Big Brother Canada: Week 9 Nomination Anticipation

Gary and Emmett on Big Brother Canada

The latest Big Brother Canada nominations are coming up soon either tonight or Saturday and we’ve been listening to the Feeds to find out what to expect. Read on for the spoilers so you know what to expect for the next round of noms.

The current HoH, Emmett, has been working through scenarios and it sounds like he’s settled on nominations. Actually we heard his plans almost immediately last night when the Feeds returned following the eviction show. Overnight those plans have remained steady so this look pretty solid.

At the next nomination ceremony we’re anticipating Emmett putting Gary and Andrew on the block.

Now who is the real target? When he first listened in on Jillian and Emmett last night it sounded like they agreed to get rid of the twist’s returning HG. Shortly after that Gary arrived in the HoH room and made a strong case, seemingly convincing Jimmett to align with him as a third wheel. That would make Andrew the target for elimination.

Andrew and Emmett on Big Brother Canada

Fast forward to this afternoon and we found Emmett and Andrew talking about the week’s plan. Emmett warned Andrew he was going up on the block, but only as a pawn. Allegedly Gary would be the target and Talla would act as the back up renom option should it come to that.

It’s tough to be certain just who the real target it, but Jimmett’s discussion that Gary would be the easiest to beat in a final two situation seems like they may be going after Andrew next Thursday.

Who do you think Emmett should nominate and target? There aren’t many options this week and the Veto holds a lot of power this time around. We’ll keep watching and share updates as things develop.


  1. Really disappointed that Canadian Big Brother is not available on regular canadian channels (Slice is by subscription here at least) yet I can watch the US Big Brother every summer. So much for promoting canadian content. 🙁

      • It will be interesting to see if there is a next season. Canada has a poor record for producing their own versions of American reality shows for only one or two seasons and then dropping them (Canadian Idol, Project Runway Canada). BBC has attracted more US viewers than the others, I’m sure, but they aren’t watching the broadcast on Slice so not sure they are being acknowledged as true audience for advertisers.

    • True, but clearly non of Canada’s regular networks want to produce or carry it. But what’s the problem? You can watch it on YouTube two hours after it airs and this site always posts the link to the show the next day.

      • Who wants to wait! lol. In canada slice is owned by shaw media, who owns global (who did air the first show this season) so it could be put on primtime if they had wanted so maybe it has somethng to do with time slots 3x per week? I am very happy that there’s sites like this one in case you can’t watch it on tv! And to read all the gossip the show comes with. 🙂

        • Slice is a new station and was free for the first month. I think that this was shaw’s way of getting new subscribers to the station. Get them hooked onto the show then end the free month and then people had to subscribe if they wanted to keep watching it on slice. Just my thoughts

  2. I’d be stoked to see them back door Andrew just cause he is always acting like being with other Hg’s is such an awful experience for him. Gosh, like he’s such an endearing persona … I am certain that offing Andrew would have happened last week had anyone else won the Pov.. I am a fan of all the guests being in a state of utter madness. I wan’t Dan to shake up Jillian and Emmett too and have them question their showmance… Perhaps , Andrew spew out his finale deal with Jillian and Emmett loose his bippy.

    • I’m sure that being with the other players IS an awful experience. I can’t imagine having to watching Jillian and Emmet suck face all day.

  3. I like Gary as a player, but I do think he should go home. He should not have been brought back in the first place, especially this late in the game. It completely undermines the strategy of other players and makes this game more one of luck than game play. I’d rather see strategy play out.

  4. From the feeds, it looks like Andrew is the target, and Emmett, Jillian and Gary are in secret alliance. If Andrew gets evicted, and Gary wins a couple of comps, blindside the 2 power players and ends up with the useless Talla in F2, this could very well be a memorable BB Canada season….it’s a long shot, but not impossible.

    • Not a long shot. Gary wins POV F4. Emmit or Jillian go home Best guess here is Emmit as he is not HOH eligible. If on the other hand Gary is HOH as well perhaps he targets Jillian but that means Talla must vote her out. Either way as long as Lala is top 3 Gary needs to win physical plus 7 questions. 3 more comps for the win. Not that far fetched at all.

  5. So obvious and disappointed. This week is just a repeat of last week. The twists are okay, but they aren’t twisting anything! Jemmet still calling the shots and running the house for the last 3 weeks. How about let Canada vote someone out instead of someone in. Now that would be a proper twist.

