Big Brother Canada Week 5: HGs Prepare For Eviction

We’re nearly through the “Dead Man Walking” stretch of the week on Big Brother Canada. The nominations are locked for Thursday. The HGs know who they want out. We know who’s leaving. The only thing left to do is await the inevitable. Want to know just what’s going to happen at the next eviction? Then read on for the latest of what’s going on in the house.

Suzette Amaya on Big Brother CanadaSince this weekend it was pretty clear who would be nominated and who would be the main target. Once we cleared the Veto competition it became all that much more obvious. This week we’re going to see Suzette walk out the door.

The HGs have been clear about it and apparently Emmett even twisted the knife a little during Monday’s Veto ceremony when, according to Suzette, he made the decision personal. We’ll see on Wednesday’s show just what he said.

Of course anything is possible on Big Brother Canada, but if the eviction were held tonight then AJ would be safe, again, and Suzette would join Arisa on the couch.

Do you think the HGs are making the right choice? I’m a little surprised by these nominations altogether considering some alternate choices, but this week is all about a feel-good group decision.