Big Brother Canada Week 9 Veto Ceremony Later Today

Gary and Emmett on Big Brother Canada

Later today in the Big Brother Canada house the Veto Ceremony will be held and we’re ready to tell you what to expect when that takes place. Read on for the spoilers.

The Veto competition was held on Saturday when returning evicted HG Gary won the PoV. As one of this week’s nominees we should definitely expect Gary to use the Veto and force a renom.

Conversations were held with Gary in hopes of convincing him to not use the Veto and keep himself in the spotlight by being on the block. Nice move trying to play to his stated desired for attention, but I think we all know that won’t work.

When Gary comes down off the block he’ll have to be replaced and that leaves Emmett, the HoH, with just two options: Talla or Jillian. If you’re not sure who he’ll pick then this may be your first time watching the inaugural season of Big Brother Canada.

Talla will go up as a renom and sit next to Andrew. One of these two will be evicted on Thursday. Jillian wants Talla gone to eliminate her endurance competition threat while Emmett was Andrew out for his ability to win comps.

Who do you think will be evicted on Thursday night?