Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 9 Head of Household Results

Big Brother Canada episode 23

Want to find out who won HoH tonight on Big Brother Canada? We’ve got your spoilers right here. After tonight’s eviction show ended the HoH competition was still going, but now we know who won. Read on to find out who is the new Head of Household.

Jillian and Emmett on Big Brother Canada

Emmett won the competition and is the new HoH. Not shocking. What is shocking is that Emmett managed to complete a comp without cheating! J/k.

“Jimmett” continues to dominate these competitions and looks ready to move on to the finale. They’re already settled back in the HoH room where they’re discussing all their “outs” and aren’t too worried about Gary. Both agree that if he makes it to the Final 2 no one in Jury would vote for him since he’s there just because of a viewer vote.

Who do you think Emmett should nominate? Andrew is angry about Gary being back in the house and is expecting him to be nominated and evicted.

We’re expecting the nominations to be announced on the Feeds sometime Friday night or early Saturday. We’ll continue to post the latest Big Brother Canada spoilers as they’re revealed.


  1. Andrew has every right to be mad as —- this is so unfair Canada should vote not to let gary win ,just let him have fun being back or put him up for eviction right away .If gary does win all of canada will know it was not a fair win and gary will know it always.

    • All this right here. I am all for theme twists for a season (like the coaches or partner twists). However I am not a big fan of “production” twists. To me it really ruins the authentic nature of the game. When Tom had his HoH basically ruined because Canada saved Suzette with a Power Shift Veto I knew it was going downhill from there. These twists for ANY Big Brother season either need to go or be greatly reduced. Give us more theme based twists but please do away with these on the fly “production” influences.

      • the production created twists are just ways the producers use to steer the game towards one contestant or another and give them a real boost to win (probably the producers nephew, lol) it just phuks up the game and makes it seem as though there are no rules that production must follow but the HG’s have lots of rules they must follow. Oh yeah, what about alec throwing the win to andrew during that one HOH comp… shouldn’t they both have been disqualified for helping each other out.

    • we control the ratings and therefore the subsequent advertising $$, Canada wants Garry back, he’s the only one with balls on this show…Andrew didn’t even start to play until a month into the game

  2. Now that Gary’s back and Emmet wins HOH

    I must say, Talla is SAFE to final 4 if nothing changes

    Nominations are most likely to be GARY & TALLA

    If Emmet/Jillian wins POV, nomination stays intact. GARY goes back to JH.

    If Gary/Talla wins POV, they takt themselves off, ANDREW goes up.
    GARY/ANDREW is most likely to go home. Because the voters would be
    Jillian and Gary/Talla.

    If Andrew wins POV however, he could actually cut some deal with Gary
    and Talla to veto one of’em (probably Talla). which means Emmet has no
    choice and HAS TO put up Jillian. It would be Jillian and Gary on the
    block. And Talla and Andrew had all the power to send home GARY or maybe
    even JILLIAN if they were smart enough.

    Unless Andrew is too loyal to his final three deal with Jillian and Emmet he’ll end up like Danielle last season…

  3. I am committed to never giving BBC my ratings again. They orchestrated these two hg’s(Jiemmett)straight to domination. Talla has never won anything and should have been out long ago. Emmitt is a manipulative infant and Jillian is a poor excuse for an independant woman-there is no “we” in this game and she is like a lovesick puppy! Pathetic! BBC,inagural season was a huge let down!

  4. Lame. I’m really disappointed that production allowed Peter to be evicted but for Gary to come back. Not fair to the houseguests that worked their way to the final 5 / 4 to have someone they worked hard to evict get put back because Canada likes them. It’s seriously messed up.

    • I agree, we have all seen houseguests return in the past, but from what I can recall, it’s never been this late into the game. It is usually right around the time the jury starts to form. This twist just gave Gary a 3 week vaca from the game and a spot in the final 5.

