Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 9 Nominations

Big Brother Canada

It’s time to find out who was nominated for eviction this week on Big Brother Canada. The Feeds are back from the nomination ceremony and we know who was sent to the danger zone.

Read on to find out who is on the chopping block this week.

Big Brother Canada Week 9 Nominations:

  • Andrew
  • Gary

These nominations are not a surprise. Emmett made his intentions clear to both Gary and Andrew that they’d be hitting the block, but he also told each of them they would be safe. That obviously can’t be true for both of them unless Talla was the secret target. She’s not.

Andrew could be in some real trouble unless he wins the Veto or Talla wins the Veto and saves him. Now that’d make for some exciting Big Brother action.

What do you think of Emmett’s nominations this week?


  1. We all have struggles in life of one kind or another and I believe when Talla watches back she will be hurt by Andrew as he made fun of her so much behind her back, yes Talla has troubles with conversations but she is human.

  2. After watching BB after dark, it’s pretty obvious that Gary is going back to the jury house. Ha Ha Ha, glad production is getting this twist shoved right back down their throats !

    • I hope Gary wins POV and we get rid of Andrew. Getting rid of Emmit or Jillian would be much, much better but Emmit finally won HOH without cheating (and throwing a hissy fit for being caught) and Jillian pulls his little puppet strings. Can’t stand Emmit’s cry-baby, cheating attitude. I wish Gary to win POV, then HOH and nominate both Emmit and his puppet master, Jill. Now that would be a sweet shift in power!

  3. I think it would be great for Andrew to win VETO again! Put Talla up and send her home. I don’t agree with the twist of bringing a jury member back into the game however if we look at Gary’s overall strategy in the game it is definitely better than Talla’s. No offence Talla if you read this but i honestly don’t believe you have had any strategy in the game.

  4. It would be excellent if Talla finally won something and took Andrew down. Jill would be the only other choice and she’d be OUTTA there.

  5. Feeds will be off all weekend because of having that idiot visiting! Why not have someone like tom or liza visit??

  6. trying to think of what type of veto challenge Talla could win os she could save Andrew….I would love to see Jillian on the block during Emmett’s HOH – just ot make it more exciting 🙂 Can’t wait to see Dan!

  7. I hope Gary or Andrew win the POV, Send Talla packing. Then hopefully either Andrew or Gary win HOH and put the showmance up together. I can’t stand them – it has been obvious from the beginning that they would win Big Brother – why haven’t the houseguests figured that out yet???? It’s like they are all playing for second place. Same thing happens on BB USA – favourites always seem to win no matter what – at least Gary was willing to try and shake things up – hope he sticks to it.

    • VERY well put, I have been thinking the same thing. The rest of them need to get a clue, work together and split this couple up. Of course it would be so much fun to watch Emmett get put up, I don’t think he would handle it well at ALL!

  8. So Emmett is as big a liar as Jilliann. I’m a bluenoser too and believe we are stand up people, I am so embarrassed by Jillian and Emmett that I hope Andrew takes the win. He is more dedicated to our heritage.

  9. Jillian deserves to win this game. Everybody complains about her lying but everybody lied or scheme in this game. Not sure what show some people are watching. People don’t like those who dominate or who are successful with their strategy. P.S. it’s a game folks, it’s not a definition of who people are, lying isn’t cheating. Cheating is what Emmett does, otherwise she’d be disqualified.

    • I agree 100% If anyone should win its should be Jillian! She hasn’t lied she has made game moves! And has done a damn good job hence she has made it to top 4! My votes for Jillian! Keep it up!!!!

  10. Watching BBC after dark, and I heard Andrew say that Gary won the POV. So that means Talla is going up and I’m guessing Andrew will be going home. Go Gary!

  11. O I hope Jimmett kick a*#!! They deserve it! Andrew is the biggest cry baby and is embarrassing to watch and Peter should go down in BB history as the worst sport ever! What a sore loser! And the shield?!?! Hahaha really?? What r we 3?!… What an idiot lmao

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