Big Brother Canada 3 Goes Triple Noms & Double Evictions

Hang on to your butts because Big Brother Canada is about to go wild this week when Triple Noms and Double Evictions hit the BBCAN3 house. Oh yeah, it’s going to be awesome.

Big Brother Canada 3 will go crazy this week
Big Brother Canada 3 will go crazy this week – Source: Global

Revealed online through the Global website it’s been discovered that there will be three nominations made by this week’s the next new Head of Household, spoilers on that comp here, and if that wasn’t enough there will be a pair of evictions by the end of the week.

Update: Important clarification – The above image references Week 6.5 while we’re currently in Week 6.0 which likely means the current HoH will have an abbreviated run before we hit a new HoH and get the 3 nominees. Yes, BIG difference, but only in who is in control when this goes down.

I wasn’t sure how we could top Jordan Parhar’s blindside eviction last night, but we’re well on our way to some good times ahead. The new HoH may not find out about this triple fun until arriving in the Vault which would mean there’s no chance to plot and plan with allies. Excellent.

We’ve been following who could go up on the block, but those talks have all been about two, not three noms. Who do you think will get caught up in this craziness as the third nominee?

Update 2: Global seems to have pulled the second half of the week’s prediction options, so we’ll have to see if things have changed or they’re trying to close the barn door a little late.