Sindy Nguyen joins all the other Big Brother Canada 3 cast members with weird names and spellings for a shot at the $100,000 grand prize.

Sidney Nguyen - Big Brother Canada 3

The 25-year-old assistant cruise director calls herself sassy and spontaneous, which doesn’t sound anything like her plans on entering the BBCAN3 house.

“I don’t have much of a strategy going into the house,” she says. “I know I would have to change it the moment I walked in anyway. I’m a very analytical person so when I meet all of the houseguests, I’ll decide what I need to do. I’m also not going to tell the houseguests that I work on cruise ships. They’ll just know me as the clueless pageant queen.”

Because apparently a cruise ship employee is threatening? Anyway.

So what does this pageant princess have planned if she makes it to the end and wins the prize? “I would pay off my debt and help my mom with hers,” she says. “I would also travel and then invest some money into my business. I’m starting my own international pageant.”

Can Sindy with an S win the BBCAN3 crown?