Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Canada

Here are your spoilers for the Big Brother Canada Veto ceremony this week. Earlier we discussed what could be expected from this meeting and decision making so these results should not come as any surprise.

If you want to keep it a surprise then dodge this whole conversation and avert your eyes until Wednesday’s broadcast. Otherwise, read on for the spoilers.

Gary, the winner of this week’s Veto competition, wisely decided to save himself and used the Veto. Emmett, the current HoH, had to choose between Talla and Jillian as the replacement nominee. Tough choice, I know.

Talla is now on the block sitting opposite Andrew. One of them will go home on Thursday night. We’ll have to keep watching the house and see which way this goes.

There are just two votes again this week which means Emmett would have to break any ties. Lots of angles to play for the potential evictees. Let’s see who can it work better.

Who do you think will be going home on Thursday night?


  1. it seems to annoy the residents at the thought of any of the evicted returning to the house. Bring all them back into the house to square off in a “Rock , paper , scissors game ; to determine who stays. or have them ALL see who has to volunteer to go on the block , but two MUST volunteer. With no challenge to get off. the winner guaranteed to be in the top three the loser would be evicted . but also able to choose any other player to also be evicted with them self/ Or let the evicted return to the house if they agree to: slop for the duration , 50% of the winnings to cancer research , & have to continue the game in the eviction house after it ends for an additional four weeks on you tube . The exact game competitions so all can see if they would have played it differently or not.

    • You are so right BB Canada should have not put Gary back in the house this late in the game.Not fair that Gary is telling Emmit liys about the other voting for Andew.If he wasing in the other house so long Emmit would not listing.So this is BB Canada did all this NOT FAIR NOT FAIR

      • Yeah I agree not only did he get brought back into the house he knows all the jury information and everyone believing what he says because of that.

      • Deb I agree with you here I feel that Garry has the upper hand here with this extra info. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth this feels like the televising of Topaz’s hoh room even tough the hoh room is supposed to be “private” and “confidential” you know what I think you’re right BBC production is definitely trying to manipulate the show. Come to think of it I’ve also seen on production manipulation in the American version. Maybe that is part of the game, another element “production manipulation”

  2. Garry should not be there BB what where you thinking, fans of BB doesnt find your Twist good or amusing. Because of your twist only for ratings wich you didnt need, Talla and Andrew are on the bloq so we hope to see TALLA LEAVE, and not Garry that is playing hard to stay in the game…Talla plays stupid, Love it, Busy, failed and that all she is..You should have left the players finish the season in beauty, no you had to screw it up for the finally…..Talla should leave, than Garry and after Andrew out of respect for the game…

  3. I screwed up in my message posted below I hope to see TALLA LEAVE and not ANDREW that is playing hard to stay in the game all the time, didnt mean Garry but Andrew!!! Garry should be in the jury house kick him out with an other Twist….

  4. BBCanada production needs to find a quick solution to fix their mess of Gary’s re-entry to the game. This game so predictable and boring. There should be some caveat to Gary’s late game addition to make It fair to the other four who lasted this long, Pandora’s box or something simular giving legitimacy and fair chance comps to all remaining competitors of the game. Didn’t Gary break the rules by constantly falling asleep In his POV challenges with other Indiscretions to be determined as of yet, Is that considered success when you reak the set forth rules of the game ?

    • the only fix now is for another twist (which i hate) to allow the next evictee a chance again to stay (andrew or talla, probably andrew)

    • I agree EIA he feel asleep multiple times and should of been disqualified from the POV. This is the Emmitt and Jillian show and Talla is useless. I don’t won’t Andrew to go. There is no competition in the house for E and J if Andrew is gone. Canada should get the vote to evict this week!!!

    • bb will not address this he def broke the rules that is why they did not show him sleeping on tonights show…they only adress these things when it pertains to emmett…really hate the way they are giving special treatment to 1 person really not fair to the others

  5. these people are awful players, he should have taken anderw off forcing jillan up get her out break the up, emmit would not be able to play next week and talla is useless, AWFUL AWFUL game move, all this is, is the emmit jillian show, and it is boring and ANNOYING.

    • Lol k how would that benefit Gary? Not using the veto on yourself when you won is the worse possible move you could make. Remember Marcellous season 3! And that would involve Gary entire game dependent upon Andrew the one guy who already got Gary and and is still pissed that he is in the house again. Also, Gary wants Jill in final two actually everyone does because she has bad relationships with just about the entire jury! I think Andrew is the biggest threat to everyone left in the house to pull an upset with the jury voting for him to win. Especially in Gary case he can probably only win or at least have a shot against Talla or Jill.

      • Also, that would accomplish nothing he would just put up Talla if he would use veto on Andrew! Hahahah they needed Talla to win for Jill to be only renom

  6. I don’t understand how people comment on the site and say big brother is predictable. Ahhhh your on the spoiler site!!! What do you expect! Lol and this game has been far from I’m predictable and I’m sure the only thing that is right now is Jill and Emmet are taking each other to final 2. But Gary or Talla have no idea.

