Big Brother Canada: Week 5 Eviction & HoH Results

Big Brother Canada

Big Brother Canada is back tonight with another almost-live eviction show where either Suzette or AJ will be sent packing and evicted from the debut season’s house.

Earlier today we made our predictions and are expecting Suzette to walk out the door by a nearly unanimous decision. Time to find out if that’s what’s going to happen. Plus we’ll be treated to the next Head of Household competition where one HG will be put in charge of setting up the next two nominees for eviction. It all starts right now on Big Brother Canada!

We’ll be updating live throughout tonight’s show right here so stick with us and keep refreshing for the latest results and news all night.

While we wait for tonight’s results I’m repeatedly reminding why I’m ready for Peter to go home. His Diary Room sessions are torturous. Is it just me?

Something we heard about earlier this week was a special power Gary secured in the game. We heard Alec cheated, again, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead one of the other guys (was it Alec or Emmett?) broke open the pinata successfully while Gary stood on the sidelines and then scooped in and took the “Golden Ticket” prize for himself.

Who Was Voted Off Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Emmett votes to evict Suzette
  • Topaz votes to evict Suzette
  • Andrew votes to evict Suzette
  • Gary votes to evict AJ
  • Jillian votes to evict Suzette
  • That’s enough votes. Suzette is evicted.
  • Peter votes to evict Suzette
  • Talla votes to evict Suzette

HGs vote to evict Suzette by a vote of 6-1. Not a surprise.

Tonight’s HoH competition is “Before or After?”

Who Won HoH On Big Brother Canada Tonight:

  • Round 1: Everyone gets it right
  • Round 2: Everyone gets it right
  • Round 3: Everyone gets it right
  • Round 4: AJ, Emmett, Peter, Gary, & Jillian are eliminated
  • Round 5: Andrew is eliminated, leaving Talla & Topaz
  • Big Brother goes to commercial break. Seriously?!
  • Round 6: Talla is eliminated, Topaz is the new HoH

The next Head of Household is Topaz. Congrats to Topaz!

Big news about the Feeds. Big Brother Canada is turning off the Feeds until after Sunday’s show due to some craziness going on in the house. Yikes!

Arisa announces another PowerShift twist is about to hit the house and the HGs won’t see it coming. That probably has something to do with the Double HoH leak Slice had on their website. Will viewers be voting on a second HoH to play for Week 6? What do you think this twist will be?


  1. um did anyone else notice that Topaz KNEW Talla answered wrong before the host said? She wasn’t supposed to be able to see or know what others were answering because of the dividers, but knew anyways… FIXED?

      • She couldn’t have cheated. If she knew she won HOH (and I’m not entertaining this idea), it’s because Production filmed it that way. For her to start celebrating early.

    • I also noticed that… the instant Topaz knew she had the right answer she was running off the podium towards the other houseguests even BEFORE the host said she had won… how did she KNOW BEFOREHAND that Talla had answered incorrectly and it wasn’t still a tie ??? Something really smells bad here… FRAUD

      • Yes. My wife and I noticed INSTANTLY that Topaz celebrated before she was told she won… It is WAY too fishy. Plus I saw the post about the way Talla stepped forward quietly and that is correct.. there is NO WAY Topaz should have known Talla got it wrong. I don’t normally even watch these kinds of shows because I am tired of seeing this kind of bad behavior on TV, and then I see something like this.. looks too fishy for my tastes.

      • She cheated is how the lying sack of trash knew. They DQ’d Emmit this better DQ this pure cheat or they are commiting pure FRAUD on the HG’s. Then they whole lot of cheats in production need 14 years in a federal prison!!!

    • all it would take was Talla saying an obscenity and BB cutting it (because it’s not really live) for her to know she won, plus if you heard her talking afterwards with gary, she said he always talks about what arisa is wearing then he listed all the clothes she wore since the show started. and topaz isn’t that dumb…. she’s had some good game play and she knew that they were going to ask questions about the leprechauns once they left the house and she had a good memory about it (she just wasn’t good about keeping he mouth shut). this being said, I don’t like her… and this power shift eviction may cut her week short… but it’s making me nervous. I think she’ll put Emmitt and jill up…. (maybe peter) and i’m so sad that there are no feeds till after sunday… 🙁

      • um.. there was 2 walls between the 2 contestants.. she would have had to say it pretty loud and I am sure that there would have been something to indicate it.. for example.. Topaz didn’t even twitch her head towards Talla.. you would expect SOME kind of response from Topaz if an obscenity was used.

        • I disagree. the walls are open in the front and back and Talla has a loud voice. and why would topaz look in tallas direction? she knew she won…. she was celebrating. I doubt this contest was rigged…. the save sue thing, I totally think that was rigged, but not this.

          • well MOST Canadians still find obscenities rude and tend to react to them.. unless they are young folks that don’t think about it

          • the oldest person in the house is 38 and talks like a sailor…. and topaz is 27 and has cursed on the show many times so you just proved my point. thanks. 🙂 (btw I know a whole lot of 60 year olds that don’t hold back the swears so age has nothing to do with it. it’s all about how it’s used, and when it’s not degrading I find MOST Canadians don’t have a problem with cursing.)

