Big Brother Canada Week 4 HoH Redo Results

Craziness. After all the chaos of “Pollengate” (tell me if that -gate thing doesn’t convey to Canadian audiences) Slice came out and did the right thing. They said they were listening to their audience and they were going to investigate the situation. Kudos. Major kudos to Slice because after years of sketchy things going on in the BBUS game I can’t recall a competition redo or imagine them admitting something like this.

So now, after the Feeds were down all day and tonight’s After Dark was cancelled we actually have an update. Yes, the Feeds are back, and yes, the situation was addressed. If you want to know what happened then continue on, but if you’d rather avoid these Big Brother Canada spoilers then turn back now and wait for Sunday’s episode.

Gary Levy on Big Brother CanadaAs a result of breaking the rules, Emmett was retroactively disqualified from Thursday night’s HoH competition and ejected from the subsequent redo of the comp where Gary was crowned the new Head of Household.

It sounds like the competition involved estimating the duration of past events in the Big Brother Canada game so far, but we’ll see more of that on Sunday’s episode.

Whether or not it was in the same competition, it appears that Emmett, Jillian, Andrew, & Alec are all Have-Nots this week.

We’re anticipating Gary to go after Jillian and Emmett for this week’s nominations which should soon be announced in the game.

So? What do you think of all this craziness? Did production do the right thing to require a do-over of the competition? Are you happy with the new HoH?

Lots more to come so stay close by and we’ll keep you updated!