Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 21 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada episode 21

Sunday night’s Big Brother Canada show answered a lot of lingering questions: Who won HoH? Who was put on the block? What is Talla really thinking? Okay, not that last one. Perhaps more importantly we learn what motivated Peter to not use his Veto, save Topaz, and control the eviction. Hint: it wasn’t a good reason.

Watch episode 21 of Big Brother Canada in the video below:

Did Jillian make the right move in her nominations decision?

Next up we’ve got the Power of Veto episode coming out way on Wednesday, but if you can’t wait to watch that competition for the results we can spoil those right now.


  1. Never watched the American version, but the Canadian version interested me. A few nights ago I was watching the after dark version. Jillian was very upset of what was being shown (the 10 minute clips to Andrew and Talla).She was worried what her father would say when he saw this. Well folks, she in my opinin is not being responsible. She is a teacher and she is showing that it is good to LIE ( ie Topaz) and sleep in bed. I know it is human behaviour, but she is in a responsible position, career wise.

    • it was the after dark version you saw… it’s not meant for kids and she acted like any normal adult would…. grow up yyzont and get a life.

    • You are so hard to judge, who are you to judge ? are you God ? no, so let her be, being a teacher, an accountant, a lawyer, a bus driver, what does it change ? everybody lies in the house and tell me you never lied in your life !!!!! give her a break…their playing a game to win something this is not real live.

    • Omg really sooo your saying you d watch a big brother show were no one lied and flipped a coin for being evicted pretty sure the big brother would be done if no one lied because it would be boring. And really there in there for like 3 months I think it be tough not to show affection. Like this show is not real life nor prompting lie and I’m pretty sure in real life you don’t have like 14 other houseguests trying to kick you out of your house its a game show to win money.

    • I am sick to death of people thinking that what teachers do in their private lives has anything to do with their job. For the record, I teach. And guess what, I swear and have sex when I’m not at work. Are you shocked? Sometimes, I lie. I don’t hold up banks and sell state secrets, but for pete’s sake, why do teachers have to be saints?

      Secondly, you wrote, “She is a teacher and she is showing that it is good to LIE ( ie Topaz) and sleep in bed.” You don’t want her to sleep in bed? What would you prefer she do in bed? Or perhaps the question is where would you prefer she slept? Oh, wait, I bet that’s not what you meant to say. You probably meant to say “sleep with Emmet in bed.” But guess what? That’s not what you wrote, so here’s some words of wisdom from one swearing and sexing it up teacher. PROOFREAD.

      • About time someone pointed this out! I have been reading comments about Jillian being a teacher and her behavior on this site at a ridiculous rate. I could give a rip what a teacher does on their down time, if they can teach our kids to read and write properly guess what, they have done their job. She’s OFF the clock being on this show, so who cares?

    • Agree with all of you who would say ”Don’t judge a teacher as a saint.” But at the same time it seems odd to jump all over yyzont for being judgmental (which it does come across as) while at the same time throwing stones at him/her… I’m sure we can agree we ALL have times of strong character when we show the ”best” of humanity. And there are times we ALL show the weaker side of humanity (lying, stealing, cheating, judging….etc). Personally I don’t like the way Jillian got to the position she’s in (her lie to Topaz was a little over the top for my taste, and her behaviour since that time has been disappointing). But I wouldn’t say this means she’s a ”bad” person, nor a bad teacher, it’s just poor choices in representing herself (again, I’m sure we can all relate to this)… So yes, let’s not get too worked up about these characters, simply cheer for another candidate if you are disappointed or disapproving with some of the people you’ve been watching –> Go Peter, Talla or Andrew!

  2. This week eviction is going to be sooo amazing! Either Talla or Peter going home think it be quite interesting if Talla goes home and then prob Gary comes back see if Gary and Andrew team up

  3. Oh, and this show airs on Slice. Slice is not a family-values American network station and it’s target audience is not children.

  4. I watched after dark last night. I thought I was watching “lord of the Flyies”. Talla was being bullied by Emit and eter. She sounded really scared. It also reminded me of school when bullies pick on kids to make themselves feel better. She was scared. She was really scared of them.

    • Didn’t see last night;what were they bullying her about? Ppl think Emmett is wonderful,i think he is a creepy prick.

      • I agree. Emmit is totally over-rated in this game. He wins the odd competition, even without cheating, but he largely rides Jillian’s coat-tails and his ego is massive. But no one ever seems to call him on it. On a related noted, if roles were reversed and Emmit was making the moves Jillian was, everyone would be calling Emmit the best player ever and calling Jillian out as a leech. But because it’s Jillian making the power moves, she’s a bitch and Emmit still gets to be cool. I’m not saying I’m a huge Jillian fan, but I do see the double standard. People just can’t cope with strong women. Saskgal probably gets that — being a Sask gal and all. Prairie girls are strong women.

      • Talla was on slop and upset about serving the haves, Emmett was working out. He kept pushing her buttons. Then when she didn’t want to get them water, she did get them water, Emmett was chasing after her, she locked the door to the house because he wanted to throw her in the pool. She had to let him in be he told her too. she ran and tried to hide in the bathroom. but pet got under the stall with her and tried to open the door. She was scared, There was talk that they were going to give Talla a swerlly. After Emmette “playfully or not so playfully” took Jullian hostage so talla would come out. he pulled her in the water, only got her feet.

        At one point Emmette had picked up talla, carried her down the stairs her kicking and screaming down the stars. Big brother called Talla to the DR room. Emmette did promise her that she will be thrown into the pool, before she or he leaves the BBhouse. It could happen any time and sleep with two eyes open.

        • ok I got Tracy she’s point but watching it made me feel like I should wear a pink, anti bullying tee shirt. The sleep with two eyes open, is threating.

        • So basically he was just trying to have fun? Think its a little over the top if anything they were probably trying to calm her down after her flipping out about actually being put on the block in the game. I hope Talla get out next she done nothing the entire game and thinks that she should never be put up on the block.

          • yep most school yard bullys are just having fun. Yep they have fun tell someone gets hurt.

      • Maybe this is why or the bullying led to this (I missed a bit last night) Talla was asked by Emmitt and Peter to get them glasses of water (since she’s their “slave” this week as a Have-not) when Talla brought them the water she thew it in their faces! They were trying to get revenge on her and throw her in the pool but she ran away and hid just before afterdark ended they caught her but she end up kneeing herself in the face so was saved from the pool but was warned by Emmitt she’d be in the pool before leaving the house.

    • Well Talla has a way of being a little ‘over the top’ if you hadn’t already noticed. Now having said that, if she is genuinely feeling bullied, she needs to use her voice and say ”enough is enough”. But again I think given her odd & playful nature, Emmet has no idea he is pushing the boundary (and for those of us only getting PART of the big picture through the live feeds, we don’t really know what’s happening either). I trust the BB production team would step in if a real abuse (verbal, emotional or physical) was taking place… Who knows? Maybe they’ll find a neat way where Talla can make Emmet her slave and then she can do all kinds of hilarious things to him! 🙂

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