Big Brother Canada Twist: Power Shift Delivers Second Veto

Big Brother Canada Power Shift Twist

We knew something was coming, but we didn’t know it’d be this. Last night on Big Brother Canada a new twist was introduced to Week 3 in the house and it could disrupt everything.

“Power Shift” is the twist and it allows viewers to vote to save one of the two nominees, Suzette and AJ, from eviction during Thursday’s results show. As a nice change of pace the voting, done here on Slice’s website, is not restricted to Canada, so feel free to vote away, viewers from the US and beyond.

What we understand will happen is that the winner of this public voting will be removed from the block as part of the Power Shift twist and Tom, the current HoH, will be forced to name a new nominee. No word on if he’ll be able to re-renom Gary who escaped danger during this week’s Veto Ceremony by Tom’s own choosing.

Who is more popular with the public? Suzette or AJ? I can’t imagine either are chart toppers, but obviously one is going to be able to edge out the other and come down off the block.

This twist makes tonight’s Big Brother Canada eviction very tricky to predict since there are a lot of potential combinations depending on who comes down and then who Tom names as the renom.

Who are you voting to save from eviction? Suzette or AJ? Who do you hope Tom puts up as a replacement nominee during tonight’s show?