Big Brother Canada Week 4 HoH Redo Results

Craziness. After all the chaos of “Pollengate” (tell me if that -gate thing doesn’t convey to Canadian audiences) Slice came out and did the right thing. They said they were listening to their audience and they were going to investigate the situation. Kudos. Major kudos to Slice because after years of sketchy things going on in the BBUS game I can’t recall a competition redo or imagine them admitting something like this.

So now, after the Feeds were down all day and tonight’s After Dark was cancelled we actually have an update. Yes, the Feeds are back, and yes, the situation was addressed. If you want to know what happened then continue on, but if you’d rather avoid these Big Brother Canada spoilers then turn back now and wait for Sunday’s episode.

Gary Levy on Big Brother CanadaAs a result of breaking the rules, Emmett was retroactively disqualified from Thursday night’s HoH competition and ejected from the subsequent redo of the comp where Gary was crowned the new Head of Household.

It sounds like the competition involved estimating the duration of past events in the Big Brother Canada game so far, but we’ll see more of that on Sunday’s episode.

Whether or not it was in the same competition, it appears that Emmett, Jillian, Andrew, & Alec are all Have-Nots this week.

We’re anticipating Gary to go after Jillian and Emmett for this week’s nominations which should soon be announced in the game.

So? What do you think of all this craziness? Did production do the right thing to require a do-over of the competition? Are you happy with the new HoH?

Lots more to come so stay close by and we’ll keep you updated!


  1. I am so impressed! Watching the US version made me jaded as far as them doing anything like this! I am so happy with the decision and it makes me happy to be Canadian

  2. Makes sense…odd though that they didn’t catch it when it was happening “live…” Better late than never, I guess

    • Yah my thoughts too! They saw the girls who were carrying them and called them out on it but why did this happen without then seeing it and why did it take so long. And why were the girls not tossed out of the comp when they got caught. Just doesn’t sit right.

  3. I think they are using him holding the ball in his hand as an excuse to rig the game and shift the power. They could not risk Emmett getting rid of Liza when she is now such a key player in the Peter-Liza-Tom love triangle.

    • Watch the comp over… there’s at LEAST two instances where Emmett had a ball in his had and one of the was the last ball which he BLATANTLY picked up off the ground!? Saw Tala do it at least once too. And this was w/the camera angles that we got to see so there’s no doubt if BB rewatched the comp from their angle there would have been more..

    • Who thinks production likes this HOH problem to create a future misleading question for a competition? A skillfully worded question could be created since Emmett had the HOH room for one night.

  4. this season is definitely down the tubes now, not watchable… the voting is non-verifiable and allows production to use it to further their own agenda (no way was the vote in favor of suzette), the first HOH was rigged by allowing the suzette to be nearest the phone before the rang it… and now to suddenly reverse an HOH winner so late, after the fact is deplorable… then to “estimate” who the want as the winner… disgusting (at the very least, redo the competition with emmett disqualified and the remaining HG’s competeing, it’s not like they don’t have enough free time in the house for a do over… this season is turning out to be even more whacked than the FAKE “coaches” season in the U.S. (the coaches knew in advance they were entering the game, the information is out there if you research it)

    • Where are you getting the information that it was “estimated” who would have won? Quote says “As a result of breaking the rules, Emmett was retroactively disqualified from Thursday night’s HoH competition and ejected from the subsequent redo of the comp where Gary was crowned the new Head of Household.” That says REDO… not ESTIMATE. As far as Suzette goes for winning Canada’s vote …. I would have loved to have seen AJ’s dumb a$$ outta there over Suzette and I hope as soon as she and her small group get the chance they do kick that “red neck a$$hole” outta the house cuz he’s a douche.

    • I will be on to admit I voted for Suzette to stay in the house, and I can tell you I wasn’t the only one. Why? Because Tom is a douche. I can’t stand Suzette either but I just wanted to screw with his plans and put a target on his back.

