Tonight On Big Brother Canada: Finale Week Special Eviction Episode

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the finale week special eviction episode arrives and with it brings the elimination of one of the final four HouseGuests. Soon we’ll have our final three and they’ll move on to the biggest round of competitions all season.

Big Brother Canada 2 Final Four
Big Brother Canada 2 Final Four – Source: Slice

The show kicks off tonight on Slice at 9PM and picks up where Sunday’s episode left off. Sabrina is in charge of nominations, but her power ends there and it’s driving her nuts to not have any groveling at her feet. Instead the other HGs are waiting for the Power of Veto to play out.

Whoever wins the PoV this week controls the Big Brother nominations and, if not the HoH, casts the sole eviction vote. Of course we already know who won the PoV over the weekend and what is going to happen with it, but tonight’s show will confirm all of that.

Hopefully we’ll also get a starting view of the final three-part Head of Household competition, otherwise tonight’s show will offer us little new information. All the same, this close to the finale, you will not want to miss tonight’s Big Brother Canada!