  6. If Andrew doesn’t win veto or Talla saves him with it Andrew is for sure going home, Makes no sense for Jemmet to keep him, out of everyone left he the only person who could beat them in the finals..

  7. BBCanada needs to address Emmett clearly violating set forth rules In the HOH comp and redress his cheating In the game once again. Let the game be fair to all participants. It Is very clear for all to see that Emmett turned over the colored magnetic piece of the puzzle and was looking at It when all players where told pror to the comp by host Arisa Cox that colored part was to face the players at all times. Review and disqualification should he Imediate for fair game play.

    • Your an idiot and taking this too far. Quite sure that comment meant the coloured side was to face out on the puzzle. What possible benefit could be gained from simply glancing at the other side? none whatsoever. Get over it.

  8. I hate when they bring someone back. Its not a twist, its a way for the producers to control who stays. Look what they did to Topaz. That wasn’t a twist either. It was a faster way to get Topaz out of the house. I’m guessing the producers want Andrew to win so the veto will be something he’s good at. And anyone in the finals should bring Talla because she wont win. If Jillian takes Emmit she will not win.

  9. hi big brother i was wandering if canada can vote someone out.I know it was great garry got voted back in but would be awesome if canada can influence the voting for once as i think the way it is too predictable.I feel canada should be able to choose if they want emmet and jillian to run the house.Lets not forget that emmet was almost the first house guest evicted ever from big borhter.I can guanteed everyone if…. emmet did stay on block with tom emmwt would have been voted of as he is almost stronger than tom and more intimidating than tom.

    • As a long time viewer of the american version of BB, i think the whole viewers getting to evict someone off takes away from the game. I like to watch how the players strategize and the different types of gameplay that they use to try and stay. I feel like if we were to vote for who left then gameplay and strategy goes out the window because it doesn’t matter what they do if its us deciding. The whole viewers voting off houseguests is just not what big brother is all about. There is a reason why the first season of BB america is not talked about and they had to revamp it to make it something completely different. and besides BB CAN has had enough twists for the season. I think there have been waaay too many twists personally

      • Completely agree. For example, bringing Gary back at this point in the game is too much interference with players’ strategy.

        • I agree!! if they wanted to bring someone back they should have done it a lot sooner, not when it was going to be final 4

  10. big brother i feel canada should be able to vote someone out as i feel punishments emmet had cheating 4 times of cheating is not enough and in my opinion should be disqualified from the prize.If garry and emmet made it to top 2 i know garry would win as emmet cheated alot.Big brother i know alot of people want to vote out emmet and feel canada should be able to choose if they want him out or someone different but almost guantee it would be emmt voted out by canada.Come on big brother lets be fair….

  11. I think Emmett runs the shots and Jillian is his puppet. And now with Gary in the picture wait and see him take home the winnings
    how unfair would that be.

      • I agree. I see Jillian as a much stronger competitor than Emmet and I really don’t think he’d still be in the game without her. That said, I really wish J would have put E on the block as a replacement nominee. That would have really made things interesting.

  12. Disqualify Emmett again for breaking the rules of the HOH comp game again, fair play to all BBCanada. Redress Immediately before too late.

      • What they are talking about can be seen on the broadcast. However their logic is lame. Seeing the white back side would not be advantage in the comp. and it would be the ultimate stupidity for production to DQ someone for seeing the white side. The puzzle could only be completed with the colored side out. The rule writers need to get their act together.

  13. Why was it the first time Emmett got DQ as did the others, he wasn’t given a warning like Talla and another HG? They were warn to stop using their hands first then DQ. Emmett was just DQ no verbal warning. Emmett family should point this out to him when he gets home (might be some $ for bias playing by thge producers). I am not an Emmett fan but that wasn’t fair either.

  14. BBCanada needs to address Emmett clearly violating set forth rules In the HOH comp and redress his cheating In the game once again. Let the game be fair to all participants. It Is very clear for all to see that Emmett turned over the colored magnetic piece of the puzzle and was looking at It when all players where told pror to the comp by host Arisa Cox that colored part was to face the players at all times. Review and disqualification should he Imediate for fair game play.

    • Agree that is why friends of the remaining HGs should let them know when it’s over. T V game shows are regulated for no cheating.Lawsuit

      • This is a common mistake that people believe that BB is a “game show” IT IS NOT. It falls under “for entertainment only.” They are not required to be fair, in fact they have never been fair.