      • Actually screwing with things is a way to make things go bad. While he would not say it i think Emmett wants to get away from the one sided Tom Emmett alliance. The problem is there are so many side alliances going on now it is beginning to look like a chart I saw for BB14 (US) I prefer to let the people inside deal with the douches. They are in a better place to judge and Gary’s polling the house has given him reason to make a move against Tom and Liza another alliance.

      • I’ll admit to voting the exact same way and for exactly the same reason! It’s not that I can’t stand Suzette (although she drove me bananas with the apologies), but I couldn’t stand Tom from the moment he showed his true homophobe self in his introduction to BBC before he even went into the house. And Suzette was right – he is a redneck! Why anyone could not have sussed him out from the start and why Emmett aligned himself to him (although to be fair, Tom just saw a ‘real he-man in a cowboy hat’ and Tom jumped on Emmett’s wagon and not the other way ’round), is more than I can imagine.

    • They didn’t ‘estimate’ …. who would be the winner of HOH – the NEW competition was one where the guests had to answer questions or ‘estimate’ what has happened in the house so far. I would think that doing the same ‘bee’ thingy over again would be silly (seeing as how many problems arose with it) and doing the props, etc. for another ‘physical’ challenge would be too much for production. Go back and read the statement above: “As a result of breaking the rules, Emmett was retroactively disqualified from Thursday night’s HoH competition and ejected from the subsequent redo of the comp where Gary was crowned the new Head of Household.

      It sounds like the competition involved estimating the duration of past events in the Big Brother Canada game so far, but we’ll see more of that on Sunday’s episode.”

    • I voted suzette as well, actually spent points on it.
      I don’t like her but Tom is worse.

      Also, you research and research. Seriously, did your mother ever tell you reality television 90% of the time is FAKE. You watch it knowing that although somethings will be real, somethings may also be a set up. So don’t complain, this show could be MUCH worse.

    • I 100% disagree with you. In fact, one of my good friends is actually working for BBCAN (which i’m super excited about!) I’ve asked her a lot about it, and I know more about big brother than she does. Things to keep in mind is that this is Big Brother CANADA not AMERICA. There is a HUGE difference for a number of reasons. First of all, Canada doesn’t put the same kind of money into (especially reality) TV as the states does. I was hugely impressed with the budget they got! There isn’t anyone from the US version helping them out with this. This is a HUGE learning curve for reality TV in Canada (HUGE). You can tell with the holes in story telling at the beginning, but you can also tell it’s getting better as it goes. I asked if all the competitions we pre-determined or chosen along the way (instead of directly asking if they’re tailored to certain players) and they already have the competitions laid out. She said they don’t have any interest in doctoring anything-nor do they really have the time to since they’re just trying to keep track of everything themselves. In terms of the voting, check the facebook page-there’s your proof there was no rigging! I put all my points on AJ cause Suzette bores me, but I went to the facebook page to give me an indication of where the fans lie and it makes sense that she was saved in retaliation to Tom being so irriating! AND they even show the percentage on the website!! Don’t be so quick to judge, give BBCAN a chance. They’re doing pretty great for a first season if you ask me!!

  5. Newsflash : Big Brother Canada After Dark has been cancelled for tonight… probably some houseguest as just too pissed off to be allowed to be seen… I’ve noticed that the Emmett and his “bro”mance partner are no where to be seen on the live feeds …. what’s up with that?

  6. I like most of your posts all the time. But I think your dead wrong on Emmit going up. It was on the live feeds tonight we learned Emmit and Gary made a deal on day 1. Emmit is not going on the block. Also the feeds suggest Gary won’t backdoor anyone. So his 2 noms are targets or atleast 1 is. The talk seems to be about Liza going up! Now Tom hadn’t talked to Gary upstairs yet and I’m sure he’ll give Gary ideas like Andrew or even Peter. If Tom’s smart he doesn’t mention Suzette. I think Gary won’t mention Liza as an option but rather surprise Tom with her nomination at the ceremont.
    Gary is really impressing me with his skills at reading people. He’s a serious player. If Liza is the target they better not miss because all h e ll will cut lose if she’s not evicted. I actually think she has been throwing challenges, especially physical ones. She could still win POV as a result.