      • You’re just a soarpuss! I bet if Alec had’ve been voted back in you wouldn’t be saying squat! I’m THRILLED Gary’s back in! I hope he works, gurl, and pulls a win out!

    • cry! I loooove it! welcome back Gary 🙂 I’m happy it’ll make the show last longer…

      Aso, peter is a schizophrenic and he needed to leave for being a creepy freak…unsafe much?

      • Sorry you don’t “get” it, but you’ll probably love watching Emmett and Jillian’s wedding. (BoRRInG)

  5. I’m not all team talla or anything but the girl did come close a few times… It was unfair to have canada vote back in Gary I think they should of had at the beginning if the show a vote with Peter involved so maybe he would of had a chance also! Andrew shoots his mout a lot but this JEMMET is annoying as hell! I hate when wonen can’t think for themselves!!!!

  6. Although it is unfair to have all these twists, I’m actually not too upset about this one because every other twist that they have had thus far has been unfair and largely to the advantage of two particular houseguests (Jemmett), constantly turning the power back to them. So if they can put other houseguests to a disadvantage for their sake, I sort of view this particular twist as kind of putting things back the way they should be, with a balance of power. This season has been so boring as its been so one-sided. This may add some much needed balance to the house, if Gary can remain in the house this week and somehow get rid of Jemmett.

    • Could it happen? Could Jemmett ever be decimated?
      Damn I wish they would all get a clue and target these two!!

    • I hate when one thing happens to a houseguests once and then people instantly say oh production been helping them the whole time! This is the one time it helped Jemmet. First twist phone call with Suzzet becomes hoh and has to nominate immediately. She puts Emmet and Tom up. Second twist Suzette saved actually hurt Emmet game considering she would put him up if hoh. Third twist instant eviction AJ out didn’t really affect them. Fourth twist help Jemmet but really don’t think it would of matter Emmet would of still won hoh. The reason why it’s so one sided isn’t because of production it’s because Jenmet keeps winning competitions!!

  7. There are 5 houseguests right now and the finale is in 2 weeks? So 1 will be evicted next Thursday and then maybe another Chevrolet Powershift? (instant eviction)

    I was hope for a Chevrolet Powershift where we can vote online to evict a houseguest!!!

  8. The key to a good season of Big Brother, US or Canadian, is to constantly have the people sitting pretty be suddenly on the chopping block when someone not in that group wins an HoH.

    I think production saw that Emmett and Jillian were winning too often and engineered the twist in order to try and get the game to shift around again.

    But it backfired because Emmett and Jillian are still too good at the competitions and so we are in for yet another boring and predictable week.

    The above is why I’m in favor of “rigging” some competitions if the game starts getting too predictable and it’s needed in order to make something happen. I believe that what happened with Emmett and Jillian is a result of not enough production intervention. Sometimes it’s needed to keep the game from going stale.

    • Im not in favor of rigging competitions, they do it all the time on Survivor ala Russell Hantz and this season, Phillip. Let the game play out as it should and let the best man/woman win! Jillian and Emmett are very strong competitors so why find fault with them if they win Veto or HOH? Everyone has a fair shot at it. Would you rather see someone like Lisa, winner of BB3 USA (who basically sat on the sidelines and did nothing all season) win the game as opposed to someone who worked very hard to win it?

      • That is not my point.

        The show’s objective is not to “let the game play out and see what happens”. The objective is to provide the people at home with the entertainment necessary to keep them watching and bringing in ratings.

        Imagine a season of Big Brother where two houseguests hit it off right at the start and will not vote each other out (i.e. Jillian and Emmett).

        Now, what if, hypothetically, they won EVERY HoH? One by one each other houseguest would be voted out, and there would be little drama, little backstabbing, little of what the people want to see. Unless someone else won the final 4 or 5 POV, those two would make it to the end together.

        Rigging competitions, ONLY when necessary, helps to provide the much needed social game of Big Brother.

