan funeral are you serious, what production said hey dan go say these lines? Go on youtube look it up and it be shown on the live feeds, give it a break. Your objective all you did was give you opinion without backing it up okay production rigged it ahhh how? Kirby the best ahhhh how?

          • Also, Dan has never even had a vote casted against him to be evicted from the house in 2 seasons!!! Like are you kidding me! The facts go on and on of why he is the best. People say Kirby is because he was the most enteraining houseguets which he was, and thats why he is my favourite but Dan is hands down the best is not even an arugument. And with your logic considering losing as winning how is that any different from Kirby he was evicted 4th in BB All Stars…… Dan never been evicted from the house!

    • No way she playing a good the best game! And honestly there only 5 people left someone from her alliance has to go up and it’s not even her decision to break because she not voting this week.

  3. You may want to call this “memorial day” after Andrew falls on his sword by telling Jillian to nominate him.
    That said I want to offer a glimmer of hope that the returning HG will spend a day and host a comp like POV F4 and not return to the game. The other day someone suggested 19 days left. Lets say Thurday leaves 14 days(2 weeks) We know the F3 comps are 1 every Slice show if it runs the same as CBS with BBusa. A regular week after Thursday has Jillian sitting and the remaining 3 playing HOH. They need a POV host why not Gary? Veto ceremony, eviction ceremony then F3. Emmits 50/50 minimum to go at 4 at this point unless he won HOH up front. They’re much better off with Andrew and should vote out Lala F5. Andrews been loyal all the way through.

  4. I really hope Andrew stays Jillian and emmet are in a pretty good position either way there good with everyone left. When guessing Gary comes back I don’t think it will make a difference unless he wins a comp because everyone gonna want him out.

  5. I heard Jillian talking privately with Talla a couple nights back on live feeds that she wants to take her (Talla) to final three because she (Jillian) knows she would have no chance at the end with Andrew and Emmett or in particuliar 2 guys. Not sure how sincere she was unfortunately. I do hope that Andrew gets voted off this week, he’s getting more and more annoying!

  6. First off, people if you are going to leave a comment please proof read it so that the rest of us don’t have to translate your garbled mess.
    Second, who are you guys to call any of the houseguests idiots? You do not know these people, nor do you understand the psychological pressure of being isolated with no outside influence.
    Please don’t be so judgemental. Did you all forget that we are Canadians, some of the nicest and friendliest people in the world?

    • So agree easy for the viewers to hate on their bad moves when we actually know what going on where the houseguests have no clue.

  7. Is there anyone else who thinks Jillian is a poor representation of a strong woman? Why does she need Emmett to solidify her decesions? She seemingly is riding on his coat tails. Pathetic!!!

    • I hundred percent disagree with you. Don’t know if ya watching but she just stayed on top of an iceberg for like 3 and half hours and won other hohs. Soo how is she riding coat tails? And k answer this question should she just say I don’t care emmet in making this decision alone when he her alliance!!! You ever see business partners ignore the other person? She trying to get to final 2 with emmet her team. If working with someone and helping each other out is not a strong women then idk what a strong women is

      • Well put Broski; however only 1 winner is crowned! Eventually,she will make a decision on her own. Emmett is well liked and Topaz and Alec will do their best to taint jury members against her. I don’t feel confident she’d win against him! This game is about cash-not boys-but i am all for a little fun!!

      • i think the inferance here is that she is riding on coattails because she keeps hedging her noms and checking with emmit all the time. if she was a smart cookie she would have put him out weeks ago

  8. Everyone is entiltle to their comments but should try to respect the players because what is happening in the game for them it is their reality of everyday, involving emotions and stress is high. They really like each other and are sincere between themselves except for Peter. Peter and Alec was saying at the afterdardk the night prior to the eviction of Alec, that everything that happenned in the house is thanks to them two. And if Peter goes to the final 3 that he is shure to win, because he orchestrated everything in the game, how cocky is this..hum…not more comments…I hope that he leaves the house and that they stick to their final 4 intialy formed.

  9. Oh Ya, forgot Peter and Alec also, added that everyone in the house is stupid that they are the only smart one there, playing the game like Dan in BB USA. and if they want to talk about the game that no one would understand…..happy your out Alec, hope you never come back and that Peter follows you soon.

  10. I really hope she puts up Andrew and Talla because Emmett going on Jillians HOH would be awesome, but I think she’ll cave and do Andrew/Peter.

  11. I am praying that Peter stays. With Alec and Topaz gone, he literally has no one and absolutely no power. But, he is still the smartest and most hilarious person in the house (in my opinion). I don’t really care if Talla stays because she’s not going to win no matter what. I say Jillian nominates Peter and Andrew. If Jill doesn’t nominate Peter then Andrew will get suspicious, and that could be quite dangerous for the T3 of Jemmett and Andrew. Talla votes Peter out, Emmett votes Andrew out and Jillian breaks the tie to send Andrew packing. Frankly Jillian really should keep Peter because even though he is plotting against her he would give her a lot of good advice on how to finish her game in order to earn her trust and because of how much power she has, she needs all the help she can get. After all, power can be dangerous, as we have seen with her and Topaz.

  12. Topaz should had stayed another week at the least! Andrew would had been “idear” for packing last week. Having peter play his roll the “ghost hunter” his moves would had made the next few weeks a twist all in its own and do believe we all see Emmitt playing for his life!!!

  13. I find Peter so annoying. It’s so obvious that he is trying so hard to be like Dan. Every time he speaks in the Diary room I cringe. It seems like there are many “Hams” in the cast this year. Maybe they are hoping for some endorsements or auditions when the show ends. Why isn’t there a better representation of Canadians? Where are the Franco-phones, Notherners, Prairie folk? I’m a Canadian living in Los Angeles and I’m always craving fun Canadian reality shows. I had such high hopes. Hopefully next year the producers will stop trying to mimic the American version and go with the Canadian flow. After all, we are such an interesting society. I’ll still watch the show…I’m a sucker.

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