Big Brother Canada 2: Looking Ahead To Final Three & Vote For The Winner [POLL]

Big Brother Canada 2 Jury HGs
Big Brother Canada 2 Jury HGs – Source: Slice

This week is the end of Big Brother Canada 2 and viewers will soon have their chance to influence the game as the 7th Jury Vote. So how could this all turn out? Let’s discuss plus take a vote in our poll for which expected final three HGs you’d like to see win it all.

Heather is going to be evicted on Wednesday night when Jon casts the sole vote, so sorry Heather, but I’m kicking you out of the running here. That sends her off to become a Jury member though so she’s not entirely done with the game just yet.

Jon, Neda, and Sabrina will face off to get to the Big Brother F2. Sabrina shocked everyone with her F4 HoH win last week and it’s entirely possible that she could win again, but she’ll have to succeed in two straight comps to make that happen and I’m really doubtful of her abilities to make lightning strike twice in the same spot.

If Jon wins the final HOH then he’ll evict Sabrina and take Neda. Now if Neda wins I’m not so sure she’ll be so generous to Jon. Though would the Jury respect her for taking Sabrina to the end?

Sabrina has claimed that she’ll vote against whoever evicts her, though she said it wasn’t a bitter move. Uh huh. That would make her a toss up in either direction depending on how the show plays out on Wednesday’s Big Brother Canada.

I think Arlie would lean toward Jon over Neda, but I’m torn on how else this could play out. Would Allison be bitter at Neda for ousting her in that Instant Eviction move? For Rachelle, Jon did do a good job of staying friendly and courteous to the Gremlins when they were a dying breed.

It’d be a tough call from the Jury House. Both have played great games while Jon’s was more out in front and Neda hid in the shadows for most the time controlling things through others. Jon has personally entertained me more, but Neda made a lot of smart moves. I’d have a hard time casting a vote between them.

What do you think? Vote in our poll below for how you’d cast a final vote. I’ve included Jon, Neda, and Sabrina, but left out Heather since I expect her to go just one step shy of the finale.