Big Brother Canada 2: Canada’s Jury Vote Starts Tonight

The Big Brother Canada 2 season finale is just a day away and that means there won’t be much time for viewers to get their votes in. Starting tonight just after the penultimate episode wraps up the voting will open as viewers cast their votes for who should get the 7th jury vote.

Big Brother Canada 2 voting block
Big Brother Canada 2 winner voting – Source: Slice

In another move to further incorporate the viewing public in to the show this season, Big Brother Canada is letting viewers decide who should get the 7th, and perhaps deciding, vote. Whoever racks up the most votes from fans on the official site will be one step closer to the big prize.

To help gauge which way this 7th vote could tilt we’ve put up our own unofficial poll. Trouble here (and well there too) is that unless Big Brother Canada narrows it down to a F2 tonight viewers will vote across three potential recipients even though only two will get to the end.

So say Jon gets the most votes from Canada, as he’s currently doing in our poll, but Neda cuts him then the 7th vote will be awarded to the second place vote-earner. It makes sense, but still feels kinda odd. Either way, I think it’s highly unlikely that Sabrina will be getting her hands on that 7th vote. That’ll be up for grabs between Neda or Jon.

Vote in our poll below for which of the projected Final 3 should earn the 7th vote. Of course if our F3 expectations are somehow wrong then we’ll have to break out a whole new poll and start over!

Get more details on how to vote and how to increase the value of your votes at the Slice website.

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  1. I adore Jon but in my opinion it’s sad to see so many people wanting to vote for him. He played a great game but he wouldn’t have gone as far as he did without Neda. She was the strategic mind behind every one of Jon’s decisions! She apparently has all the blood on her hands though and I don’t think she’ll win (even though she deserves to) against Jon (who also deserves to, a bit less than Neds, in my opinion) and (unfortunately) Sabrina as well.

  2. No Jon might of been behind Neda when it came to cutting people but she was wrong no matter what Jon stayed true to His word and kept Neda when all the long she was secretly trying to get rid of him.

  3. Loved BBCA! great cast….awesome show why did they have that crass US houseguest on?.Hoping the BBUS is half as good as BBCA…Thanks for a great season Canad! Go Jon….he will see what a back stabber Neda is…one can only trust oneself and sometimes that is not good either..*S*

  4. GO Jon…Loved the BBCA….Why tho did you have that crass BBUS winner on….Hope the new BBUS season is half as good as this BBCA season..Great show..awesome cast…BBUS production staff….please note how well a production of Big Brother can run without racists, homophobies and simply trash I have watched BBAU, BBCA…and of course BBUS.Congrats to BBAU being the best season ever last year…………BBCA awesome season this year..BBUS you are the bottom of the barrell..smelly…trashy and crass..Hope this year is better…..

    • This article discusses nothing about Sabrina’s chances at winning final HoH, but if you’d like to discuss that then yes, I’d say she has a low chance of winning that. Sabrina has won one challenge all season. She’d need to win two consecutive comps right now to win the final HoH. The odds aren’t in her favor.

  5. I believe that Jon should win because he is the only man left and I think that a male should win this season.

  6. I wanted Heather to win so badly, she had to go through so much on the show to get to where she was, she is so likeable and a sweetheart, so sorry to see her voted off.

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