Big Brother Canada 3: Have-Not Power Twist Explained By Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada 3 host Arisa Cox took to Twitter this weekend to explain away the mysteries of the new Have-Not power twist set to hit the house on Wednesday night. These are important clarifications and good to have up front before it hits the fan.

Arisa Cox in BBCAN control room - Source: <a href="">Twitter</a>
Arisa Cox in BBCAN control room – Source: Twitter

We knew the new twist power would let its holder remove both the noms or least one of them, but how would it all come together? Taking to Twitter, Arisa Cox calmed many concerns by running through some hot questions like, who picks the renoms following the vacancies made by the power? “The secret power holder, not the HOH,” says Arisa.

Next up, does the power holder get to vote for the eviction considering the HoH never does? Yes, says Arisa. As long as the holder didn’t foolishly leave him/herself on the block. And staying with tradition, this week’s HoH will not compete in the upcoming HoH comp, but the power holder will.

Perhaps most importantly, since this was a sticking point in the last twist that totally flopped, will we see the power in action?

Two more important questions. Who is available to be named as a renom once this power hits and at least one of the noms comes down? Anyone but the HoH and the Veto holder this week, says Arisa.

If there is a tie (four votes this week) then who gets to break it? HoH or the power holder? Arisa explains the HoH will be the tie-breaker per usual.


      • Whomever wins it, will save Britt and maybe Godfrey and will nominate Bruno and Zach and get Zach out. At least, that is what I would do!!!

        • That be the best outcome…then we will see who can play the game…no shields for the showmances…and survival of the fittest…the cream will come to the top.

          • They would be stupid not to vote Zach off. Godfrey has been gunning for Godfrey since JP was voted off and I HOPE Sarah and Britt will break up the Diaper alliance, and it would be Godfrey, Bruno, Sarah, and Brit vs. Pilar. I think this is gonna be good!!!!

          • That’s sound good…there would be 4 good players left with one unshielded floater…time to beam me up Scotty!!!!

          • sorry…2 unshielded floaters…you would have ash & pili…brit & sarah…bruno & godfrey..which duet will go to the show !

          • Imagine another scenario…if the girls grew some u know what and got together to take of the guys…then they would be left and have a slumber party…wouldn’t that be the cat’s meow !!!!
            Imagine the dagger throwing that would ensue.

    • That would be sweet !!…bring out the mop to sop up the tears…and if Ash picks Pili…they’ll face the camera and say we did this for you Kev and Zach….what a soap opera.

  1. This has become a floaters game. Too much interference from the outside. Power is being handed to people that didn’t earn it.

    • How do Sarah and Britt not deserve the power? Britt, particularly worked her butt off to be here. She survived 4 evictions and won two HOH’s. She’s no floater. Sarah is a strong social player and just saved herself from the block so she’s also not a floater.

      They earned the right to be voted for the power and honestly, out of the players left they’re two of the more deserving of it.

  2. This is the most stupid thing I ever heard
    , so Ashleigh stayed on that thing for over two hours just to have all her power taken away that is ridiculous. I am not a huge Ashleigh fan but it would be unfair for anyone. I won’t be able to watch the rest of the show now it is just to stupid.

    • I completely agree! Ashley finally wins and doesn’t get to use the power for her game. There is way too much interference and I am going to stop watching. “Canada” should not be deciding who is winning this game. Sarah and B are great people but they should be winning it on their own.

      • No one has been allowed to play their own game…BB is controlling everything and it’s not fair…to anyone! Each person should be able to control their own fate by the decisions they make. The way BB is manipulating and controlling the game there will be no winner who has earned it. The winner will just be someone who was lucky enough to be still standing at the end, thanks to BB.

  3. Too much big brother all i see this yr is bbc deciding the winner and not letting the game play out. I thought this was a social game not a free ride

    • I’ve been disgusted with the way BB has manipulated and controlled this game for a couple of weeks now. Not only do they throw in these impossible twists which ends a good player’s game prematurely, by no fault of their own, but they have scripted the hell out of it. They’ve coached all the HGs to be super hyper all the time and put words in their mouths that they would never utter. This is no BB…this is a farce!

  4. I think the show has become a joke. BB is completely controlling the game First of all I don’t believe Brit and Sara were voted by Canada to receive this power. There both extremely annoying. Its completely ridiculous for anyone to be given this kind of power anytime let alone so late in the game. BB has decided who the winner is going to be. It and it just happens to be the worst players in the house. Floaters rule in BBC

  5. this is already unfair for the diaper alliance. ash, zach, pili and kev won their hoh fair and square yet brit and sarah get gimmies

  6. This season is an absolute joke, and just a way for producers to manipulate the game so who they want to win, wins. This whole have-not power is the perfect example of handing the game to who they want to win. Zach & Bruno are both strong players, who deserve to be there yet it seems producers are doing everything possible to give power to the underdogs for higher ratings. Show is becoming a complete joke.

  7. Sure, so expect the unexpected. Add some twists to the game to make it more interesting – was that the idea? In my opinion this season became more about luck and less about strategy and gameplay when Brittany was able to nominate 3 for eviction. Now a new power arrives where she can save both nominees and replace them with her own nominees minutes before the eviction- this late in the game…. Really? Let me guess next weeks second of the double evictions turns out to be Arisa asking Brittany who should go home next.

    Why not let players win by their own doing not by dropping super powers on their laps. Just my thoughts.

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