  7. Think of the senario if gary wasnt in the game. 50% chance of andrew or talla winning the veto, and then they would have no choice but to put jillian on the block. Production screwed up if they thought gary was going to do that……

  8. emmett gary or andrew would be wise to get jiilian out and take useless nutjob wacky and tacky talla to the end she could not win against anymore say the big brother moose

  9. they really need to vote andrew out noone in the jury will vote for jillian up against andrew , jurors will not respect Emmett’s cheating and lil baby breakdowns at the end with Jillian or gary ( they will win – gary has alot of votes in the jury , and bc of Jillian’s lies and Emmett’s betrayal gary just might win it ) , gary does deserve to be back because canada voted , theres a lot more twists in the canadian version which has made it much more fun to watch than our American version ( which has become rather stale ) , only aj would vote for andrew if it were between gary and him , im super excited to see how this one plays out , glad dan is going to be there thursday

  10. People, People, People it does not matter that Garry is back in the game… Let’s just say he didn’t come back in the game, so Emmett would have on HOH he would have put Talla and Andrew on the block. To protect Jillian both Emmett and Jillian would have fought like dawgs to keep the nominations the same and POOF! Andrew would have been sent home anyway so what is the big deal? Garry is back in full effect deal with it. I think the show is great! and I want to see more twists and anxiety inflicted on the players they’ve had it too easy when it comes to the stress load.

    • But Andrew would have won veto and Emmett would have to put Jullian up and Talla wood go home.Now that Gary is back Andrew will be leaving and that’s not fair he put Gary out .If BB Canada need to being someone back it should have being befor anyone what in to the jury house.BB CANADA IS CHEATING

      • Hmmm i don’t agree that BBC is cheating the motto of the game is expect the unexpected lol (or is that survivor??) it seems as though you’re assuming that only Gary and Andrew were the only participants in the veto comp? I assumed that the veto was played by all of the house guests??? And not just the two house guess up on the block 😉 if I assume that the competition was only involving the members on the block and no one else then I do agree with you but IF the veto comp had all house guests competing then I hate to break it to ya but there is nooooo way Jillian and Emmett would allow anyone else to win the veto and that would mean Andrew would be going bye bye. Bottom line Andrew would have been heading home this week. What do you think?

    • I like your thinking, I just hope Gary don’t make his way to the end like that! Although whomever he might be F2 with would probably get more votes but you just never know in this game!

    • But it DOES matter that Gary is back. Remember who won that veto? Now if he wasn’t back and Talla and Andrew had played for the veto, how can you assume that Andrew would not have won the veto forced Jillian on the block. That is a much different game than the one we have now, with the power couple being split. The scrambling in the house would have been fabulous to watch. If it happened that way, but it’s all what ifs now. I think we are all dealing with Gary being back and a lot of us really like him. We just don’t like how it shifts the game from one of real strategy to kind of a crap shoot.

      • Hmmm ok good point I assumed that the veto was played by all of the house guests??? And not just the two house guess up on the block 😉 if I assume that the competition was only involving the members on the block and no one else then I do agree with you but IF the veto comp had all house guests competing then I hate to break it to ya but there is nooooo way Jillian and Emmett would allow that to take place? There fore keeping the noms the same. What do you think?

      • Woops I would like to amend my post please see me re-repply lol: Hmmm i don’t agree that BBC is cheating the motto of the game is expect the unexpected lol (or is that survivor??) it seems as though you’re assuming that only Gary and Andrew were the only participants in the veto comp? I assumed that the veto was played by all of the house guests??? And not just the two house guess up on the block 😉 if I assume that the competition was only involving the members on the block and no one else then I do agree with you but IF the veto comp had all house guests competing then I hate to break it to ya but there is nooooo way Jillian and Emmett would allow anyone else to win the veto and that would mean Andrew would be going bye bye. Bottom line Andrew would have been heading home this week. What do you think?

  11. Is anyone else feeling like watching Big Brother Canada has become like watching paint dry? I think it’s partly because we have the spoilers so early (for which I am NOT complaining), that by the time the episode airs, it just feels like old news. But because many of us have been waiting for what seems like weeks for the Jillian/Emmet crack to happen and it just keeps dragging out. I wonder if BBC production actually believes audiences are enjoying watching this “love story”?

  12. I also wonder, on a completely different note, if the person
    responsible for counting the broadcast weeks vs people in the game completely f’ed up and realized too late in the
    game that they had too many double evictions and were left with not
    enough people in the house. Seriously, I wonder if this is what precipitated bringing Gary back so late in the game.

    • There is no rules for the BB game so bringing anyone back is the game . If no one came back in the house I believe that most Likly Emmit would have won the veto.

  13. Putting Gary back in the house is an Amazing twist. The last 3 weeks have been so predictable with the East Coast Alliance kicking out Alec,Topaz and Peter. Andrew and Talla should have been gunning to split up the showmance way sooner and possibly striking up a final 3 deal instead of a final 4. Gary is just the guy to win HOH next week and split up the Showmance.

