Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Gary Wins Special Power

Gary on Big Brother Canada

The man with nine lives and an infinite glitter supply has done it again. Big Brother Canada HouseGuest has Gary secured himself a special power that could prove to be critical in an upcoming competition. Read on to find out what’s going on and the impact it could have on the game.

As part of a special event last night in the BB house Gary got his hands on a “Veto Ticket.” While the described pinata game where the ticket was found happened off-camera we’ve heard reports on just what this power will allow Gary to do.

Allegedly, Gary now holds the ability to impact the upcoming Power of Veto competition on Big Brother Canada. His ticket supposedly gives him the option to remove one of the selected Veto players and name a replacement to compete in the game.

Side note: Gary may have told Suzette he actually has the power to change nominees, a Coup D’Etat of sorts, but without a way to rewind the Feeds (I miss you, BBUS), I can’t confirm that and will have to wait for the episode to air or further discussions.

What that could mean is if the HGs try to backdoor Gary be not nominating him and attempting to shut him out of the Veto competition then he’ll be able to elbow his way in to the battle and still have a shot at safety.

Unfortunately for Gary his last devoted ally may be about to walk out the door on Thursday from Big Brother leaving him few options to call on support with this Ticket.

Are you glad Gary has this extra lifeline in the game? If he needs to call in help for the next Veto competition, who do you think he should turn to for support?

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    • this is the most interfered with Big Brother show in the history of Big Brother shows… it’s pathetic, come on production, just let the remaining players play it out on a level playing field…. it’s becoming a huge joke the way they steer the game around the suzette / gary alliance…

    • Not completely accurate. They were trying to break a pinata and Alec did cheat by removing his blindfold. Gary picked up the special power 1st then Alec took it from him. As I understood it the person who picks it up 1st gets it thus it is Gary’s. Alec is turning out to be an unethical cheat. BB isn’t punishing him yet to my knowledge.
      All this talk about double HOH or some other big TWIST is apparently just the power Gary won.

      • All makes sense. Lots of rumours. Your version sounds right to me. Didn’t they say after Sundays show that there would be a twist next Sunday? Or did I get that wrong. That would be after eviction not before. so maybe there is another one coming.

        • Hi

          I’m pretty accurate on the Pinata affair. Someone above did mention something I read in another forum about Gary’s power being to remove a nom rather than just replace a POV contest competitor. I did not see the feed that supports him telling Suzette this though it’s not the 1st time I’ve read it. This should all be made clear tonight hopefully.

          If production actually gave Gary the power to save Suzette tomorrow night they may get a fan revolt. See Suzette has basically admitted on the feeds the struggling mother of 3 pity party was basically her playing her game. 1K for appearances. Explaining how to get a free room and bar tab for appearances excetera. She turns out to be quite the nasty piece of work! Fooled alot of fans along the way

          The other thing is this double HOH still being discussed. I may be dead wrong and I’m only guess but I believe the TWIST is just this power Gary got. I believe for the calender to work we’ll need another double eviction so perhaps that’s what the “double HOH leak” refered to. I just guessing as I said.

    • It could be considered “rigging” when every time the producers of the show need to “help” out their selected player they just add in more twists and prizes until they get the desired out come… of course the “fake” voting by viewers is their favourite method, as the results are completely UN-verifiable and they can therefore just decide what they want done, pose the question, then “falsify” the voting results. It’s a sad commentary on television fraud, but that’s what we are stuck with.

      • It’s confirmed on the feeds in a convo between Gary and Peter I believe. The power is only to remove a player from competing in the POV comp. Secondly it is also confirmed that Gary my only remove 1 of the 3 names drawn out of the bag. He cannot keep HOH or either nom from competing. But here is the rub as I thought about the power. The value is only partially about Gary being garunteed to compete.
        Here’s a senario for you. Lets say Emmit is the Target. Gary has an HOH willing to work with him. They nominate 2 pawns. The plan is to backdoor Emmit. There are 9 left in the house. 3 are playing plus 3 out of 6 will be names drawn out of a bag. The pawns are in on the fix. Any HG’s choice isn’t Emmit or Jillian as a result. Let’s say Emmit isn’t choosen but Jillian is. Gary merely removes Jillian and anyone but Emmit replaces her. Emmit is out the door on a backdoor with no chance to protect himself. Emmits name is picked Gary just removes him from the comp letting him “rest his foot”. Even if both are chosen Gary removes 1 and the other has a 1 in 6 chance to win Veto. I can see this getting very nasty. As the backdoor target will find out Monday they got stabbed in the back by Gary and the house!
        Keep in mind you can replace Emmits name with anyone but Topaz if Gary gets a willing HOH to work with all others are in backdoor danger. This TWIST is alot more powerful than it appears. I’m interested to see who approaches Gary 1st about this backdoor senario or does Gary approach the HOH right away with a plan?

  1. Is does not surprise me how the producers and writers can change the flow of the game, let them play and not push them the way you want them to go. It really irks me to see reality tv not so real after all, oh well what did we expect………..l

  2. Geez—why everytime producers try to save that bitch? Suzette is not a good game player nor has she represented herself well!–i would rather have Tom or Lizza back–then see her stay again. If she does I think the rest of the house should just quit and say–“its obvious u want this bitch to win!” And walk out! That would make BB history!

    • the power gary can only be used next week so suzettes ass is being evicted for sure so just calm down lol

  3. It belonged to Alec originally but he cheated and took off his blindfold! So they gave it to Gary, I am assuming because he was second! It was not production…Also the power is for next week so calm down…Suzette is going home for sure!

    • she needs to be with her kids, sheesh… leaving a one year old at home … that’s a pretty solid reason to send her out the door… i hope all of her life decisions aren’t that poor.

  4. Personally I think that’s kind of a lame power to be given who really cares because the nomination and hoh people can still compete. Ya backdoor but even so there still a good chance your name won’t be drawn to play so still a good chance for a backdoor either way. Idk seems kind of a waste it would better if he got that when there are less players being drawer to play.

  5. Seriously Big Brother Canada… So friggen annoying… This is rigged!! Let the players play and quit saving Suzette!! It’s so obvious and everyone is done with this LET THE PLAYERS PLAY

  6. Why is it that shows such as these always pull off stunts so that the “minority” folk can remain in the game. Hopefully the “token native” will be going home tonight and there ain’t nothing the producers can do to stop that.

    • don’t get me started about “natives”, as a person born on canadian soil, it drives me insane to realize that Canada is one of the only countries in the world that have a two tiered aparthied system, with “native/first nations” people at the top and regular folk at the bottom…. whatever happened to across the board equality… did you know that indians pay no tax, yet recieve hundreds of millions of dollars from the government each year for no justifiable reason. Just saying…. had to get that off my chest…. oh yeah, as individuals, indians are ok with me but as a group, they are really just a bunch of homegrown terrorists who continually break the law for thier own profit… Bye Bye Suzette

      • If that were even relatively true Native people wouldn’t be starving on reserves, you’re a mega douche. You should do your research before you say something racist. BIG FAIL. As individuals they’re okay but as a group blahblah. STFU You’re a racist! Suzette had no game & was pretty annoying at times,but that has nothing to do with politics you know nothing about. I know a lot of Native people who happen to pay taxes, only under certain conditions do they not pay taxes like for property on a reserve which is fine considering it’s their land dumb dumb. That’s only in place so they get to keep their land instead of someone stealing it & turning it into an amusement park. Those are sacred lands & you have no right to b*tch about it because it isn’t your land. Save the racist BS for the skinhead forums.

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