Big Brother Canada Investigating Emmett’s HoH Win For Possible Cheating – Updates

Big Brother Canada - Emmett

Update 2: BBCA has addressed the situation. Get the update and latest news here.

Last night on Big Brother Canada Emmett was crowned the new HoH after winning the “Bee’s Knees” competition, but claims from viewers that Emmett may have cheated during the game.

The issue at hand goes to instructions given to the HGs that they were not allowed to carry any of the game balls in their hands but rather had to tuck them inside holsters for transport back to their respective stations. Twitter viewers lead an outcry that Emmett did not adhere to those rules and the above picture featuring Emmett holding a ball as he runs back certainly supports their concernts.

During the broadcast we did hear Arisa have to remind several HGs (Talla & Jillian) that hands were off-limits, but those reminders appeared to have been ignored.

The Edmonton Journal reports on the situation:

Show host Arisa Cox says the footage is being reviewed to see “if appropriate steps need to be taken.”

She says a verdict would likely come down Friday but that viewers won’t be told until Sunday’s episode on Slice.

“We take this stuff really, really seriously because the game only works if you do take everything seriously,” Cox said Friday of the controversy.

“It’s fun, it’s entertainment but for the people in the house it’s their reality and we have to respect that. So we are reviewing all of the evidence and if appropriate steps need to be taken they will be taken.”

Big Brother Canada host Arisa Cox replied to one Twitter user that yes, production was reviewing the tapes, though no answer has yet been made official:

The BBCA Live Feeds have been done a lot today with the “Hush, Hush” screen but this may be due to the anticipated Have-Nots competition. Perhaps that comp will be retooled for a make-up HoH comp.

You can watch last night’s episode again here (jump to 51m27s) or scroll down to see it start at that point in the comp and see what you think of the claims. Did Emmett cheat his way to a win or was it fair and square?

Update: BBCA has announced the Feeds will remain down for at least today (and possibly longer) and there will be no After Dark tonight without an explanation of why, but I’d guess it has something to do with all this drama.

There’s so much happening inside the Big Brother Canada house today that the live feeds will be down for the remainder of the day and Big Brother Canada After Dark will not air tonight at 2am ET but will return to its regular timeslot at 2am ET / 11pm PT on March 17. Tune in to this Sunday night’s episode at 9pm ET/PT on Slice to find out what went down.

Do you think Big Brother is correcting the situation or could it be unrelated to these events?