    • Everything you have said has made a lot of sense to me. Yes Gary is a little over the top but he knows the game and he is a competor and he could go a long way. I really think he needs to go after Liza. She is a player and needs to be taking out. I wish Emmett hadn’t been so stupid and cheated but glad Gary is up. Great feed back. I have been waiting for this.

  7. Last nights feeds indicates Gary’s target is first Tom then Liza. However, he plans to withhold this information about Tom from Emmett.

    Since Emmett got the HOH for one night, It appears that Emmett’s mother may have written something about an agreement between him and Gary early in the game. Seems Gary said Emmett’s mother outed him. From what I have read they may be working together.

    • I am not ‘certain’ but I am ‘quite sure’ that any communication between inside/outside the house would have to NOT include anything involved with the game and, if anyone tried to get anything in there, BBC would put an end to it and the guest just wouldn’t get that letter. Emmett’s own [gay] brother told Emmett NOT to trust ‘the gay guy’. Gary is no fool and, as well as being ‘people savvy’, he’s got what it takes to take physical competitions as well. Tom hasn’t got a clue except to ‘think’ that he has it all. What a putz!! Peter thinks that he is pretty ‘smart’ BUT: Liza is the guest to watch! She’s playing this game to the 9’s!!

    • I agree about Emmitt’s letter from his mom. There is a learning curve here and some things they need to pick up on FAST. I’m really disappointed at Arisa’s comments alluding to certain alliances in the house that, from watching the feeds we know other house guests have picked up on. Even more whatever was said in that letter has clearly altered Emmit’s gameplay. I’m very disappointed but I don’t think it’s in an attempt to change gameplay i think it’s a lack of experience which is unfortunate.

  8. so why is liza not a have not she cheated too as i was told seems awful that u let emmett have hoh then take it away not sure how i feel and if ill continue to watch 🙁

    • We have no information to indicate Emmett became a Have-Not due to the events of the first HoH comp. We just know that he’s now a Have-Not. There could have been another comp or Gary, as the new HoH, could have picked 4 ppl to be HN’s.

  9. Just before the feeds went down, it sounds like Emmett may have unknowingly given Gary the green light to get Tom evicted this week.

    Hopefully this helps Emmett free himself from the black hole that is Tom. (I personally have nothing against Tom, he is playing hard, too hard, and not so good on a social level.)

    Since Evil Dick, I think too many view this as a winner strategy.

  10. I think its great that you BBCanada took the comments into account and redid the competition! Gary won because he is a strong player. Doesnt mean Emmett isnt either. They both need to rid of Tom even get Suzette to help. Suzette was the only one who infact spoke up to h im as she wont let someone like that treat epople that way.He is just negative and a bully and people wont stand up to it! The show mances need to simmer and get more competitive

  11. Finally the production did the proper thing. But really, if it had been anyone but Emmett I wonder if they would have?

  12. Anyone know why the feeds are still down. It’s been hours the nomination ceremony takes just a few minutes

  13. i love emmit but im sooo happy gary one, i know that liza’s probably gonna go up but if he was smart he should put tom up too, like tom put him up like 3 times(three times is just a guess so back off bitches..)

  14. I really love that Gary is up in the suite. He deserves it after the last two weeks. He is also a really serious player, smart, very personable, entertaining and ruthless all at the same time. I will not doubt a career outside of the big brother house for this guy, pending there are no out lashes in the house from him. I think though he underestimates some of these girls in the house, at least from what I can see. But taking on a risk and putting up an alliance (Tom and Liza) that is apparent in the house stirs up the pot. Kudos to Slice for acknowledging the fans reactions and rectifying it. One day, I will be in this house hahahah

  15. Redo should have been done, Emmett totally carried the ball and should have been disqualified. I hope Tom & Jillian end up on the block.

  16. it was good to see BB address the situation. He clearly cheated and then laughed about it later…glad to see he was DQ. I like Emmett but this could not be disregarded….rules are rules and they were asked by Arisa if they understood the challenge and they said yes they did…keep up the good work BB Canada

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