Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 09 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada - Cheating Scandal - episode 9

Oh yes it was a big episode of Big Brother Canada as the cheating scandal rocked the game and sent all the pieces flying off the board. If you missed last night’s nomination episode then you need to watch it right now to get caught up.

The first twenty minutes of the show happy troupe along with Emmett as the new HoH before that all comes crashing down. Jump ahead in the episode to 20m30s to watch the hammer come down on four HGs caught cheating during Thursday night’s competition. When the scandal breaks what else could Big Brother do but punish those four players and redo the comp, but this time those guilty HGs won’t be participating.

Aw snap.

What do you think of Big Brother’s decision to exact some harsh punishment on the guilty parties? Should HGs be allowed to cheat to win no matter what or are rules the rules which must “bee” (see what I did there?) enforced?

Watch the full episode of Big Brother Canada below and see what happens next in the game. This is nuts!