Big Brother Canada Week 9: Power of Veto Episode Tonight

Big Brother Canada & host Arisa Cox

Tonight on Big Brother Canada the season is closing in on its final when the Week 9 Power of Veto episode airs and pits nominees Andrew and the returning evictee Gary against the rest of the house for a chance at safety.

Like every Veto, this one is important, but it’s especially critical for deciding who will be one of only two votes this week when the safe HGs enter the DR to cast eviction votes.

Not only will tonight’s show feature both the Veto Competition and the Veto Ceremony, but we’ll also get to watch as the remaining Big Brother Canada HouseGuests get a surprise visit from a very familiar face. The visitor brought a lot of interesting discussions over the weekend and nearly sparked what I thought would become a coup attempt to overthrow a powerful force in the game.

Can’t wait for tonight’s show to see the Veto results? Check the BB Canada spoilers here and read all about the house’s visitor.

We’ll keep watching the Feeds and looking for any revelations as the HGs prepare for the second to last eviction night this season.


    • They want are comments but dont even take them in consideration, yes no one should have come back at this point in the game…SO BBC DO ANOTHER TWIST WITH A SPECIAL POWER TO CHANGE THE NOMINEE AND PUT GARRY BACK ON THE BLOQ…OR JUST EVICT HIM AS EASY HAS HE GOT IN….

  1. A lot of whiney Gary haters on here … If it was YOUR favorite houseguest coming back in the game you would be praising big brother but instead all we get is b and moan and wah wah…. Suck it up, its entertainment, not reality.

        • The punishments that he accepted in veto comp had to be carried out for days. One was to stay awake 24 hrs and he fell asleep several times. That’s the only one I know of sure sure.

          • Gary was also seen without the ball attached to the ball and chain a few times , he also was eating food not allowed for a havenot and was also drinking alcohol which is normally not allowed for a have not. Plus he didn’t stay awake for 24 hours… subtract all these veto points and andrew wins the veto… come on , wake up big brother and review the video and take away Gary’s veto power, put him back on the block and give it to the rightful winner of the veto andrew and do over the veto ceremony…

  2. Will Jill & Emmet remember not to win the next HOH, as it does not hold as much power as the last POV? Probably not.

    • Why wouldn’t they want to win hoh? That’s guaranteed safety to final 3 and you still get to compete in veto competition.

      • It is NOT guaranteed final 3. If either wins they will put up Gary and Talla. And if either wins the veto, that means they can only nominate one of them. And who’s the only voter? The person who wins veto. That means Jill or Emmet go home.
        It is best to not win this HOH, veto is more powerful, as the winner is also the only voter.

        • And I for one would really enjoy watching either Jilliian or Emmett go. Don’t let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out.

        • No your not understanding it lol if Jill wins hoh she guaranteed herself final 3 without even winning pov. Yes POV is most important thing but why would Jill throw hoh and rely completely on veto to save her when she can win hoh so she for see safe and she still gets to play in veto and try to win it. Your right that if they don’t win veto one of them could go home but it makes no sense for Jill not to win hoh when they just be in same situation for veto but only difference is she is for sure safe. And it’s better for Gary to be on the block because Talla would probably evict him.

          • I understand, but the scenario you’re presenting is to save themselves individually. The only way to guarantee BOTH are safe is to give up HOH and aim to win veto.

          • No it doesn’t! Hahah k say Jill won hoh and they lost veto. Emmet on the block. If Jill looses hoh and they loose veto both on the block. Now say Jill won hoh and they won veto they are both safe still!! Yes veto can guaranteed them both safety but my point is it makes no sense to loose hoh because they can still both be safe and it’s best because they won’t be on the block together.

          • In case they loose veto. So them throwing the hoh makes no difference but of they won its better for them as a couple because they’ll still have a chance if the both don’t get veto and can still stay.

        • Also, thinking about it, if Jill wins hoh that is best case scenario for them. Because if she doesn’t and they don’t win veto that would mean both of them would be on the block together, and one of them is for sure going home. Whereas if Jill wins hoh, and they loose veto Emmet would be up against someone else and they got a good chance to stay.

  3. Talia is the most annoying person. I have ever seen in my life, like how do you normally act like that. She needs to be gone. It is getting hard to watch bb can with her on it

  4. I’m not really sure at this point if I give a damn about who wins. Jillian did much more work than Emmett, Talla is for the one hundred millionth time a floater (flush it down already) Gary should not be back but he is. I was pulling for Andrew but that fantasy is gone. I dunno, I’m beginning to think they ALL played a part in not splitting up Jillian/Emmett sooner and this is why it has become tiresome. Whoever gets to the end should keep Jillian because she would be pretty disliked in the jury house at this point.

  5. Tonight episode just made me realized again how much I love Dan, he makes the show soo much more entertaining. And on a side note, could you imgaine having Talla and Britney from season 14 on the same season and talking to each other?! Now, that would be one funny conversation.

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