  14. Can’t understand all the whining about Gary being back in the house. BB made a decision – they have the right to – and Gary won the vote. Get over it instead of whining. He did the smartest thing he could do by taking himself off the block. Now I hope Andrew gets the boot – he’s a mean-spirited person whose favourite past-time is sulking. Talla? She may be around after this week but she’ll be out before the final two: she deserves nothing. And you can bet Emmett will give Jillian before giving up a good shot at the $500,000!

  15. BB Canada is such a bloody joke, I don’t think Talla belongs there at all, but neither does Gary this late in the game. Complete bullshit. Not that the people at Big Brother Canada even care what real fans of the game think, because if they did they would have given the option to NOT vote anyone from the jury house back into the game with only 2 weeks remaining. Gary won’t care if he wins that his title and the CASH is tainted, just that he walks away with it all. If they don’t correct this HUGE problem, I know myself and dozens of other people I know that watch the show will NEVER watch any subsequent seasons of BB Canada if there ever is any after this fucking joke of a show this has been this season.


  17. I understand its a game and they have to “expect the unexpected” or what not and it is fun to watch the twists however a game needs to be fair regardless of how many twists u throw in there it has to be fair. Gary has information from the other players and he is sharing it hes got the upper hand and that makes the game unfair. They shouldve thrown twists within the players of the house all sorts of twists but bringing someone back after two weeks is not a twist nor is it fair. Logically it is not fair. Gary ate well,slept well in the jury house coming in with full on energy while HGs were either on slop or not having enough sleep, these all play a big role. Whatever game it is it needs to be fair!!

  18. Even if Gary took off Andrew… Emmett would still put up Talla… How would that make him put up Jillian? That wouldn’t be beneficial to Gary at all or anyone in the house except Andrew.

  19. Andrew needs to go home. He is incredibly annoying and all he does is whine like a toddler about things not going his way. His jokes are as cheesy as his teethy grin, and I would rather see Marsha The Moose win over Andrew. Emmett, Jillian or Gary should win the game.

  20. Everyone seems to be hating on TALLA, and saying that she does not deserve to be in the BBHouse at this point. Whether or not it is her strategy to play slightly silly or not capable to win competitions we will probably never find out. BUT, whatever she is doing got her to the very final stage of the game. If anyone else left in the house is smart enough, they will want to take her to the final 2, thinking that she is non-deserving of the winning title. At that point though, I wouldn’t be surprised if she took it home as a person that didn’t have to lift their finger to outlast everyone else. Just because someone’s game or strategy doesn’t fit your ideals, doesn’t mean that it’s not better than yours. Peter and Alec thought they were so smart, and look where they are now. Truth be told, if Alec didn’t turn his back on Topaz in most critical moment, she would probably win the show with him as the runner-up.

  21. I think bb Canada is not playing fairly because as far as I am concerned, Emmett should have been kicked out after he got caught cheating th the 2nd time….and here’s hoping Andrew pulls an ace out of the hole….

  22. love to know why BB left out all the footage of Gary sleeping during his 24hr of no sleep….we all know it would have made for great tv , the 20 or so times the rooster had to wake him up….WHY r you trying to sweep this under the rug…seems really unfair that 1 player gets to play by different rules than the rest….if this was emmett ot anyone else I AM POSITIVE IT WOULD BE ADDRESSED!!! BB YOU ARE REALLY TURNING A GREAT SEASON INTO A FARCE!

  23. U guys are right. This show has become so boring. The whole show is centered around emmet and jillian and their romance. Nominations are very predictable. It has been boring since the shield was broken up. I refuse to watch it.

  24. Okay all you people bitching … Honestly big brother Canada isn’t the only one who has done that. Think about when Rachel and Brennan played together . They had to play a game to get back into the house again. Just stop complaining . If you don’t like it then try being a producer and see how good you’d be at it. Point blank you’re all bitching about big brother when they’ve told you from the beginning the game is always changing!!!

  25. I can’t believe that HG’s did not do the math. 2 double evictions…of course someone is coming back. Where I think that BBC made the mistake was having Canada vote for a returning HG. I think true fairness and equity would have been reached through a competition for the evicted. That being said I believe that Canadians felt that Gary’s return would have the most impact on the house which resulted in him having the most votes.

  26. We need another twist and quick- BEFORE Andrew is voted out. I He has been truly the best player in the game- and I am definitely on Team Andrew. I hope he can hang in there tonight.

  27. I just don
    t get it. Big Brother makes the rules, 000’s of viewers bought into it and voted, and Gary was returned to the house. He’s back in the house, folks, whether you like it or not so deal with and move on. There are oner things happening in the house and there maybe be another – “expect the unexpected”. Yes, Gary was evicted but he was voted back, he made the first big move of the season by nominating Tom and Liza, and he’s won a critical POW. I don’t think he can be ruled out as the overall winner – there could also be significant moves by houseguests between tonight and next week. But please move on from “he shouldn’t have been brought back” because he was and he’s there!

  28. OK… My two cents… Cheating is cheating and if you disqualify one for cheating then you do the same for all… If your not suppose to sleep its a cheat plain and simple…. Revoke his Vito and give it to the runner up

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