Big Brother Canada Spoilers: Gary Wins Special Power

Gary on Big Brother Canada

The man with nine lives and an infinite glitter supply has done it again. Big Brother Canada HouseGuest has Gary secured himself a special power that could prove to be critical in an upcoming competition. Read on to find out what’s going on and the impact it could have on the game.

As part of a special event last night in the BB house Gary got his hands on a “Veto Ticket.” While the described pinata game where the ticket was found happened off-camera we’ve heard reports on just what this power will allow Gary to do.

Allegedly, Gary now holds the ability to impact the upcoming Power of Veto competition on Big Brother Canada. His ticket supposedly gives him the option to remove one of the selected Veto players and name a replacement to compete in the game.

Side note: Gary may have told Suzette he actually has the power to change nominees, a Coup D’Etat of sorts, but without a way to rewind the Feeds (I miss you, BBUS), I can’t confirm that and will have to wait for the episode to air or further discussions.

What that could mean is if the HGs try to backdoor Gary be not nominating him and attempting to shut him out of the Veto competition then he’ll be able to elbow his way in to the battle and still have a shot at safety.

Unfortunately for Gary his last devoted ally may be about to walk out the door on Thursday from Big Brother leaving him few options to call on support with this Ticket.

Are you glad Gary has this extra lifeline in the game? If he needs to call in help for the next Veto competition, who do you think he should turn to for support?

Image source: Slice