        • in the U.S. the FCC would not allow the show to be called either a reality show or a “game” show because of the lack of set rules at the start and that the players are often ‘coached” in the D.R. sessions. It still sucks though that the producers manipulate the game to such an extreme extent , it really isn’t a game, it’s fully scripted and they try to achieve thier desired outcome (let’s make Gary the winner, for example), having people involved (houseguests) makes their attempts to steer the game only partially reliable in their eyes.

    • I thought the rules said that the puzzle pieces were only to have the colored side facing out to complete the puzzle, that they couldn’t turn the pieces around to make them fit into the puzzle?

    • Okay I just watched it and im pretty she just meant that for in order to complete the puzzle the pieces have to have the color side facing towards you if it’s flipped the other way you can’t complete the puzzle. She basically just said how you have to complete so if you have it flipped it doesn’t matter because you can’t complete the puzzle so him holding it in his hands flipped doesn’t do anything at all in cheating if anything and he put the piece flipped on the board he wouldn’t be able to win.

    • If production give any credence to your view of the rules, they are lame and need to hire lawyers to write the rules. You are just a hater. Production has already cheated Emmett out of a guaranteed F3 by bringing back Gary, this would be the last straw for a great many viewers.

      • Are you a complete moron. It is a game show. They are competing for prizes. And production can do alot of things but it can’t circumvent the law. Your a complete idiot! That said I agree with BBcan no advantage was gained.
        By the way Emmit has 3 DQ’s for cheating. Why is he still in the house? Answer morons like you watch him devoid of morals and ethics.

        • Wow. Name calling. How about a discussion of the issue without resorting to calling each other idiots and haters? The vitriol is a bit unwarranted, don’t you think? Both of your perspectives would carry more persuasive weight if you stuck to arguing by appealing to ethos and logos … or even pathos, but I am pretty sure that Aristotle didn’t include calling someone an idiot when appealing to emotion.

      • Returning players, Diamond Veto Power, Coup d tat, etc. etc. is not new to BB, historically. It may appear to be unfair and may affect the game play of someones favorite, positive or negative. Twists are designed to alter the game, add drama and excitement which this 1st season of BB/Canada needed so badly.

        • these types of twists would be ok, only if a layout of when and what twists would take place where revealed to the public prior to the game starting… the producers obviously use these changes to shape the game and give advantage to players of their chosing… it is not applied fairly and makes the game seem “rigged”.

    • From Morty’s:

      Official Cheat Tweet: To update this morning’s report regarding Emmett not following the rules in the HoH contest. It was determined that Emmett did not break the rules, in that the intention of the rules were to instruct the players not to place the tiles on the board white side up, and by turning the tiles over, there was no advantage gained. BBCA Tweeted: “Not to worry #BBCAN fans, we’ve looked in to this and all was fair. There was only one way to win HoH, cheating was not an option.”

  15. So garymis back in the BB house. Even though Emmett won hoh I think the target will be Andrew (thinking Gary does not stand a chance after being voted out). There is no way Jillian will win, she has made too many enemies and got to much blood on her hands. If Gary can make it to the final 2 not going against Emmett, I think he will win. However if Emmett makes it final 2, he will win against ANYONE. I would like to see Emmett or Gary take it home. Peters game end was not keeping Topaz, it could have spared him an extra week, and Jillian’s well she’s just a straight up liar, getting to the final 2 is just the half the battle sweetheart and the other half will be what costed you the game. Go Emmett, Go Gary, the rest of u have NO chance!

    • why would you want an evicted houseguest to win, GAry does NOT deserve to even be in the house. The last minute vote to put someone back into the house was designed by the producers to get “their” pick back into the running. this type of rule changing interference just as the game is almost over is ridiculous.

  16. Why are there so many here that hate Emmett. I hate the way the Producers have thrown in this last twist. Once your out you should be out. Really, the producers cannot get the a/c right in the HOH room, there is something wrong here with production not Emmett.

  17. All of u who are hating on emmet ok hes cheated 3 times but has also been dq 3 times and was punished as a have not he didnt even get to compete in that have not comp if he cheated and won and bbc did not change the results then hate on him but its not like he has gotten n e thing from cheating other then being dq and gary does not even deserve to be there he had his chance he got back doored i did not see them give aneal another shot or aj.and aj of all people deserved to come back at least the others in the jury house got to fight for their survival in the pov aj just got votes and was gone not fair to favour gary they should have left it how it is how do u bring someone backvat final four thats all i gota to say to quote frank the tank apreesh

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