Big Brother Canada Week 4 Veto Ceremony Anticipation

Tom on Big Brother Canada

Later today the Big Brother Canada Power of Veto Ceremony will be held and the two nominees, Tom & Liza, will be begging for their BB lives. Read on for the spoilers for what we expect to happen.

With the results in from this week’s Veto competition we already know that Alec holds the power to veto one of Gary’s nominations, but we also know that Gary has levied tough threats to Alec should he decide to do that.

We do not expect Alec to use the Veto at today’s ceremony which means Tom & Liza will remain on the block and move on to get ready for Thursday’s nominations.

Right now it seems like Tom will be evicted, but that’s been wavering so it could come down to which HG has been pissing off the most people in the next few days.

Do you think Alec should use his Veto and risk Gary’s wrath or just keep his head down and wait to play another week?