Big Brother Canada Investigating Emmett’s HoH Win For Possible Cheating – Updates

Big Brother Canada - Emmett

Update 2: BBCA has addressed the situation. Get the update and latest news here.

Last night on Big Brother Canada Emmett was crowned the new HoH after winning the “Bee’s Knees” competition, but claims from viewers that Emmett may have cheated during the game.

The issue at hand goes to instructions given to the HGs that they were not allowed to carry any of the game balls in their hands but rather had to tuck them inside holsters for transport back to their respective stations. Twitter viewers lead an outcry that Emmett did not adhere to those rules and the above picture featuring Emmett holding a ball as he runs back certainly supports their concernts.

During the broadcast we did hear Arisa have to remind several HGs (Talla & Jillian) that hands were off-limits, but those reminders appeared to have been ignored.

The Edmonton Journal reports on the situation:

Show host Arisa Cox says the footage is being reviewed to see “if appropriate steps need to be taken.”

She says a verdict would likely come down Friday but that viewers won’t be told until Sunday’s episode on Slice.

“We take this stuff really, really seriously because the game only works if you do take everything seriously,” Cox said Friday of the controversy.

“It’s fun, it’s entertainment but for the people in the house it’s their reality and we have to respect that. So we are reviewing all of the evidence and if appropriate steps need to be taken they will be taken.”

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox replied to one Twitter user that yes, production was reviewing the tapes, though no answer has yet been made official:

The BBCA Live Feeds have been done a lot today with the “Hush, Hush” screen but this may be due to the anticipated Have-Nots competition. Perhaps that comp will be retooled for a make-up HoH comp.

You can watch last night’s episode again here (jump to 51m27s) or scroll down to see it start at that point in the comp and see what you think of the claims. Did Emmett cheat his way to a win or was it fair and square?

Update: BBCA has announced the Feeds will remain down for at least today (and possibly longer) and there will be no After Dark tonight without an explanation of why, but I’d guess it has something to do with all this drama.

There’s so much happening inside the Big Brother Canada house today that the live feeds will be down for the remainder of the day and Big Brother Canada After Dark will not air tonight at 2am ET but will return to its regular timeslot at 2am ET / 11pm PT on March 17. Tune in to this Sunday night’s episode at 9pm ET/PT on Slice to find out what went down.

Do you think Big Brother is correcting the situation or could it be unrelated to these events?


  1. Emmet cheated! I saw it happen but I wondered if I had been seeing things until I saw this post. He should have HOH taken away and the second place person should win.

    • I disagree. The outcome of 2nd place could potentially have changed. While I don’t think a ball or two would have made that big of a difference, the whole contest should be a re-do.

  2. Emmett, Tom, and Alec all bragged and laughed on the live feeds about how alec and emmett cheated. The vids and pics clearly show emmett cheating. Either there should be a re-do, or they should be kicked out and the two ppl previously voted out should get a chance to come.back.

    • Boogaloo Id sure like to see that if you have a clip of them doing this could you please post it for us…. I know it would change who I root for and others as well ….. Thanks in advance

    • What an extreme viewpoint. Do you have any youtube video supporting your comments?

      Sounded like all the players carried balls at one point or another. If Emmett’s HOH gets pulled it will only be because production wants to create drama in the house the way they maneuvered to keep Suzette in the game.

  3. I also wish that when Arisa is announcing who has been voted out etc. she wouldn’t leave such a dramatic pause. I know it’s to create tension but it’s annoying and Julie Chen doesn’t do that for as long!

  4. I thought at first he had cheated, when I did a rewind I saw Emmett had indeed put the balls into his knee pads first before depositing them, it was fast but he put them in there!

      • While it does look like he had it in his hand, the view becomes blocked. Are there any other views? And if this is really a “strict” rule why were only warnings given during the comp? They obviously had a perfect chance to QD players early in the game.

        • They were warned really early on, in hopes that it would squash the problem. Why this is an issue is Emmett continued to break the rule, and should therefore be disqualified.

        • The view only becomes blocked after he continues to run back to his station with it in his hand. It’s the part where he’s running back with it in his hand that’s very clear.

          I can’t justify production’s rules. You’ll have to talk to them on that. But I can clearly see the ball in his hand as he’s running. That’s how I got the picture at the top of the post.

          • Production talks to no one that I know of.

            My point is as Liza pointed out that most players were breaking the rules by not picking up balls that they dropped. she said that also was a rule. I think she may have been the only one who was following the rules. So if only Emmett was QD from the replay, that would be a poor ruling.

