Who Was Evicted Tonight on Big Brother Canada 11? (4/20/23)

Big Brother Canada 11 Claudia

Tonight we see the next Big Brother Canada 11 eviction of the week. The week started with Kuzie as Head of Household and now may end with her on the Block. The Fatal Feast caused a whirlwind of emotions as the final nine became the final eight. Santina became the first victim of the week, someone else will become the second person to be evicted this week, and the fourth member of the Big Brother Canada 11 jury.

The Wednesday episode ended on a cliffhanger. Ty tasted another victory with the Power of Veto. He saved himself for the second time this week by winning a competition. This time it was the Power of Veto Competition.

With Ty entirely off the board this week, Claudia must rethink her strategy. All week, Ty has encouraged her to take a shot at Kuzie and her side, and now Claudia is forced to put up someone from that side.  But will she make one of them her target or flip her decision to make Hope her target?

Tonight, we’ll see what happens leading up to the Power of Veto Ceremony and who Claudia eventually nominates. We’ll also see the next eviction. 

BBCAN11 Week 6.5 Power of Veto Competition Fall-Out

Claudia shot at Ty and missed. This can only mean that Claudia has to get more blood on her hands by nominating someone else this week. She also may have officially made an enemy out of her former showmance partner.


Claudia says this is the worst case scenario with Ty winning the Veto. Ty celebrates his victory alone, but Claudia awkwardly comes in to congratulate him.

Hope is upset that for the second week in a row two Crown members will go up. He warns Claudia that Ty is coming for her next week.

Daniel and Anika try to figure out what to do this week. Anika wants to make sure Daniel and her stay off the Block, and Kuzie is seen as the bigger target. Daniel mentions Kuzie picking Hope and him picking Shanaya in the chain of safety.

Claudia tries to tell Kuzie that she’s going on the Block and it’s not going well. Kuzie is upset that Claudia wants to give Daniel credit for keeping them safe in the safety chain. Kuzie said it was her decision and she saved them.

BBCAN11 Week 6.5 Power of Veto Ceremony

Who will Claudia decide to nominate?

Ty used the Veto to save himself. Claudia names Kuzie as his replacement.

Kuzie said in the DR that she plans to come after Claudia next. Hope gives the Crown members a speech to continue to fight to stay in the house and go after the Girlie Pops.

Daniel is annoyed that Kuzie is trying to claim his move (saving the Girlie Pops) as her own. Hope and Kuzie both start to campaign to stay. They both appeal to Ty for his vote.

Hope then works to turn Anika and Daniel against Kuzie by claiming she has a final two deal with them. Then plans to send them to the jury.

BBCAN11 Week 6.5 Eviction Votes

Anika voted to evict Hope.

Daniel voted to evict Hope.

Renee voted to evict Hope.

Shanaya voted to evict Hope.

Ty voted to evict Kuzie.

Hope is evicted, 4-1.

They all do a choreographed dance before Hope tells everyone his goodbyes.

BBCAN11 Week 7 HOH

The Head of Household may or may not start on tonight’s episode, let’s see if it happens tonight.

For this HOH, the contestants must answer if the first event happened before or after the second event. The houseguest with the most points wins the HOH.

Round 1- Everyone gets it right.

Round 2- Shanaya, Renee, and Kuzie earn a point.

Round 3-Everyone gets it correct.

Round 4-Shanaya, Ty, Daniel, and Renee earn a point.

Round 5-Everyone is correct.

Round 6-Ty, Daniel, Renee, and Kuzie earn a point.

Round 7-Kuzie, Daniel, Renee, and Shanaya are correct.

Renee is the new Head of Household.

Other Stuff

There is a good chance that we’ll get our first jury segment tonight with three jurors.

  • Jonathan and Santina join Dan S in the jury house. They both explain how they got evicted.
  • Santina confesses to being the secret HOH.
  • They’re all rooting for Kuzie to make the finals.
  • Arisa Cox announces that there are only three more weeks until the finale. May 11 is the finale.
  • Hope speaks in his native language to Daniel, Anika, and Kuzie.
  • Hope is another person who wants to see Kuzie win the game, but he said he will vote for whatever Crown member makes it to the end.
  • Arisa announces that Thursday is a double eviction.

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