Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Week 9 Veto Ceremony Results

Big Brother Canada

Here are your spoilers for the Big Brother Canada Veto ceremony this week. Earlier we discussed what could be expected from this meeting and decision making so these results should not come as any surprise.

If you want to keep it a surprise then dodge this whole conversation and avert your eyes until Wednesday’s broadcast. Otherwise, read on for the spoilers.

Gary, the winner of this week’s Veto competition, wisely decided to save himself and used the Veto. Emmett, the current HoH, had to choose between Talla and Jillian as the replacement nominee. Tough choice, I know.

Talla is now on the block sitting opposite Andrew. One of them will go home on Thursday night. We’ll have to keep watching the house and see which way this goes.

There are just two votes again this week which means Emmett would have to break any ties. Lots of angles to play for the potential evictees. Let’s see who can it work better.

Who do you think will be going home on Thursday night?