      • Yeah, he had his ‘pouches’ stock full and then reached down and grabbed another one and, – plain as day – carried it to the thing-a-ma-jig….then went back only half-way, picked up two more and had enough sense of mind to put those two into the pouch to fill up the thing-a-ma-jig. I dare say that he (as well as the others) made a ‘heat of the moment’ mistake. Is it ‘cheating’ – sure it is. Rules are rules and no one needs to be excluded. There wasn’t much space between the two points of action and things should really have been more spaced out with more viewing room so things like this could be nipped at the bud more easily.

  5. I said when I watched it that Emmett had a ball in his hand! He basically admitted cheating on the live feeds. BB needs to nip that in the bud immediatly. I think there should be a re-do of the HoH competition.

  6. I am loveing BB Canada … I think thus far its just as good and possably better … I sure hope he didnt cheat on purpose but perhaps in the heat of the game ? I trust that BBC will fix the problem if there is one

  7. Sounds like Emmitt should be disqualified but I think many of you are being harsh in saying he “Cheated” as if it was intentional. The game was very busy with a lot of confusion, Didn’t a couple girls need to be reminded of the rule too – Yes. RE-doing the comp would make total sense in this case.

    • Emmett cheated and should be disqualified. If that was Suzette I bet my orchids you’d be crucifying her

      • Nope, I have no prob with Suzette or any other houseguest, I just know that the 2 ladies who were also breaking the rules briefly were not disqualified so it seems the rules were not super strict.

    • Emmett should have been given a warning if there was a problem. Others were, he does not deserve DQ anymore than the other players, obviously most others did the same. Specific warnings were given, why were they not immediately removed? If they were not immediately removed neither should Emmett be DQ’ed over this.

      In sports, there are many missed calls but it is extremely rare that the outcome is changed after the game is called.

      • Jillian and Talla were warned for holding the pollen. The other HouseGuests heard Arisa warn them. Emmett still held the pollen post-warning. Entirely fair.

  8. All of the competitors ‘technically’ cheated at varying points of the competition.
    Given Emmett was so far ahead I think his win should stand.
    If due to ‘outcry’ the producers opt for a redo, the SAME competition should be played stressing the rules for all competitors….

  9. I have no idea whether Emmett cheated or not – I was just feeling all too pleased with Canada voting to keep Suzette in the house and drive that homophobe Tom into epizudics!! 😀

    • From the warnings, we know that most if not all carried a ball at one time or another. The problem is that Emmett won. So he is the target.

      It’s funny that the public voting results are never made public for the US and now the Canada BB. All others seem to give a least the percentages. Why don’t they give total disclosure. The houseguests seem to believe that Suzette might have won the vote because she was on the block longer giving time for more votes her way. I have only seen youtube videos so I don’t even know if this is call in or web based voting.

      • Voting was by way of WWW. “I” believe that Canada saved Suzette because they dislike Tom and his antics. He desperately wanted Suzette out of the house because she had sussed his ‘nasty’ out. He felt in complete & utter control of the house and what better way to make him miserable than to keep his nemesis in the game and show him how little control he really had!! Did you see his face at the announcement? Brilliant!!

        • I totally voted for Suzette to screw Tom over he needed to be taken down a peg mister i’m running the show plzzzzzzzzz Tom u are definately not the brains in the BB house haha.

  10. I think that if farmboy cheated, he should be booted out. And if he was assisted by anyone else, they go too. These kids are an arrogant bunch, I initially was rooting for Emmet but not after watching him on the feeds and the shows…. He is way too cocky. If it was aneal or another unpopular player you can bet that people would want to see them disqualified. If they stay, I hope the punishment is severe like no playing for HOH for 6 weeks or can never play for POV or have it used on them.

    • Extremist, nothing you say will happen. Obviously you have no experience with sports. unintentional cheats happen all the time and once the game is over, rarely will they change the outcome.

      If BBCA changes this outcome it will only be because “THEY CAN” not because they should.

  11. The real issue is that there is a clear majority that wants to stack the jury with people they like. And while there are cracks, we know that as they refer to it they are going with “THE HOUSE” and the house wants Gary and Suzette out.

    It appears that BBCA is trying to throw a wrench in the works.

    • It is not that ‘the house’ wants them out ~ Tom wanted them out and no one was going to go against the homophobe, control freak! Most folks actually did want Aneal out of the house for ‘whatever’ reason. Tom was after Suzette simply because she had only a few minutes to ‘put two people up’ only a short time after coming into the house. Strange how he felt it was okay for him when it came time for his nominations!! I’m afraid that Peter is going to get his comeuppance dilly-dallying around Liza as well! Oh what a tangled web he weaves!!

