Watch Big Brother Canada Episode 25 (VIDEO)

Big Brother Canada

Last night’s Big Brother Canada episode featured the Power of Veto competition along with the arrival of Dan Gheesling from Big Brother US. If you were one of the viewers unhappy about Gary’s return to the game then this episode won’t help.

Watch on to see what happens in the Veto Competition and the Veto Ceremony. This is all building up to Thursday night’s eviction where another HG will be sent to Jury and we move to just one week away from the Big Brother Canada finale on May 2nd.

Big Brother Canada Episode 25 – Video:

Get ready for more Big Brother action tonight! Join us for the live results recap.


  1. Does anyone else wonder how people with so much time on their hands, don’t have time to pick up after themselves. As well, is it not gross to just put your unclean hand in the cereal that others have to eat. Pour it in a bowl Jill, have some class.

    • I have been wondering that for years. No matter which season you watch clothes are all over, not folded, on the couch/beds etc. I just don’t understand, I’d be so bored the house would be spotless.

  2. I think its disgusting how Jillian eats everything with her fingers and then double dips Gross! Classy lady for sure

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