Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 23 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada episode 23

Last night on Big Brother Canada we watched as another HG was evicted, one more returned thanks to the PowerShift twist, and the remaining players battled it out to become the next Head of Household.

What we didn’t see was just how that HoH comp ended. If you can’t wait for Sunday’s show then check out our HoH spoilers to see who has the power.

Watch Big Brother Canada episode 23 in the video below:

What do you think of the twist hitting the house this late in the season? Fair? Ridiculous? Or is there no such thing as “fair” when it comes to Big Brother?


  1. I find it ironic how Peter and Alec are so upset that Jillian told a lie in the big brother house when there two favourite players of big brother are Will and Dan.

  2. I can’t believe that Peter quoted PATRICK BATEMAN from American Psycho when he was leaving the house….I coudn’t find anyone online that caught that.

  3. Big brother you should have Peter get a few free consultant for his head….not jooking…I felt so sorry for him, The morning of the day of his eviction he was talking to Julian in the bedroom telling her everyone is saying that they are looking forward to go back home and he said that for him the big brother house was is home for him, The outside world wasnt his home. Julian kindly replied I will your friend out of here if you wante to. Peter, replied if someone would offer me to go back in a house of 14 people without any prize at the end I would go back immediately in because for me it feels like home this fabricated home, world….Also, didnt want nobody to stand up when he would leave….and what he said when he left was so weard…..he has serious issues….he thinks he his very smart….but he has reality issues with real life….not knowing nothing about real love I suppose….Help him if you can…buy questionning him…to see what is wrong with him….it is a real pitty….Please help the guy because if you cant see it, we all can that he truly needs help, even if he says he is only playing a game, wicth is a lie. HE IS NOT THE MOST STRAGEGIC PLAYER OF B.B.CANADA, HE LIVES IN A NON REALITY LIFE AND FEELS THAT BIG BROTHER HOUSE IS LIKE A REAL HOME FOR HIM …?????? COME ON …LISTENT BACK ON THE TAPE OF THAT DAY ….All his life being laught at, all call crazy…..feel truly sorry for him..please help now…

    • I strongly agree, that he has serious personel problems not just with eating, with people, with life and the real worl and to be able to live a normal life, it seems that he live’s his life in a fantasy life and thats maybe why he struggles in real life and strongly beleives that the big brother house is like his real home and didnt want to go out. He is not strategic player at all, he didnt do as much as he think he did. Please big brother offer him many free consultation without him knowing waht it is really about so you can help him….I feel sorry for you Peter….

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