    • I think BBCA is trying to send them a message to not get so cocky to think they run the game in the house.

  12. I dont think the {cheating} persay, was intentional. the competitions should be thouroughly planned so that theyre not able to cheat, have minor mistakes, injuries nor malfunctions. One of the houseguests had to shake their ball insert in order for the balls to get to the bottom, meanwhile everyone elses worked fine. I knew this competition would of been a distaster from the get go.

  13. Perhaps the best idea is a new challenge. Or, dq all those seen using hands, then the remaking player with more balls deposited at the time of Emmett’s win becomes the winner.

  14. Hi there I am commenting on big brother canada. The spoilers
    say that there is a possibility that Emmett may be stipped of his HOH title due to cheating. First, of all I do not think Emmett intentionally cheated and I feel that what Suzette said to tom at the veto competition was a far more offensive situation. To call Tom a “you got what you wanted you stupid redneck” EXCUSE me…why not call Gary a Fag or any other slur you can think of…WOW I was shocked that big brother would allow such a discriminatory comment to be said with no reprimand. You want to strip Emmett of a title he earned by competing but let Suzette who has won what exactly get away with diplorable behavior. I tell you if you strip Emmett of his HOH title you will be losing a few loyal viewers who are feeling the same way I am.

    I think that Canada needs to step back and realize it was an non intentional act on Emmett’s part and a very INTENTIONAL one on Suzette’s.

    Wipe it clean tit for tat and leave him alone…or else punish Suzette for her intentional behaviour. I am appalled that Big Brother would even consider such a thing.

    • you’re comparing redneck to fag? come on man… it was wrong to say, but redneck isnt a racially driven slur… I’m from Alberta too, and being called a redneck would almost be laughable. So not like being called faggot or worse.

    • Yep, I’m with Gellie. Not the same thing at all. Suzette called a spade, a spade. Redneck is not nearly as offensive as “fag” or any racial slang….and in Tom’s case, I think he was more angry because he knows that it’s true rather than it being truly offensive.

      Signed, an Albertan.

      • The problem was with the word that came before ‘redneck’ which does make it offensive and it was not “stupid”.

        also using the phase “call a spade a spade” is a racial slur. the phrase has nothing to do with cards other than the association of the spade being black.

      • Redneck is just as bad when it comes from someone who is not a red neck them selves. Suzette is clearly native. And I’m sorry her comment was completely uncalled for. While it might not be the same as fag( that is just wrong to even compare the two) but it is comparable to calling her a f*ing native. is that calling a spade a spade? This whole thing is rediculous. Canada should have just left well enough alone and left big brother up to the professionals. it’s stupid to think that this is being blown SO FAR out if proportion that its not even enjoyable to watch …. And regardless of the outcome at this point there are going to be A LOT of pissed off viewers.

    • I associated that just a little with what happened with BBUK over an actress from India, it was highly stupid of people outside of the house to turn that incident into an international incident.

      People who rant about Emmett carrying a ball when he was not suppose it show a little about themselves. There was another rule that was being broken as mentioned by Liza but nothing was done about that. After hearing about this rule, I began to wonder if they were looking for a way to pull something. The rule was something about having to pick up any balls they pulled or knock out or drop they were responsible to pick them up and the other players could not. They must have felt they would be a trip hazard.

      Most intelligent people will see this more as a failure of production for not indicating which rules would DQ players.

  15. This is typical for Canada to have to constantly help out the weak players who just ruin bbc. After this dq once the competition was over bbc isn’t worth watching… Watch the final 2 be Gary and suz haha ye jury house should just vote for production to win

  16. thank-you Big Brother for making the right question do you justify keeping a liar and Cheater on your show?? Emmette should be send home..he should not have a chance to win the BIG Money..

    • come on now they are all liars and cheaters. and if last nights feed is any indication, Gary will be the biggest liar of them all. I hope he get away with it.

