Big Brother Canada 3 – Nomination Anticipation In Week 6 – Update

There’s a new Head of Household in the Big Brother Canada 3 house and after last night’s exciting blindside eviction things should just keep on rolling with the high pressure moves that Zach couldn’t deliver, but sure did cause.

Sindy Nguyen on Big Brother Canada 3
Sindy Nguyen on Big Brother Canada 3 – Source: Global

Once last night’s show was over and the Live Feeds returned we were quick to discover who had won HoH in the BBC Film Festival competition. Fortunately it didn’t really seem to matter who won if you were just looking for drama after the well played blindside lit a fuse in the house.

Pilar is in control as HoH. Yes, you read that correctly. Pili has the power but of course that also means we practically have co-HoHs with Kevin sharing the role. So who will Kevlar put on the block?

Godfrey and Sindy (see updates below) look primed and ready to return to those familiar seats when the BBCAN3 nominations are made official later today.

No big surprises there. Godfrey was just up and Sindy just came back. Pilar isn’t part of the Chop Shop, but she does have the Diaper alliance and her showmance going with Kevin who is close to Zach so on both fronts there was no chance of a Zach nomination.

We’ll keep an eye out for more talks today on the Big Brother Feeds and see if plans start to shift, but for now those nominations are the most likely choices for Pilar.

Update: Maybe Sindy will save herself after all. She’s been working away this morning revealing the Chop Shop to Kevlar, Godfrey, and all who would listen. This might turn Pilar’s attention in a new direction.

Now it seems that Pilar may go after the Chop Shop with Willow and Bobby on the Block. Wow. This could end up being another fun week! Watch for Zach to work on Kevin to shift those noms back to Godfrey and Sindy instead.

If you were Head of Household this week, who would you nominate?