Big Brother Canada: Week 3 Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada

There is a LOT going on tonight on Big Brother Canada as we’re about to find out what’s going on with this “Power Shift” twist, which HGs become the final noms, who gets evicted, and which HG becomes the next Head of Household.

I’ll be live blogging all the results as they happen during tonight’s show. Before we get to any of the fun stuff we’re treated to the flashbacks of Suzette’s meltdown, Tom & Gary’s deal, and Tom’s eventual PoV win before using it and changing up his noms. Come on, Big Brother, let’s get to the good stuff already!

In the build up to tonight’s “live” content we’re seeing a lot of Tom targeting Andrew for elimination. Why? Well, um, because, um, because Tom wants him gone. The other guys aren’t thrilled, but they aren’t HoH this week and given this crazy twist Tom just might get his chance to make that happen. Great. We’re going to keep AJ and lose Andrew, arent’ we? Well done, Big Brother Canada production.

Finally the host is revealing to the HGs the details of “Power Shift” and immediately goes to the results of who will be saved by Canada.

Arisa reveals that Canada has decided to save… Suzette.

Tom is instructed that he’ll have just a few minutes to name a renom and Gary isn’t an available option since he was previously veto’d earlier in the week. So while we wait, he’s gonna nominate Andrew, right?

Tom is put on the spot to make a renom and he announces it will be… NOT Andrew, but instead Aneal is put on the block. Wow, that was a surprise! Now either AJ or Aneal will be evicted.

  • Andrew: votes to evict Aneal
  • Topaz: votes to evict Aneal
  • Emmett: votes to evict Aneal
  • Talla: votes to evict Aneal
  • Gary: votes to evict Aneal
  • Jillian: votes to evict AJ
  • Alec: votes to evict Aneal
  • It’s official. Aneal has been evicted with that vote.
  • Liza: votes to evict AJ
  • Peter: votes to evict Aneal
  • Suzette: votes to evict Aneal

By a vote of 8-2, Aneal has been evicted from the Big Brother Canada house.

It’s time for us to find out who will be the next Head of Household! Tonight’s competition is called “The Bee’s Knees” and requires the HGs to run around in giant bee costumes and pick up balls that are supposed to represent pollen. The first to reach a certain threshold will become the next HoH. It all looks pretty silly, of course.

And we have a winner! Emmett finishes the challenge first which makes him the new HoH. Congrats to Emmett.

One more little nugget, next week will introduce the first double eviction of the season.

What do you think of tonight’s crazy episode? Did the right HG get evicted? What about the new HoH? This should make for a fun week on Big Brother Canada Live Feeds.