  17. I’ve been watching BB for years and the only thing you can count on is that production will always try to manipulate the game : strange unforseen twists, bringing back evicted players, allowing non-players to enter the game partway into the season (coaches), overlooking rules, unevenly enforcing rules, expelling houseguests for violence when no touching actually occurred (Russell Hantz), fake and unverifiable “voting” to change, manipulate the game or save unworthy players (suzette)… i could go on and on about this but i hope you see the pattern… the show is almost unwatchable if you think things are going to be “FAIR” so it’s better to understand what the a real Big Brother state (as in the 1984 book by Huxley) is really like : total control and manipulation… seen in that light the show is OK, just don’t expect it to have any integrity as being “real”… p.s.: viewers are just stupid cattle to BB production, they think we’ve all swallowed the kool-aid.

    • As part of the social experiment, intelligent viewers expect the manipulation. However, I always wonder if the production understands that these viewer have learned something about them.

      Has production learned that the voting audience can be a fickle thing? If the vote has low turn out, there use of it would also be fickle. (well, i guess they could never really admit this.) Unless I miss heard, only “thousands” and “thousands” voted. That tells me that the actual turn out was extremely low, likely only those who have association with the HGs.

  18. I used to love BB, now I hate BB, I hate Gary, I hate Suzette, I hate Arisa. i hope they all f*ck *ff and are never seen again on TV

  19. Spoiler Alert if you are not watching the feeds.

    What did Emmett’s mother write that makes Gary now want to work with him. I didn’t think they let things like that in. Anyone get any details?

    If Gary gets his way, he will free Emmett from the burden of Tom. Emmett may not see this as good but I think he will be better off without Tom.

  20. Anyone using the adobe air feeds? There seems to be only one running at a time. Although it has been staying with the action for the most part.

  21. One thing I do not get why Emmitt cannot participate in the redo of HOH competition. How does BB 100% confident to say other houseguests did not cheat so that they are allowed to participate in the redo of HOH competition? It is not fair to Emmitt. If Emmitt goes home this week, then I do not know what should I think about the production. Even he cheated one ball or two balls, Emmitt was still ahead of other houseguests. In addition, we should not redo the same competition because some houseguests have learned the treat and it is not fair. In any sport game, the player should get a warning before they got punished when other players was not cheating and playing fair. But this is not the case here. I do not even know why BB put the claim on Emmitt and not on other houseguests, and especially on BB’s production failure. The bottom line is “Is it fair to Emmitt when a bunch of house guests was cheating?”

  22. If Emmet didn’t use the ball carried over to win the hog I think he should stay and the game go on as mentioned in other comments other players where warned Emmet did not receive any warning and if he did brag about cheating then let him go bring in one of the evicted house guests cheating gets no one anywhere. BBC will surely figure this out and come up with a solution most Canadians will approve as well as house guests. Good luck enjoy the game play fair.

  23. interesting that people even want a eviction over this. I wonder how they feel about the “camera gate” No eviction came from this despite the rules. Did they ever get identified? Just reviewed the after dark, and Peter was acting oddly after the announcement. The camera feed even followed him over showing the conversation. I like Peter in the game, but just saying production cherry picks went or if rules will be applied regardless of any public out cry.

  24. the game would be much better if production stopped interfering in the game, it’s just absolutely NOT FAIR to make a referee call on an issue in a game so long after the game was over… this never, ever happens in real sports / games in the real world… if the judges or referee’s miss a call or make a bad call, they don’t and cannot go back later and change the outcome of the game, so why on earth would BB production think that they can do it…. either leave the outcome the same as millions of viewers have seen it or maybe they should just cancel the rest of the season and start over next year (that makes about as much sense)

  25. Emmett cheated he clearly has a ball in his hand. On another note, Toms a knob.. Gary is the new head of household, they must have cut Emmett short. Looks like the Goof troop quattro is going to shit, I hope they get picked off starting with that Pompous Idiot Tom Plant. If you like that guy watch the live feeds, Im sure your opinion will change quickly. Send Emmett home or punish the ever living sh*t out of him. Slop for the rest of the show for him, Put him in a Cheater Unitard for a week and give a week long punishment to the house to discourage further cheating.

  26. Looks like the Goof troop quattro is going to shit, I hope they get picked off starting with that Pompous Idiot Tom Plant. If you like that guy watch the live feeds, Im sure your opinion will change quickly. Send Emmett home or punish the ever living doodoo out of him. Slop for the rest of the show for him, Put him in a Cheater Unitard and give a week long punishment to the house to discourage further cheating.

  27. Put Emmett in a Unitard with Cheater! in big letters all over it, andive him only slop for the rest of the show Punish the house for a week as well

  28. Put him in a Cheater Unitard and give a week long punishment to the house to discourage further cheating.

  29. Put him in a Cheater Unitard and give a week long punishment to the house to discourage further cheating.

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