Big Brother Canada Week 4: Nominations Episode 09 Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Big Brother Canada is back tonight with more than just our usual nomination episode. Remember that Thursday HoH competition where Emmett won? Well forget it because that’s all changed.

Thanks to some surprising drama in the house, and outside of the house, Big Brother went back and reviewed the tapes before making a big decision. We’ve heard snippets of what happened, but tonight’s show will reveal more of the story so don’t miss it on Slice at 9PM ET/PT.

There’s been even more going on in the house though. We’ve seen the HGs’ nomination ceremony already unfold and the Power of Veto competition held. Big Brother Canada spoilers are available for both of those if you can’t wait until night: Nomination spoilers & Veto spoilers.

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    • Tom is still not getting what Liza has been up to. He is blind! Everyone else knows but she has Tom blinded by her Liza charm.

      • Might be a case of female “Dan mist” from BB14 USA. There is nothing so entertaining as a good misting. I’m not sure Tom is a clone of “pimple popper MD”(Danielle) but he sure is slow on the uptake. Sad he won’t be around after the eviction ceremony.

  1. After watching tonight’s episode it’s very clear that Tom takes everything to heart. His game moves are purely at a personal level and have nothing to do with making him go farther in the game.
    This guy does not know how to play Big Brother at all.

  2. The over night feeds seem to make it pretty clear Tom is done. He’s talking with Gary about how “sweet” Liza is. Tom simply cannot read people at all. He trashes Emmit and Tells Gary Topaz is a floater and needs to go. Good luck getting Gary to support that. Everyone in the house knows Gary and Topaz are tight!
    Tom definately one of the poorer players ever. As for Gary he could be the second eviction Thursday. But it could be Jillian and Emmit on the block. Emmit goes home in that senario.
    I figure HOH is some sort of Question challenge. Might favour Peter or Alec plus Liza and Jillian. Who gets targeted is very different depending on who is HOH. Jillian may put up any combination of Andrew, Gary or Liza. But my gut tells me they still have a girl pack which Jillian won’t break and Liza eventually will. Liza wins Topaz goes up with either Gary or Alec. Peter clearly has to choose pick a floater or tank in the HOH comp. Peter throws another one. Alex may put up Suzette and AJ or Andrew. But he’ll have a backdoor in mind. No idea who he really would want gone. I believe Emmit or Jillian will be the 2nd eviction if niether wins HOH.

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