Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 24 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada - episode 24

It was nominations night on Big Brother Canada along with the cliffhanger conclusion from Thursday’s Head of Household competition. If you missed the show then you’re in luck because we’ve got it right here for you to watch.

Big Brother Canada Episode 24:

Are you happy with Emmett’s nominations? There’s plenty more drama ahead with the Veto competition on Wednesday’s broadcast. If you can’t wait to see what happens then check out our Big Brother Canada spoilers for all the latest results.

Don’t miss the visitor from Big Brother US when he arrives in the house. The visit was a lot of fun to watch on the Feeds so you won’t want to miss it play out in the next show.

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  1. Emmett’s making good decisions for his game, but Andrew may be taking the reason for being on the block too personal and it may cost Andrew in the end.

    Andrew should have agreed with Emmett and say “good move” but his response may be the end of the NS alliance.

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