        • I think its literally impossible for 2 people to win every HOH and every veto competition. I do agree with you about intervention to bring drama to raise the ratings but sometimes it becomes irritating, especially if you don’t like the person. I have been watching BB since BB3 and I have yet to see a showmance go all the way to the end, its usually one of them if at all. I understand there is always going to be intervention by the producers of the show, I may not like it all but I just have to accept why they do it. By the way, CBS claims they do NOT interfere in Survivor…….Yeah Right.

  9. Please oh please let Gary and Andrew team up, somehow win some power in the house and FOR ONCE have Jillian and Emmett crap their pants!!

  10. i hope when dan comes in 4 a visit… i hope he pretends to be …player… and feeds everyone bullshit… so no one trusts anyone,,, but 4see jill or emmet in final 2….. the shield fcked up hard

  11. next season bbc should annouce the twist the hg’s right after the veto.. so they can play a social game counter the twist

  12. Ya know what jimmett have 100% earned their place in the finals !! I do agree with the twists tho what they did to topaz was not fair at all, but worked out because her true colours came out

  13. Anddddd Lmao@ Peter thinking he and Alec ran the game… The shield bahahahahaha it’s like two 8 yr olds whole made up a club pathetic idiots!

    • hahaha dont be such an idiot, they did have power in the house until alec went home, which he could have easily saved himself and campaigned for peter too, he was just playing an emotional side. which is something you can relate to “team jimmett” because jill is playing emotions like no tomorrow even though emmett is a giant threat, jill is playing a dirty game and emmett has been dq’d 3 times. yet you still try to fathom up an intellectual comment to put down peter and alec, you could have simply expressed an opinion but no you had to be rude about it

      • Really?? Did u not see how ignorant Peter was will Jill and u say I’m being rude?! The arrogance on those two make me want to vomit!

  14. U have got to be kidding me, this is why Canada cannot make tv series. This is the worst big brother season ever by far. All the people in this house were literally mentally retarted. Jimmett think they are good at this game but they would be destroyed if people capable of having any sort of a brain lived in this house.

    • Then stop watching! And how they ve won like 4 hoh comps in a row and like 6 together not including pov and they have a very good chance at making it to the end together! i think there pretty frickin awesome at the game!!!

    • I agree with you Dusty if you don’t like it don’t watch it and better yet if you can’t spell “retarded” don’t use it. How rude.

  15. I haven’t seen anyone mention this yet, but this is why Gary coming back into the game is unfair. Gary spent the most time with the peole in the jury house! He spent time with the people who will be voting for the winner of the game. How is that fair? He has an unfair upper advantage. Now he gets to come back after having fun and hanging out with the jurors, and gaining personal time with them that involved no game talk. He also knows how each one of those evictees feel about the ones still playing.
    Secondly I find Peter arrogant. He bad mouthed a lot of those players there, particularly his comments to Andrew and Jillian. Winning HoH may not make you smart Peter, but it does save your a$$ from going home. They played a way better game than you or Alec by not being so pretentious. Really didn’t think his attitude at the end was appropriate, especially bc it is just a game.

  16. it’s all stupid common now they earned their fiinal two are you kidding me?? emmett does nothing except cry and cheat , juillian does nothing but hang all over him and why didnt emmett ever find out that she had a deal with liza just to use the two guys to ride to the end?? Tala I dont even get why she is still there! BBC sucks and they are proving why when it comes to tv shows we cant do anything to entertain. This is a game for money and now its boring. These ppl dont know what its like to eat “slop” they eat like kings and queens in that house. It just pisses me off that emmett and his puppet are still in power like common bbc your producers who watch them must be damn bored. I personally think peter should of won this game He played the game .

  17. I love Jimett!! Gary being voted in is unfair! People need to stop complaining so much tho…its an amazing first season! No one deserves to be in finally two more than Emmett and Jillian…Andrew would be third pick for deserving!

    As for the twists being geared toward helping Emmett and Jillian…not sure what show you’ve been watching but its been the complete opposite. They are a powerhouse and thats why they are still there.

