Big Brother Canada 2: Week 10 Veto Plans

The Big Brother Canada Feeds may be down for the rest of the season, but that doesn’t stop the game inside the house or our desire to discuss what is going on in there. In the normal routine the Power of Veto Ceremony would be held this morning, but that schedule could be all mixed around as the season races to its finale on Thursday.

Neda and Jon on Big Brother Canada
Neda and Jon on Big Brother Canada – Source: Slice

The winner of this week’s Veto will have the decision to set the final nominations of the season and then cast the sole vote sending the second to the last Jury member off and out of the game. Here’s what’s expected to happen at that meeting.

Jon clinched a major win in this week’s Veto comp and it secured his safety in to the F3. I think he was in serious danger of being voted out had he not pulled off that victory, but maybe his chances with the girls were better than I’m thinking.

All the same the power is in his hands and here’s what he’ll do. Jon will definitely use the Veto to take himself off the block which forces Sabrina to name the only option as the renom: Neda.

With Neda and Heather now on the block Jon will get to decide which of them goes to Jury and who gets a seat in the Big Brother Canada 2 F3 against him and Sabrina.

Jon’s unwavering loyalty to Neda will net her safety in that vote. Heather will be evicted in 4th place and head out of the Jury.

It’s hard to decide if this is a bad choice for Jon. Neda has played a quiet, but powerful game while Heather has beat the odds early on to win when she needed, make new alliances, and outlast most of her opposition.

Who do you think Jon would have a better chance against at the end if Sabrina were the next to go during the F3? Heather or Neda?

Big Brother Canada will be back on Wednesday night for the special eviction show which will hopefully include a look at the start of the final Head of Household competition. I can’t wait to see how this awesome season wraps up!


  1. Yeah and that’s what makes Jon even more of a idiot!! He’s technically been floating all the way him and Neda have both been. One of Neda’s HOH’s was given to her. And they have both been riding the coattails of not only each other,but everyone else’s as we’ll. yeah he’s won some,but doesn’t mean he’s smart or deserves to win big brother!! Regardless of what happens he still will not win. Nobody not even Canada will vote to have Jon win.

    • I completely disagree with you. You don’t get to this point riding everyone else’s coattails, especially when everyone else is gone. If that were true, they would have ridden those tails right out the door with them. Neda is one smart cookie and she has displayed that since the beginning of this game. Jon was fortunate enough to hook up with her from the beginning. I don’t think he would have gone as far without her.

    • Wrong. You see, when you say Jon and Neda were riding on each others coattails, you fail to realize that they’re doing that on purpose. Why? Because one of them can win HOH consecutively week after week and ensure themselves safety. Instead, they teamed up as a duo, and made sure to win as many HOH’s as possible and guarantee mutual safety. And when neither of them won, they tried hard to be safe with whoever the HOH was that week. If you think Jon has been floating after all his wins in various competitions, and if you think Neda is a floater even after HER wins and her extremely amazing social game play, then clearly you’re not watching the show, and haven’t seen Sabrina, Adel, and Heather play.

  2. I suppose we will have to choose between 3 HGs when we vote since voting will be over before we find out F2. I guess that’s the only way they can do it since there are only minutes to spare between the HOH choosing who to take and jury questions. This is exactly why i dislike fans getting a say in things. If you spent a lot of time on the “Slice” website accumulating points so your vote would count more, you may be disappointed if the person you chose doesn’t make it to F2. Our vote may not count anyway since it’s possible the jury will determine the winner long before we get to see who Canada chose. The only way we would count is if there were a tie breaker. Totally dislike this concept.

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