Big Brother Canada: Week 9 Nomination Anticipation

Gary and Emmett on Big Brother Canada

The latest Big Brother Canada nominations are coming up soon either tonight or Saturday and we’ve been listening to the Feeds to find out what to expect. Read on for the spoilers so you know what to expect for the next round of noms.

The current HoH, Emmett, has been working through scenarios and it sounds like he’s settled on nominations. Actually we heard his plans almost immediately last night when the Feeds returned following the eviction show. Overnight those plans have remained steady so this look pretty solid.

At the next nomination ceremony we’re anticipating Emmett putting Gary and Andrew on the block.

Now who is the real target? When he first listened in on Jillian and Emmett last night it sounded like they agreed to get rid of the twist’s returning HG. Shortly after that Gary arrived in the HoH room and made a strong case, seemingly convincing Jimmett to align with him as a third wheel. That would make Andrew the target for elimination.

Andrew and Emmett on Big Brother Canada

Fast forward to this afternoon and we found Emmett and Andrew talking about the week’s plan. Emmett warned Andrew he was going up on the block, but only as a pawn. Allegedly Gary would be the target and Talla would act as the back up renom option should it come to that.

It’s tough to be certain just who the real target it, but Jimmett’s discussion that Gary would be the easiest to beat in a final two situation seems like they may be going after Andrew next Thursday.

Who do you think Emmett should nominate and target? There aren’t many options this week and the Veto holds a lot of power this time around. We’ll keep watching and share updates as things develop.