  18. Obviously it is going to be Gary/Talla, Gary/Andrew or Andrew/Talla this week. My bet is it will be Gary/Andrew so that if one of them wins POV they have to use it on themselves. What I am hoping for is that the odd one out wins POV and takes a nominee off so Jillian is forced to go up. THAT would make the game at this stage interesting. If anything else happens, then jemmet will coast to F2.

    I also hate the number of twists this season – this time they should have done a “reset” like BBUS so Peter stayed and gary came in. THAT would have really messed with jemmet (assuming that is what the production wanted). Because Peter really got screwed in that situation, not even having a chance to come back in the house.Though his and Alec’s arrogance was astounding. They claim they love Dr. Will and Boogie, but they actually played a social game – Peter was saying he was trying to go unnoticed, but you have to be omnipresent without winning HOH – so everyone loves you but there is no blood on your hands. The win competitions when you actually need to.

    I hate that jemmet is coasting, it does NOT make for good television. And the production has been no better with their inappropriate meddling in the game (to the point where it is deciding the outcome to one sides favor). I would like to see Jillian go this week, because no matter what she thinks, she will not beat ANYONE in F2 as she has got all of the blood on her hands. If she went against Andrew, Emmet or Gary she would lose – hands down. Maybe Talla, but I don’t think she will even make it to that point. No one should vote for floaters.

  19. Every houseguest who won the head of household had the opportunity to put up jillian or emmett and get them out. Peter and alec made a bad choice for their game by keeping andrew as AJ was pretty much the only one who did not have a deal with emmett or jillian. Peter further screwed up by not saving Topaz and voting Talla or Andrew out. Both of these decisions were made at the urging of J & M. Production has thrown every twist into this game from the US version none of which sent gave jillian or emmett an advantage. It did however screw Toms and Topaz but since J &M had alliances with both it did not really help or hinder. As far as I can tell the guest that remain in the house are there from winning hoh or vetos and making alliances that J & M have honoured to date. I also disagree with Peters comment about Jillian not playing the game as not only has she won multiple challenges she also has gone against Emmett and had has made decisions that are best for her game which resulted in Peter leaving. She is also the only one who has made tough evictions besides Gary. Did she lie yes but does no one remember in the US version when the convinced the guy nominated not to use his veto and then voted him out. Or all of guests who were told they were safe just to be voted out like it or not the lies are part of the game and every house guest has lied about soneone being safe when they were not. Jillian did not play Peters game but she is playing her own. That being said Andrew is my favorite guest left in the house. So do not blame production for J &M dominating blame your favorite evicted house guests for not getting them out when they had the opportunity.

  20. Reading some of these comments I am quite baffled. I must be watching a different show because to me this is the best season yet. I agree it isnt fair for Gary to be back. Peter’s exit was pathetic and in the total of 5 mins of him leaving he went from being one of my favorites to my most hated. I know assholes like him and I didnt expect a “smart” (he really just thinks he is) guy like that to be such a dick. I’m still rooting for Andrew, although I wont complain if Emmett wins. Excellent season, big brother canada, keep em coming.

    • i too like this season of big brother , except for the twists and interference by production… also think arissa sucks as a host… the HG’s are ok though (except Gary~he’s kinda weird)

      • i only agree with one thing….

        that arisa suuuuuuucks!! omg, she’s uptight and pretentious and such a b!!tch…don’t like her at all…i’d rather see someone bubbly and patient and doesn’t think she’s hot shit…and i don’t like her hair! ew not tv friendly.

  21. Sorry, but Peter needs serious therapy !!!!!! In the live feeds he said that everyone is looking forward to go back home and for him the Big brother house is Home ?????? and out there for him, it is not home ?????? and when he gets out of the house if someone offers him to get into a house with 14 other people and their is no prize that he would re:enter again right away….so if you think that Peter is ok mentally, he has serious personel problem issues…Happy he’s out, he lies has much as everyone else, and could not accept to see a women win pity for him….didnt get enought love in his life and wish him a more normal life…..