  2. This is Pure fraud. The sleeping idiot was feed the answers she’s an abosule moron. The folks in production are getting the RCMP visit. See giving her the answers is FRAUD! The game is completely rigged. This isn’t the USA cheats theyare going to send you to prison and leave your children eating puddle water! The absolute purest cheating show on TV. Youy want to educate yourself on the law look at 20 questions and the pure fraud commited by the show in the USA.
    This moron wouldn’t have the answer to a 1 car funeral. After I make a formal complaint for fraud to the RCMP on Saturday see if the show even airs. These people are at there core pure CHEATS.

    • why are you talking about the rcmp??? it’s a TV show! if they aren’t going to go after the PC for robo fraud, then they aren’t going to go after a tv show. I hope that was supposed to be a joke…..

      • annie, you should really keep up with the real world news… the pc’s were 100 percent cleared of any wronging with regards to the “robocalls”… it was a false accusation by the left leaning media … check this out for yourself… don’t be mislead by the NWO leftists.

      • Simple shows like this because they offer prizes are governed by laws. See it’s like buying a lottery ticket and the winner is predetermined. That is called FRAUD! Folks participated in Monopoly at MC D the prizes werw substantail. Apparently it is alledged that several people minipulated the winners and thus alledgedly defrauded the public. Folks go to jail when this happens. Signing a contract does not alliviate the agent from the laws of the land. See you sign a contract to have sex with a 12 year old so her mother gets 1K. The rapest cannot be protected because the law protects the child over the contract. You morons think fraud is legal. They’d steal your life savings based on your godless values.

        If it was cheating which I believe was obvious you should apply the same standard to her as Emmit. Is everyone here a lying fradulant hypocrite or simply a eyhical person who treats cheating the same for everyone?

        PS Emmit and Jillian go up from the douche bag cheats at production. This Show is a criminal production IMHO.

        • “You morons think fraud is legal”

          WHO SAID THAT??? no one. Again, it’s a TV show…

          back to the game, I agree I think emmitt and jill will go up. and i’m team emmitt (scotian 4 life) so I hope the POV and twists help him out!

          • Stan is getting a little worked up for a guy who usually never watches these shows, yet cares enough to dominate the comments on a fan site with posts that tend to suggest that perhaps he is not quite right where it counts, if you get my meaning. He is perhaps a little too invested and a lot paranoid.

          • I’ve watched every episode of all 14 seasons of BBusa. You’ll find my “Stan7777” on many forums regaurding BBusa. I’m niether parinoid nor invested in an individual on BB Canada. I’m a Nova Scotian who does cheer for the 3 Nova Scotian in the house. I actually enjoy the show if it is honestly produced. I watch many simillar type “reality” shows. There is very little other than sports worth watching on TV for me personally. I’m a believer in truth and honesty perhaps values you were never taught or do not believe in. As for invested I can stop watching any time. What you won’t see me write ever i hope is “if so and so goes I’m leaving”. Don’t lie about me suggesting I do not watch the show. As for the site and other BB Canada forum like me or not my comments are numerous on several from day 1 of season 1 of BB Canada.

          • I’m glad there are Stan7777’s around to keep the dialogue going on this issue, something was extremely fishy about Canada’s vote to save Suzette and things have gotten weirder since that point as though the people behind the scenes were emboldened by their “success” at duping the public and now think we will swallow it all, hook line and sinker. I researched the american BB show and found that the show is NOT ALLOWED to be designated as a GAME show because it doesnt meet the criteria of the FCC for this (due to the manipulation of the game by the producers and the fact that there are no hard and fast rules set out at the beginning to govern the whole show). The most they were allowed to label the show was that it is a reality show. How that plays out in another country like Canada, I don’t know. Bottom line, I agree with stan7777 that perhaps an official investigation should be carried out by an independant organization (police / fraud squad) to nip this in the bud before we are into the 14th season.

          • I agree with B.Blair and Joey, I like Stans comments and this show is coming off as fishy

          • You’re right Stan about your amount of viewing. I mixed you up with Denis, who “usually never watches the show” and evidently thinks Canadians don’t swear. You, on the other hand have invested a lot of time in BB. My apologies for misrepresenting your commitment in that regard.

          • Apology accepted. 🙂 By the way that is why they put erasers on pencils. We all make mistakes. If you find some of my forum contributions on BB14 you’ll see my prediction rate on who gets evicted wasn’t good.

          • seriously, if we focused on “truth honesty and values” there’s not much left to watch on TV.. I get what your saying, but why invest so much energy in what is meant to be entertainment.. We could go on forever about what lacks in values in our society and what we have accepted as entertainment on TV. I mean you want to make a complaint to the RCMP, yet they are so corrupt themselves!!!
            Nobody is forced to watch anything, it’s a simple choice.. we either enjoy or we don’t..
            The values you think people weren’t taught or don’t believe in because they’re not making a complaint…. i have an issue when those values aren’t taken seriously in my personal life, with real people I interact with, not a reality show I can chose to simply not watch!
            Back to the game..GO Gary!!!

