Big Brother Canada: HGs Await Week 9 Eviction

Big Brother Canada Memory Wall - Week 3

Another week, another eviction in the Big Brother Canada house. This week we’re back to another round where just two votes deciding Thursday night’s outcome but unlike last week there’s still some debate as to just what should happen. Read on for the latest discussions from the Feeds.

The final nominations for this week are Talla and Andrew after Monday’s Veto ceremony. The votes will be provided by Gary and Jillian with Emmett standing by as the tiebreaker if needed. I doubt it’ll come to that as Jillian and Emmett are sure to present a unified front by Thursday night, but right now they’re still discussing the decision.

Jillian continues to push for keeping Andrew while Emmett wants him gone. Jillian’s perspective is focused on the inevitable endurance competition should Talla make it to the Final 3 spot. Emmett is more worried about all the other competitions between now and the season finale. Neither seems ready to give in on their position, but considering Emmett is the HoH he could ultimately cast that deciding vote and take his pick. With that in mind I suspect Jillian will cave and go with the eviction of Andrew.

As of now Andrew doesn’t suspect what’s coming his way, but if he catches a glimpse at these plans then we may see some serious campaigning and deal making. Considering Gary thinks he’s in good with Jimmett I don’t think he’ll risk opposing them to keep Andrew and form a 2-2 battle next week (although he should considering it’d be 2-1 in the next HoH comp). Instead both Gary and Talla think they have a F3 deal with the power couple. Someone is going to go home unhappy.

Who do you think should be evicted this week on Big Brother Canada? Would you want Talla out or take this chance to evict a stronger player like Andrew?