    • Agreed! Peter is a pretentious brat. I get that he prefers being alone and all, but his outlook on life is pathetic. You need to engage yourself with other people to make it in this world. Big Brother is a game. It’s not meant to last forever. Get over it and move on with your life.
      He bashes Jillian and Andrew in the game, yet they won more challenges than him and made better alliances. Winning challenges definitely does mean something Peter. It secures your safety in the game. He’s one stuck up kid who doesn’t know how to get along with others.

  22. Did no one else see that emmett cheated? they said you need to keep all the coloured side facing you and right away he turned one of the blocks over (check out last nights episode at 42:00)

  23. I lost my comments. Stupid computer! I can`t stand Emmett. I think he is a pouting whiny baby! I don`t understand why the rest of the house guests think he`s so great! He cheats too! I would love to see him and is girl friend voted off, All they do is roll around in bed! Boring. At least Peter was amusing and so is Gary.

    • I agree that Emmett has a bit of teeny temper!? Perhaps he keeps forgetting that all of Canada is watching? It’s getting a bit annoying having to be subjected to Jillian/Emmett sucking each others tonsils out every opportunity they get. You’re on TV for crying out loud. You can wait til it’s over? Play the game – work on the relationship when cameras aren’t taping. Sad to see Peter go. I enjoyed his game play.

  24. Ok Peter- don’t hate because he is socially different then the”norm” his casting video he admitted that he was gonna have to fake it to make it so why are people surprised because he managed to make a friend due to a similar strategy? And everyone wants talla out hmmmm she’s flakey but seems to have managed to align herself properly to make it to the end so far … Jill and em? Well their chances of going to the end together just got less likely but they r good at getting a win a comps back n forth … Ahhh Andrew pull ur head outta Jill’s azz and Gary well if he wins veto bye bye Andrew perception of talla by all houseguests is she doesnt deserve to be there well all remaining houseguest should have figured out by now that talla is who they want to be sitting beside and what i find funny is how they all pussy foot around that fact even with their strongest portrayed alliances .

  25. I crying right now Peter is evicted Jillian ugh I hope emmet wins at least and Jillian leaves I’m mad

  26. Is anyone listening or really care, Emmett clearly caught breaking the rules again in the HOH comp, BBCanada needs address this situation asap and disqualify him once more.

  27. I’m actually VERY glad that anyone BUT Gary won this HoH. I think it was absolutely stupid to allow someone else to re-enter the game with only 2 weeks left. I hope that Gary gets evicted once again and is on slop for his entire week back. The fact that this group has carried Talla this far is completely absurd. Any other edition of BB would have tossed all the floaters out WAY before this and made the final 5 weeks much more about gameplay. Can’t say that I’ll watch any successive seasons of Canada BB if there even is any.

  28. Oh Chrispy Cream DONUTS! ARGH! Would u allll plz stop taking thisGAME so seriously??? It’s all about makin money off cable co.s CRTC ratings and annoyingly LONNNG commeriaeerbreaks! Stop fussin’ about something does NOT AFFECT YOUUUR LIFE WHATSOEVER! (UNLESS U ARE A CHRONIC GAMBLER AND ACTUALLY WERE SILLY ENOUGH TO BET ON THE OUTCOME??) SO go back to raising ur babies hating ur bosses and fantasizing about the cute neighbor. Big Brother Canada cannot even compare to “real life” and all the DRAMA we must live with each day! Just sayin’…

  29. have you not watched big brother at all there are always twists and turns. Even the American Big Brother they have allowed people back in by either the house guests picking or America picking. I don’t understand why people watch the show if they believe that it is fixed. Is it so that they have something to bitch about.

  30. Would like to see a crossover with BB Canada and BB USA. Now that would be worth watching if we have to see returning players all the time.

  31. Emmett won again? This is getting SO boring! If Gary hasn’t been voted back in, I’d stop watching Big Beother Canada

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