Big Brother Canada: Week 3 Eviction Show Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

We’re getting ready for the latest eviction of the Big Brother Canada season when the “live” show reveals who will be voted out by the other HGs.

Earlier in the week we were fully expecting a Suzette eviction, but now with this whole “Power Shift” twist that let viewers vote to save either Suzette or AJ we’re thinking that whole plan has been sunk.

As for what’s going to happen is anyone’s guess. The HGs will suddenly be faced with a whole new decisions and if we’ve learned something from Big Brother in the past it’s that rapid fire decisions are not always the wisest ones made by HGs.

Check back in here tonight as we live recap the Big Brother Canada results for what happens with the twist, who gets evicted, and who becomes the next Head of Household! It all airs tonight on Slice at 9PM ET/PT.


  1. this whole power twist thing is starting to feel like the “rigged” polls used in the U.S. version of BB, they don’t friggin care what the real results will be, they will save suzette anyway even though i’m sure the vote will be like 90% in favor of saving AJ… what a joke… shame on you BB production for this bullshit.

    • They should have left well enough alone, it is way too soon in the game to be manipulating it like this (if ever) and damn well Watch when these comps take place because Emmett clearly cheated, I also agree with another poster, why were they allowed to speak to each other in the hallway on the way to the diary room? Clean up your act production, viewers are getting fed up

  2. everyone who voted for suzette to be pulled off is fucking stupid. She is a fucking floater you morons. She doesn’t deserve to be there.

  3. Why are they allowed to speak to one another in the hallway before voting?? That’s not right! Shame on you BB for letting that happen. Aneil should have been the one to stay and if they weren’t allowed to speak to one another in the hallway clearly the results could have been different. This piece of the game needs to change! Get a different VETO necklace, Canada’s looks cheap and ugly!

    • Julie Chen doesn’t give a damn about this production. The BBC producer should be fired because of tonight’s power shift. It’s way too early to do this kind of thing and it’s rigged so shamelessly and obviously!

  4. There was no vote. I have been on the official website since the start and have voted in everything. There was never a vote asked of who to save this week.It is a total fabrication and because she is the only aboriginal on the show that is why she was saved. Shame on BBC you guys stink.

  5. The hostess is delaying giving the results way too much. Totally ridiculous. Shorten the time for the suspense. We are fed up.

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