Big Brother Canada HGs Get A Surprise Visitor

Big Brother Canada door

The Big Brother Canada Houseguests got a surprise visitor. After the Feeds came back from a brief break we saw the five remaining HGs celebrating with a very familiar face in the Big Brother family. Read on to find out who it was and what happened.

Dan Gheesling on Big Brother Canada

We told you it was coming and here he is. Dan Gheesling, former winner and runner-up back in Big Brother US, arrived in the house but this time he was truly there to just coach and mentor the players. And maybe a little manipulation of them too.

The visit started around 3PM ET and was promised to just last 24 hours. HGs were excited to talk with someone new and welcomed Dan in to their temporary home. The conversation focused on his experiences on Big Brother 14 and were really interesting to hear him talk about his efforts and failed plans.

Eventually Dan broke off in to private conversations and started with Talla. We heard some interest things, like Talla wouldn’t save Andrew if she won Veto and she has a strong bond to Jillian because of “girl power.” Clearly she doesn’t get that Jillian will cut her loose before she would evict Emmett. Poor Talla. Dan discussed with her potential Veto scenarios and the conversation turned to possible combinations of events that would put Jillian on the block. Take note of that.

Dan’s next private talk was with Gary. Gary knows he’s disliked for his position as a returning evictee. Dan had Gary discuss his plans and possible moves. Eventually Dan started asking if there were any ways to evict Jillian. Gary said “no.” Dan asked again in an indirect way. Still nothing out of Gary. After repeated prompts Gary finally puts the pieces together and realizes that if Talla wins the Veto and uses it on Andrew or Gary then Emmett’s only option would be to nominate Jillian. Talla figured this out quicker than Gary. Not his best moment.

In a later conversation with Gary Dan brought the Jillian situation up and got him to the “ahha!” moment where he understand that if Talla won, saved him, forced a Jillian renom, then those two would control the votes.

Now Dan has claimed he doesn’t know anything about the house alliances, etc., but this repeated focus with various players in a Jillian eviction makes it seem pretty obvious that he’s working an angle. Dan’s Mist is unmistakable and he’s playing a role here.

Only thing left to do is wait and see if Gary and Andrew figure out that they need to put their fate in Talla’s hands and split the power couple out of Big Brother Canada. Just as I wrote that last sentence the Feeds went to “Hush” screen so Veto comp could be on. This is a big one and we’ll report the spoilers on it when the Feeds return.