What Happened To Double Eviction Tease On Big Brother Canada 3?

Last week we caught glimpse of an exciting teaser when Global posted on their Big Brother Canada website that we could expect a Double Eviction and Triple Nomination coming up in a two-part week of events. So, where’d it go?

Big Brother Canada 3 will go crazy this week
Big Brother Canada 3 teased a Double Eviction – Source: Global

Soon after we discussed the planned Double Eviction the option to vote on it through the predictions game vanished. Initially I thought they were going to try and surprise viewers by removing it, albeit a little too late. Then when Pili’s reign as Head of Household extended through the weekend I really started to wonder.

Hamsterwatch caught a similar promotion of the Double Eviction by The Brick via Twitter and Facebook, but that quickly disappeared too. All suggestions of this occurring were vanishing as quickly as they appeared leaving us empty handed.

Hopefully this was just a case of saving the DE for later, but who knows as we haven’t heard any more details nor could we really rely on them considering the sudden changes in the past few days. Maybe we’ll see it next week because the chance of a surprise Double Eviction would be awesome for BBCAN3.

If there is a Triple Nomination coming up, who do you most hope to see fill those three seats?