          • I think a majority of the people I talk to about the show agree with Stan7777, his statements ring true when you see the big picture and re-watch the show.

          • Seriously. This is a TV show. Do the majority think we need to bring in to the RCMP to monitor or JAIL these people? That’s a little too invested, my friends.

    • Naw, I don’t think Topaz would nominate Gary – I think Talla and AJ/Andrew are going up on the block – at least some combo of the three, and then possibly backdooring the third who’s not on the block.

  3. I actually agree, Stan. The way Topaz paused multiple times, it was as if she was waiting for her instructions on where to stand. On top of that, the moment Arisa said the correct answer is “before” on the final question, Topaz started celebrating. How would she have known whether or not Talla was standing on “before”, too? People were stepping up and down loudly to begin with, but if you watch Talla she stepped forward to “after” VERY quietly on the final question. Topaz would have had no way of knowing which way Talla went with that one, yet she celebrates immediately upon hearing the answer? That tells me this was scripted and Topaz was stupid and forgot to wait for Arisa to state the answer to make it look real.

    Topaz is also the only HG who would keep Gary, every single other person wants him out. For ratings purposes (attracted gay viewers) you know they don’t want Gary gone, so they scripted the show to ensure his one and only supporter would win HOH. BB Canada is even more rigged than BB US, and that’s saying something.

  4. Aside from the obvious subject matter already being discussed here about the alleged fraud that is prevalent in the house, I would like to pass a comment on about the host, Arissa… i find her extremely annoying that she is trying to make “small talk” with the HG’s about things that she would have seen (as a viewer of the show) but the other HG’s may not have been privy too… this seems to be an absolute NO NO for a host of a competitive game… I dread the eviction shows, as Arissa seems to have way too much air time… the host is the worst aspect of this game, followed closely behind is the manipulation and interference by production to turn the game in their direction they have obviously chosen… (save suzette, now save gary ….)

        • you are right Jan, Ben Mulroney, give me a break! That would be going from BAD to WORSE! At this point i’m convinced that a behind the scenes, monotone robotic host would be the best solution for this show… much like the “behind the curtain” voice of Big Brother…. the host SHOULD stay hidden.

  5. Topaz will probably put up AJ and Andrew, with Andrew being the target, which means Gary won’t use his power.

  6. the web site revealed the twist as a Chevrolet Powershift Instant Eviction and the screening (whatever that is… probably a movie, like they do in bbus.). you can see this in the “Play along” section. looks like no have nots this week either. so sad there are no live feeds till sunday…. sunday will be an awesome show though!!!!

  7. I thought that Topaz might have been able to hear the audience cheering. I have no idea how much they can hear of the audience reaction, but she seemed to react after the audience started clapping and cheering.

  8. Pass the puek pail. I can’t stand Topaz. Sleeps most of the time and is pretty low class when awake, talking about vibrators etc. And what is with that weird, weak, fake little laugh she does?

  9. OMG it’s getting painful, PAINFUL to watch that host lady. I can’t take it anymore. She’s so frikin awkward sometimes. Anyways, good episode. Looking forward to the next!

  10. You people are silly. The audience gave it away. They wouldn’t have cheered so loudly if it were still tied. They cheered because there was a winner and since Topaz knew she got it right, she knew the cheering was for her. It’s as simple as that.

  11. Regarding Topaz celebrating before it was announced, I just watched it again with my niece and the microphone was still on and the crowd was cheering loudly. I’m assuming that’s how she knew. She didn’t seem to have her gazed fixed anywhere.

    • If you have it taped please watch the Q&A before the comercial. I wasn’t actually focused on the final question after the commercial but rather the questions before that one. She is looking slightly to her right constantly. I presume this was where she was getting the images of Talla from. Watch each question when they are heads up. After Talla moves she always reacts. The key is this. If she didn’t know an answer she simply extends the game by voting the same as Talla. Sorry folks but to me watching in real time it was completely obvious. Reviewing the taped show afterwards numerious times I have no doubt what so ever.
      As for the last question she reacted before the winner was announced. Pretty sure folks are correct that she heard the crowd as Arisa is incompotent but she knew Talla stood on the wrong step because of the reflection as well. Please just fairly watch the previous headsup questions.
      Mostly I’m disappointed in production as usual. They knew the 6 guys left in an earlier HOH were all using reflected images in the HOH I believe Tom won. Yet they allow it to happen again. This powershift thing on Sunday is either designed to nulify the POV power Gary won as they realized after the fact how strong it is if used in an effort to backdoor someone. Or they just plain cannot leaves thier mitts off the game.

  12. Topaz just heard the audience start to cheer when the right answer was revealed. She realised she was right. That’s all.

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